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Bu tablonun çok özel , çok önemli olduğunu elbette biliyorum.

Leonardo da Vinci

Görsel : Robert Cohen - Guy Isnard, one of the first police officials to specialize in art forgeries, curating an exhibition of fakes at the Grand Palais, Paris, 1955.


One of Portland’s many gems: Blue Lagoon

With the last two weeks being dominated by the start of classes here at UWI, the absolute highlight remains our trip to Portland.

The north-eastern parish of Portland is touted by many as Jamaica’s “hidden gem” - a last remaining vestige of relatively undiscovered, natural beauty. Portland offers mountains, beaches, and rivers, and those of which we saw on our day trip were absolutely stunning, even despite changeable weather conditions.

Blue Lagoon is, like its name suggests, a vividly blue natural pool, fed by the Caribbean on one side and a natural fresh-water spring on the other. Those who can swim are free to do so, providing access out to sea or over to the cool water of the spring. The water quickly deepens to a maximum depth of around 55 metres, leaving you floating freely in absolute bliss.

The Blue Lagoon is an absolute must see, as far as I’m concerned - this photoset can serve as just a little taste of paradise.

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Freddy / Brumaica