photo by snowdrop


SS5 Seoul-Brazil-Chile-Spore-Bangkok-Manila-London-Osaka-Kuala Lumpur-Macau-Beijing.

11 Cities out of 20 Cities of SS5 World Tour

Thankyou for memorable moments KyuMin

Thankyou for choosing to stand beside each other during ending show almost every super shows 

Thankyou for always protecting each other

Will wait until super show 7-8-9-10-11—–50 to see this kind of moment again :’)

photo credit: ordinary01, snowdrop, kyudemin, kmholic, diary, shcizmo, dinka kiyosha, letskyumin


Opened Snowdrops (Galanthus sp.) popping all over the gardens. I took so many photos of my snowdrops that I had to make two posts! (one for budding flowers, and another for opened flowers) I lurve my dainties snowies~

Photographed March 11th 2016