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Scan - Astrid Kirchherr and George Harrison, Green Street, 1964

Photo: K&K/Max Scheler

“I am still in contact with Paul and Ringo to this day. But I had the strongest friendship with George. He was one of my best friends. We saw each other often, and he always looked after me, got in touch constantly to ask if I was healthy and if I have everything. Today… I still meet up with his wife Olivia and his son Dhani.” - Astrid Kirchherr, translated from Hörzu, 2005

“George was always my favourite, his kindness and his wit. He was just a wonderful person and whenever I was in trouble, like with money and things, he was always looking after me and he invited me a couple of times to London and later on to Henley. I just miss him terribly because he was like a little guardian angel for me, I feel like I am in a way lost without him.” - Astrid Kirchherr, A Retrospective [x]

“[Astrid Kirchherr] last saw [George] Harrison in mid-2001, months before he died, when he invited her to his English mansion [Friar Park] for a last weekend with his family.
‘I remember we had a little walk in his park, and I was so full of love and joy to be with him that I cried,’ she says. ‘He said, “You must not cry, I will always look after you.” He had no fear. No fear whatsoever. I miss his presence, but I’ve got the feeling he’s still around me.’” - Peter Fetterman Gallery, Artists: Astrid Kirchherr [x]

“…Astrid was so loving; she’d take us home and feed us. She helped us a lot, even just to let us have a bath. Astrid was twenty-two at that time, and I was seventeen; she seemed so much older than me, and so grown up…” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology

“…Astrid was the one, really, who influenced our image more than anybody. She made us look good.” - George Harrison on the early photos Astrid took of the band in Hamburg, The Beatles Anthology

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