photo by rioen

In a sea of people, there’s this someone who’ll always be interested in you. Who’ll always be there for you and say that everything will always be fine. Someone who’ll change for you. Someone who’ll love you for you. I want to be that someone. I may not be perfect, but yes I’ll try to be that someone for you.


Departed Manila by six in the morning and I haven’t had any sleep yet. It was an eight hour bus ride and I’m the type of person who rarely sleeps while on the road. It was a very fine sunny Sunday when the bus left Manila then at around twelve noon the rain poured hard. Reached our destination by two in the afternoon, it was still raining and I’m so tired. My eyes and my body were helpless. There was a storm so there really wasn’t anywhere to go but the grocery at SM. Then the family called it a day hoped for a fair weather the next day.

The day sucked. And the only thing that didn’t was the foggy weather–it was gorgeous and it reminded me of Norwegian Wood by Murakami–over the trees and houses. Ugh.