photo by robert whitaker

_John Lennon and/e Paul McCartney; London/Londres; Chiswick Park/Parque Chiswick; May 20th 1966/20 de maio de 1966.

_Photo/Foto: Robert Whitaker.

_Source/Fonte: Meet The Beatles for Real.

_Please, don’t smoke/Por favor, não fume.


George Harrison at Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich, Germany, 23 June 1966.

Photos © Robert Whitaker/Getty Images

In the past, a few of these images have been scanned and posted at thateventuality (here), but the quality isn’t as good as the Getty prints, despite the watermarks.

“These shots were taken during the relaxed moments after the press conference. George seemed comfortable and his hair was looking great, so I popped these pictures off. As far as I remember, even he liked them.

I didn’t get particularly close to George during my time with the group, but I never ceased to find him fascinating. He was thoroughly enjoying his position as a Beatle, but it had struck me that by now he was also looking for something more in his life.” - Robert Whitaker, Eight Days A Week: Inside The Beatles’ Final World Tour


‘They weren’t opposites, they were so alike. I mean the sad thing is John isn’t with us anymore, and who knows what would have happened and the friendship…you know it’s the press, you read about history, you know it’s not what really went on in history. That’s why I’m glad I got them smiling (bottom image) and I got to show people that they, you know, loved each other They were friends way before I met Paul. They were friends and carried on being friends.’ - Linda McCartney

Photo Credits: Robert Whitaker & Linda McCartney


George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney tuning up backstage at Ernst-Merck-Halle prior to their concert, Hamburg, Germany, 26 June 1966.

Photos © Robert Whitaker

“We went back to Hamburg in June 1966, for the first time since 1962. We played concerts in Munich and Essen first, and then got on a train to Hamburg. It was the train that was used when the royal party toured Germany, and it was very nice; we each had our own compartment with marble bathtubs, really luxuriously decorated.

Hamburg had a good and bad feeling for me. The good side was that we were coming back to play after all our fame and fortune, and when we’d been there before we’d been playing dirty nightclubs to work our way up. The bad bit was that a lot of ghosts materialised out of the woodwork - people you didn’t necessarily want to see again, who had been your best friend one drunken Preludin night back in 1960. It’s 1966, you’ve been through a million changes, and suddenly one of those ghosts jumps out on you.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology


Brian Epstein who died 27th August 1967. 

Pictures are The Beatles and Brian Epstein at the Westwood Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska, 27th-28th June 1966. On their way to Japan, the group had to make an unscheduled stop in Alaska to avoid Typhoon Kit. In these photos, taken by Robert Whitaker, bored Beatles and Brian are taking polaroid photos of each other while they wait out the typhoon - I think there is a real feel of the ‘eye of the storm’ to the photos, literal and metaphorical. In the last image John, George and Brian are examining a polaroid picture (reflected in John’s glasses?) 

“It seems to me that with everything going on, someone ought to be looking after you.“

[Brian on 3 December 1961, proposing the notion of him managing the Beatles to John, Paul, George and Pete.
Quoted in The Beatles: A Biography by Bob Spitz.]

God bless you, Brian. x 

Pics: Robert Whitaker, courtesy of Getty Images. 


The Beatles, Scotland, December 1964

Photo 3: Robert Whitaker (presumably the other two were taken by Whitaker as well)

“This was ridiculous! They were getting ready for a photo shoot with the local paper - maybe it was in Glasgow, I’m not sure. And the paper had provided all these pantomime costumes for them to wear. Can you imagine anyone in their position going along with this today? And Ringo actually did put the bear mask on, and they had their pictures taken, and then got on with the rest of their day.” - Robert Whitaker, The Beatles: Classic, Rare & Unseen

Brian Epstein with George during the Paperback Writer/Rain” filming 19 May 1966 EMI Studios Photo Credit: Robert Whitaker

“George too has his moods though I cannot recall any particular row. I don’t enjoy arguments, nor do the Beatles so we avoid anything too contentious. George is remarkably easy to be with. He, like the others, has expanded as a person and though collectively—on first sight—they appear to behave alike, they have specific characteristics.

And George is the business Beatle. He is curious about money and wants to know how much is coming in and how and what best to do with it to make it work. He would like to invest. He is generous but shrewd. He enjoys spending but would always remain in credit. He likes cars, big and fast, but would be careful to secure a good trade-in price for his old one.

Strangers find him an easy conversationalist because he is a good listener and shows a genuine interest in the outside world. He wants to know and I find this an endearing trait in a young man who is so successful and so rich that if he never learned anything new he would not suffer any loss. And in addition to all these characteristics, he is, though not one of the prolific composers, very musicianly. “ - Brian Epstein on George - 1964

Remembering Brian Epstein (19 September 1934 – 27 August 1967) RIP to the man who gave us the Beatles!

George Harrison painting Kinfauns

Photo: Robert Whitaker © Apple Corps Ltd.

“It took me a while to find George. He was sitting on a large pillow and playing a jumbo guitar with twelve strings. It was an extraordinary, beautiful sound. He was so engrossed in playing that he didn’t even notice me enter. I didn’t want to bother him and wandered around the room. […]

‘Hey, Klaus, how are you?’ Simon [of The Fool] greeted me with more of an American accent than a Dutch one. Marijke hugged me and simultaneously pressed a paintbrush into my hand.

‘Come on, you can help us. Your inspiration has been missing.’

At that same moment, an arm wrapped around me from behind, and even though I couldn’t see who it was, I knew it could only be George. He leaned his head on my right shoulder and glanced at me from the side with a cheeky grin.

‘What’s that under your nose, George?’

‘It’s called a mustache.’

George put on a playfully posh look and slowly ran his finger along his mustache.

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