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Hi-Res ! 2014 11 15 - Los Angeles - ’ The Imitation Game ’ Photocall by Magnus Sundholm

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Author (byline) : Sundholm, Magnus

Caption : Benedict Cumberbatch bei einer Pk zum Film ‘The Imitation Game’  in Los Angeles / 151114 *** Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars in the drama 'The Imitation Game’, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA., 15 Nov 2014***

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I deal with a lot of bullshit on the Internet and in my daily life from people feeling the need to express their hatred towards my appearance and the decisions I made to adorn my body in art, and in the past couple days a lot of my photos have been reblogged with nothing but hate and negativity. To all of you who reblog the photos of others and call them ‘ugly’ or 'unattractive’ or 'disgusting’ because they don’t fit the mold of what you think is beautiful, pull out a chair and sit the fuck down. And stop being negative. People all around us are dying every day, people are killing themselves because they feel inadequate, unaccepted and unloved. There’s so much power in us! One kind word, one gesture, one compliment or act of genuine care could change someone’s fucking life, it could change someone’s life. Think about that before you reblog a photo calling someone ugly. To everyone who read this, I love the shit out of you and I’m sorry this is lengthy I’ve been up for a while 🙈 lol.

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See ya next year, Shika!

Shikacon was definitely one of the most fun baby cons I’ve ever been to. The panels were excellent, the staff was super friendly, no one was rude or anything. I talked to SO MANY PEOPLE, some of whom actually followed me here. I’m definitely looking forward to next year- and more KidzBop! dance party- and I hope to see a whole bunch of you at Magma and Yama and a whole slew of other things all year.

New friends, if you want my cosplay blog, there should be a link thing at the top of my theme. Also, if anyone has pictures of me, I’d love to get those. I think only Demyx got photos taken, so yeah. I need more Punk!Demyx photos. (I was also that dancing giraffe and Sandile with the Dratini plush and the blue/white loon at the rave)

This photo is called Boys Behind Barbed Wire, taken by Toyo Miyatake in 1944. As a professional photographer and a Japanese-America, Miyatake snuck film into the internment camp Manzanar and built a camera out of scrap wood, since cameras were strictly forbidden inside the camps. The photo shows three young boys standing at a barbed wire fence with a large watch tower in the background. There is much symbolism in this one photo alone. For example, Miyatake purposely chose young boys rather than older boys or adults to pose for this photo. The reason for choosing younger subjects helps to convey their innocence. Miyatake also made a point to place the tower in the background of the photo. The watch tower is massive and looming over the camp, in contrast with the small stature of the young children.

This photo as well as photos from Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams show the true nature of Japanese internment camps during World War II. Fear had stemmed from the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan, so President Roosevelt more or less allowed the removal of these Japanese-Americans from their home and into internment camps. Later, the government admitted it was a move of hysteria, but during the time, it seemed reasonable to the country to put Japanese-Americans into internment camps. The government released videos in an attempt to explain why Japanese-Americans were being placed in internment camps. The videos stated that the Japanese-American citizens were “cooperative” and willing to move into the internment camps.

The photos taken at the internment camps, on the other hand, show that the people were not so willing or cooperative. Lange and Adams used their photos to show how they lived, which was generally in small cramped buildings. However, there are also many photos that reveal the Japanese-Americans making a new life for themselves. They had no idea how long they would be in the internment camps, so they made the best of the situation and created their own communities, including schools and even certain small businesses. 

Today, this photo is an important part of history. Even though it was admitted that the Japanese-Americans were placed in internment camps out of mass hysteria, it is still important to know that it was an even that occurred and how they lived and made their lives while in the internment camps.

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(different anon) Honestly, I think they should have more photo sessions to cut down on the press. Not as much as the srf, but I mean William had a lot more controlled photo calls when he was younger. I realize times have changed, but at least they would have more control.

Yeah, see, the thing is with photo calls is that it’s an incredibly alien and daunting experience. There are a bunch of grown people, all with cameras, observing a toddler as he plays. Not to mention the flashes are completely blinding. I know, for me personally, that as a child I was very confident but if I had ever been confronted by a wall of adults with cameras - people I didn’t know - I probably would have cried.

They’ve obviously made a conscious choice not to go down that route yet, and I actually think it’s a good idea not to. George isn’t even two and can’t grasp the concept of his title yet. I’m sure both Kate and William know how terrifying a photo call is - I mean you just have to watch videos from when Kate and Will got engaged and you can see how intimidating the press was to grown adults at their engagement photo call.

Listen, I’m not advocating for paps, but I would much rather my child not know they were being photographed and have the occasion be a rare one when they WOULD be in a situation where a paparazzi could take photos, so they could carry out their day without feeling alien and intimidated. I can only imagine how scary a photo call must be for a child. But that’s just my opinion - I’m laying in bed so the answers probably not well thought out 😊 EDIT: @katemiddletons brought up a great point but because in on my mobile I can’t reply - she basically said KP should post candid pictures of George once a month so it would keep him visible and would basically cancel out the need for photo calls or even invasive paps! Totally agree with that - definitely better than paparazzi and photocalls!

If you don’t think Jennifer Lawrence is the greatest thing ever you need your head examined 

Jessica Chastain + Tom Hardy | 2012 Cannes Film Fest. | ph. Art Streiber

The close-knit cast toasted each other and Chastain, a red carpet mainstay this year, who was on the cover of French magazine Gala. When Hardy held up the magazine vertically, pretending that Chastain was a centerfold, the group burst out laughing. (x)