photo by nobody


Diamond, My Neighborhood Feral Cat // photos © @midnite-ride

Diamond is a stray cat that roams my neighborhood.
She loves to act like she wants lovin’ (see photo above) but when you approach her, she always runs away.  But she is such a sweet spirit, everybody does what they can to take care of her.

Everybody loves Diamond because, despite her actions, everybody knows that Diamond loves us too.


“They made a new kind of dancing that was acting all by itself. Their dancing was formal and reserved, like Fred. It was ballroom dancing mixed with swing and jazz and tap. But though some of the virtuosity remains remarkable, it was never vulgar and flashy like ballroom today, at least as epitomized by reality TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.” – John Rockwell, former dance critic with the New York Times, in his essay on Fred and Ginger


So there’s this skele at our school and the students love to dress it up and pose…….and I’m just really mesmerized by their inventiveness. And by fact that the skele didn’t fall apart yet IT WAS FRICKEN EXPENSIVE HOW DARE U DO THIS WITH IT AND MAKE IT LOOK SO GREAT.


Nobody Knows.


銀座 メゾン・エルメスのビルの上
それにしても 孤独すぎる…