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I offer you this heavily edited photo of the Illinois Countryside. It’s not a painting, but my other art is based on other people’s photos. May I have a tarot reading?




People can always agree that minifees are hyped and stuff but it’s no doubt people are biased and give minifees more attention than other dolls. I have photos of my other dolls that I know people like and look nice, but my minifee, done with my first and one of my worst faceups, still has hundreds of notes compared to my others, which barely scrape by fifteen notes. I know it’s not a difference in quality either because I take all my photos with the same camera and lighting?


@staff you think after this long you’d get a goddamn clue but apparently not.

The LGBT community is not some fetish these are actual people that you’ve deemed inappropriate because they aren’t straight. There are young people who used tumblr as a place to find information and support but now they can’t because you think that they are disgusting for literally just existing. Not only that, but you claim to be supporting the LGBT community during pride month as you are actively censoring it.

What’s worse is there are countless bot blogs and content thieves that steal people’s photos, art, and other hard work to claim it as their own, and throw around actual pornography like there’s no tomorrow and you’ve done literally NOTHING about it.

I honestly don’t know why I stick around on this hell hole of a website. My only hope is that you think carefully about your actions and quit lying about supporting the LGBT community.


If you were scrolling through Twitter this past weekend, you may have seen people posting adorable photos of themselves and their significant others to celebrate love between people of color. Twitter user @PoCBeauty started the hashtag #PoCInLove on Saturday, and it quickly went viral as other users began tweeting adorable photos of themselves with their partners.

Literally every single photo we found was In. Credible.

So, the time has come where I have decided to share my hidden Nashcon 2016 Cockles photo op with everyone.

Why did I wait so long? Because I told myself, as a silent promise to Jensen and Misha, I was going to wait one year from the day, before I share it, even though Misha said to share it initially. Haha. Anyway, it’s been four months past the year mark, and I have decided to finally unveil the photo, I know it might garnish some stuff from haters, and I might be called “disrespectful”, however I ask everyone to read below first, on how my situation went down with receiving the photo, and then cast your opinions.

 So, I am waiting in the photo op line nervous as all hell haha, I keep the front of the book hidden the entire time, just patiently and nervously waiting. The book I held in my hands was “The Threesome Handbook”, by Vicki Vantoch (For those who don’t know who she is, she’s the amazing woman married to Misha!!). I’ve had the idea in my mind for nearly a year on how funny it would be to take a photo of the three of us reading it, I could imagine Jensen’s “what the hell position is that?!” Face, I can imagine Misha’s mischevious intrigued face, and then I would just be there looking like a dork, haha, either way, it was a year’s idea in the making. So the time has come and here i am shaking with my book…When it is my turn…I walk up to them…I immediately went to Jensen first because above anyone else, I wanted to get his Blessing for the photo, I didn’t want him to do it if he was not comfortable with it, and I was perfectly fine if he would have declined…So, I’m right in front of Jensen and I say “I completely understand if you don’t want to do this but, if not, it’s okay, but can we do something with this?” I showed him the book Misha’s wife wrote “The Threesome Handbook”, and he was like “With this?” He replied with like a shocked laugh as he pointed at the book, I laughed a bit in embarrassment…Then at this moment Misha comes over to the two of us, he sees the book and giggles as he grabs it, Misha being amused at the sight of the book, all I could do is look on in embarrassment and nervously laugh. At this point however, Jensen’s handler came up right away and was like “ Nope. No. No.” And she snatched the book out of Misha’s hand. So he was like “Oh Well” with a shrug kinda look then I was like “Oh well”, I knew at that point it was the risk of asking, so I didn’t mind. So I turned to Misha and Jensen and was like “Hugs then?” So we did a hug picture. The bliss and awesomeness of being between those two, still sends shivers down my spine. Forgive the capital letters but this was the exciting part…after the picture I THEN HUGGED THEM BOTH AND SAID THANK YOU, THEN THE HANDLER GAVE THE BOOK BACK TO ME. I WAS READY TO WALK AWAY WHEN MISHA GRABBED MY HAND, PULLED ME CLOSE TO HIM AND TOLD THE PHOTOGRAPHER TO TAKE ANOTHER. SO MISHA HUGGED ME WHILE WE HELD THE BOOK AND JENSEN GAVE HIS LIKE “WHAT?!” FACE. I WAS IN SHOCK!!!! SO ALL I HAD ENOUGH REACTION TIME FOR WAS TO MAKE A DORKY LOOKING “Idk, worth a shot” SUGGESTIVE FACE.

