photo call


So, whenever photo’s are uploaded of our little fellowship a lot of people seem to get confused over the identity of the red haired elf standing in between Thrandy and the Johan-Klaus a.k.a. The Bitchking of Angmar at the botfa london premiere and seem under the impression that the red haired elven captain right here: 

Is actually the same as this red haired elven captain right here:

We’ve seen taggs going from just #tauriel to things like people actually wondering "#is that tauriel?" or giving very sweet but misplaced compliments like “#that tauriel is so cute”. Heck, even Orlando bloom thought she was tauriel at tbotfa premiere but here’s a shocking news flash, hold on tight ellons and elleths, are you sitting down?; She is not Tauriel. I repeat, elfself is not cosplaying as Tauriel!  

Now that we’ve set that straight you’re probably wondering who the elf often seen in the company of the Mirkwood Royals is, right? Let’s start with her name which is known as *drumrolls and epic explosions in the back ground*

"Gonvala. Born in the elder days of the First Age (331 F.A. YotS), daughter of Amrod, one of the few survivors of this blood-line."

And as you might have guessed by now, Gonvala is elfself's main OC. Now, before you go on about her being a copy of Tauriel you might want to know that Gonvala was brought to life long before the concept of Tauriel was even announced and started to physically cosplay her before Tauriel was even shown to us on screen for the first time as well.You can find her actual head canon background story here

As to why this Teleri burning little shit hangs with the Mirkwood royals, the answer is quite simple; When elfself and I got to know each other IRL we ofc had to have our characters be introduced to another as well and had thus to integrate them into one solid head canon somehow. Now that I think of it, I actually think after the first Skype session ever we were already on  ”my queen”/”my captain”  terms. Even though the actual story about how they met is WAY too long to explain right now she eventually, against all the odds, ended up BFFs with Queen Calithilien of Mirkwood and lived with them for many ages. Didn’t always used to be like that though. In fact, they started out not being too impressed with one another. Eventually Gongon ended up pledging her loyalty to Calithi and remained at her side until the death of the queen. One could say she was the original captain minus tauriel’s occasional mary sue traits and in our head canons Tauriel grows up looking up to Gonvala, wainting to be just like her, going as far as to dying her hair red with henna just to look more like her idol. (Henna seemed rather believable to us as it’s a 100% natural and ancient way of dying hair and how else would one expain her dark roots on almost bright ginger hair?! ;)

I mean, hey, we had to establish some kind of believable head canon to make things work once we found out PJ basically created a character with similar looks and the same occupation given by me to elfself's already existing Gonvala!  Does this mean we hate Tauriel? No. Not at all. We in fact like to think that Tauriel's daggers were an anonymous totally obvious parting gift left for her as a sign of Gonvala saying ‘I finally acknowledge you and you are now ready to take over my position as captain’ after she vanished from the woodland realms once the queen perished to lead to life of a nomad. 

Gonvala is getting a little sick and tired of being mixed up with Tauriel though. In fact, this is how fed up she is:

So, as a Sindarin - Teleri descendant I beg of you to not aggravate the feanorian any longer by calling her Tauriel. They have a tendency to… how shall I put it… BURN THINGS.

PS: You best not talk about silmarils either.

Came home from a shitty day at work to find my Fyrinnae order had finally arrived! I got a few eyeshadows, the Pixie Epoxy, and a blush. I put the blush on immediately, here’s a photo. It’s called Bewitching and it’s a purpley mauve colour and I’m in love!!

I’ll have to do better pictures of everything another time cause I’m running out of daylight. It barely shows up in this picture haha

If you don’t think Jennifer Lawrence is the greatest thing ever you need your head examined