photo by m. jacobs

Yeah, of course! Look:

Here I’m doing of Ezio, and I’m with a Templar friend (Is so friendly for photos.)

And here I’m doing of Jacob and yhere is some of the Rooks people.<3

And here I’m with a Connor cosplayer. It was a beautiful expeerience.

And here I decided to be an Evie Frye, although black and white…

And here I’m Arno, and in my back is Napoleon. Was a good friend:’)

That’s all for today!
I just returned from throwing eggs, ringing bells and drink as a villian trick or treating in houses, and there was a lot of rain, so I had to flee!

I hope you wnjoy what remains of Halloween!
  Here’s a little sketch that i did when I was going out super rushed.

Mackinac Island,Michigan.  I took this photo as a friend flew us to the island in a 4 seat plane.  Adventurous, since he was about 81 at the time and another plane almost hit us as we got in line for landing.  But we got there and back just fine.

At the top left of this photo you can see the Grand Hotel.  From the air it’s so strange to see how uninhabited the place still is.  No cars on the island.. just horses and bicycles.

Early this morning a friend called to say she was taking her peddle boat out to check on the loon families and wanted to know if I wanted to come along.  (She’s part of a group who is helping them survive in this area.)

We were in the boat before 9 a.m.  and not only could I watch the loons pretty close up but got to hear the calls.. the ones to gather the family and the ones to warn of danger.  Both are the most awesome sounds.  This was the best shot I got this morning.  I need a longer lens!

I love finding little treasures like this!  In a farm field that belongs to my Aunt Clyda there are dozens of little nesting boxes along the alfalfa fields.  I opened one and wow!  … this is what I found.  I quickly closed it because I was concerned the mama wouldn’t like me being there.  

But I had to take a picture. 

Do any of you smart people know what kind of bird this would be?

Going through boxes today, I found a framed photo of myself that my Mother had hung in her home for many years.  I took it out to scan and this photograph dropped out.  It is my Mother and a picture I’ve never seen before.  She looks to be about 14 or 15 maybe.  There is no date on it but she seems to be wearing lipstick which I’m sure she’d not have done before 14.  But it’s a photo booth shot so maybe she went to the fair with friends and put on lipstick.  I was so thrilled to find this because I’ve no photos of her from age 4 or so until she married my Dad.  I am thinking that maybe she is even wearing a plaid dress in the pattern of her heritage which is Duncan.  I feel like I found a hidden treasure!