It happened so quick…I was not expecting it at all…After the picture all I could do was happily give Misha another hug, and just mutter “Thank you thank Misha”, I gave Jensen one more quick one and kinda high tailed it out of the room shaking.

Now…I was absolutely happy, and just speechless, I had two ops, the op I wanted to do, and I spent more time with them. The thing is though…After some time…I felt bad…because I wasn’t sure if Jensen was upset…or kinda just disappointed, because I felt maybe he didn’t want to do it and it was forced, as much as I appreciate it…To confirm, I decided to apologise to him when I got my autograph…The stressful part of it all, was the timing…See…I had to wait for the pictures to print, I wanted to grab it right away because I know sometimes people take photos of other people’s pictures, and I didn’t want this to get out by someone else’s hand. The thing is Jensen was then signing autographs in the same time…So, I was pacing back and forth from the picture table and the autograph hall to see how the lines were, just as it seemed like autographs were almost over, as they called my row many minutes before, the pictures were put out. LUCKILY I received my picture and I was able to make the line for Jensen, photo hidden. So again I nervously wait in line, when I got to him in line, he recognized me and said “Hey you” and smiled, and of course I was like “Hi” *giggles* and then I said “Jensen I’m really sorry about the book photo op”. He smiled and was like “ah, it’s no problem at all” And I said “Okay I just wanted to make sure you know I didn’t mean anything bad by it” and he said “Don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly fine”. I apologized to his handler also and she said “ Its okay honey, I’m not mad about it” and they both said you have a good night and pretty much don’t worry. So *SIGH OF RELIEF*

Got my autograph and his Blessing!! However me being me, I wanted security…So…To Make sure…When I got my Misha autograph, I walk up to Misha with items in hand to get signed.

Misha: “Oh hey it’s you, how are you?”

Me: “I’m good thank you, how are you?”

Misha: “I’m good, I’m good, are you having fun?

Me: “Yeah, it’s been really great”

*Misha begins to sign my items*

Me: *Nervously* “Can I ask you a question?”

Misha: “Of course go ahead”

Me: “Was Jensen upset with the photo with the book?”

Misha: *smiles, then giggles* “Oh no, he wasn’t upset at all. He would have gone through with it if a certain handler didn’t snatch it away from us”

Me: “Are you sure? I really don’t want him to be upset, I just didn’t think it’d be bad”

Misha: “No, don’t worry about it at all, he wasn’t upset” *Misha hands back items*

Me: “Okay, thank you Misha, thank you. You have a great night” *I say while gathering my stuff*

Misha: “You’re welcome. You too” *Misha smiles*

*I turn to walk away when Misha says to me*

Misha: “Don’t give it a second thought”

I respond by just smiling and saying a relieved “Okay”, and then I turn and head out to the hall.

So…This is that photo, from my amazing Nashcon 2016 time…I hope those viewing, find the humor in it as much as I do…If you’re gonna share it, please just attach this story with it, so people know, that yes while some might find it tasteless, it was done with a calculated understanding of the actor’s feelings behind taking the photo and not without asking their personal consent for it first, the events that unfolded from it, were not expected and were out of my hands, just as well I finally want to thank Misha and Jensen and just as well, Jared!! (Though they may not ever read this haha) for everything they’re do for the fans, it was a great time and is now a hell of a story I can add to my life of events. Everyone else…enjoy. :)

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Do you know how to color skin tones? I'm going to start coloring my art but I've been scared to do anyone who's nonwhite because I'm not sure what appropriate skin tone is what

ah, not sure if I’m good at it, and I suck at explaining how I do things, but I can show u my color palette for skin tones

and here are some examples of how I use that palette of colors for various characters :0 hope it helps 

Honestly though I can just see Nursey accidentally becoming a lifestyle blogger after graduation.

Like, all through his time at Samwell he’d been keeping his Instagram updated, and his account is so styled and all about #aesthetic, that people from outside of Samwell and even from around the world start following him because the pictures he takes are just so pretty.

Occasionally he and the rest of the SMH team go to Falcs events when Jack invites them, and of course he posts pics from all of those events too. There’s also always something posted in his Insta story. And when he’s back in NYC in the summers, he tries out new restaurants every other week or so, gets roped into going to film premieres and store openings with his parents and other high society people, so he posts photos from there too.

After graduating, he and Dex move in together in NYC. Dex gets a job as a software engineer at a startup, working on apps. Nursey becomes a copywriter for a marketing agency. So again, Nursey gets invited to a bunch of events by virtue of his where he works.

He keeps getting comments from his followers asking him to share more details on the events he goes to, the products he uses, the restaurants he tries. Every time he posts a picture, along with the hundreds of likes and comments on how nice his photos are, there are at least six people asking him for more info.

So Nursey decides, you know what, why not? Start a blog, basically use it as a sort of diary where he can write down everything, and maybe even post some of his poetry there too.

Dex codes the website for him, because he had already embraced his role as Nursey’s insta-boyfriend/photographer. He’s going to support his side interests too.

And so Nursey launches his blog filled with photos and anecdotes of his (and Dex’s) life, as well as bits and pieces of his poetry and creative writing.

Right at the top of his blog is the title of the site and a brief description of himself:

derek nurse
poet | defenseman | blogger | copywriter





Attention! I beg you not to use this method of telling people you are a safe place! White supremicists have now adopted it
as their own method! This could be dangerous to women, people of color, transgender people, and people who are of non-christian faith. You could be further subject to hate crimes.

I beg you to stay safe wherever you are and whoever you are.

Do not allow yourself to be lead anywhere by these people. You could be assaulted, raped, or even killed!

And Please Spread the word! People with good intentions need to know NOT to do this!


Use this tag to help your friends, family, and other at-risk people stay safe!

(This was made using photos from other posters credit for those go to them!)

Some of the worlds oldest pyramids are situated in modern day Sudan and last winter I went to see them for myself. Most of them have been destroyed by the Italians who blew the tops up inorder to steal the gold inside. 

The other photos are people we met during the long drive to the pyramids of Al Bajraweiya, Sudan. 

Pt. 1

Photos @enragedblackkid/ @emotionalblackkid

{Reaction} Going out in public with Monsta X

Can you do Monsta X reactions to the first time you go out in public after announcing you’re dating (like, how they act/skinship) 🙊🙊 thank you!! Love your blog so much🖤🖤🖤

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk is the kind that would be very happy and energetic, he would spend a lot of time holding your hand and giving you gentle kisses on the cheek or pecks on the lips. This man does’t have time for haters so he isn’t really all that bothered on what other people think. 

Minhyuk: “Come on Jagi, let;s check out this place.”

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun would be more shy when it comes to coming out in public and would much rather be intimate with you at home rather than out in the open for everyone to see. He would still hold your hand though, and old you close when it gets cold. He becomes a lot more confident in time. 

Kihyun: “Have my jacket, Jagi.”

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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You’re a beautiful couple, and Wonho likes to show you off a lot. In public, he will do sweet things with you, take you out for dutch pancakes and hold your hands. Even though hateful comments can get to him sometimes, he tries not to worry too much about it because you’re more important to him than anything else. 

Wonho: *kisses you on the cheek then whispers in your ear,* “I love you Jagi.”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu would be the most gentlemanly. He would hold your hand, constantly ask you if you’re okay and would be very considerate to you. He’d be the kind that opens doors for you and asks you what you want to do. The press wouldn’t bother him all that much. 

Shownu: “Shall we get some coffee, Jagi?”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Changkyun would have very positive vibes when he goes out in public with you, he wouldn’t be too clingy, but he wouldn’t exactly ignore you either. He’d give you the right amount of attention, holding you hand where he can and stealing kisses behind building away from the camera’s eyes.

Changkyun: “Kiss me!” 

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon and you would be the gorgeous celebrity couple, and he would constantly look like he’s walking on the cat walk. He’d hold your hand, but he wouldn’t be that affectionate with you in public because he much prefers the privacy of your own home for that.

Hyungwon: “I think we’re done here Jagi, let’s go home.” 

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon would be very energetic in front of the cameras, and if you’re okay with it, he would be more than happy to introduce you to people and pose for photos. But like the others, he much prefers the privacy of your own home to make all of the PDA secret and between the two of you. 

Jooheon: “Come on Jagi, let’s leave now.”