photo by dania hurley

Tea Party

Original Post Date: AUGUST 26, 2012

No, not the political kind. My bestie and I threw ourselves a tea party today. She made a ton of lovely little tea sandwiches with arugula and cucumber (they were completely eaten up) and I made a pound cake and a lavender cake using the lavender in my garden. We put on a pot of blueberry tea and had a great time.

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The mystery succulent mom’s neighbor gave me. The huge version had large, drooping, paddle-like leaves. Anyone able to help me identify this? omgplants, houseplantjournal, ohmeursault, anyone else?

I was handed a number of the babies that had popped off the mama plant and told to just stick them down in the soil and they’d be fine. As you can see, it’s working. Look at those roots forming in the top photo!


Franklin Park Conservatory - FiddleLeaf Fig

The Franklin Park Conservatory, here in Columbus, will also be a frequent subject for the next month or so. The Ficus Lyrata (Fiddleleaf Fig) is one of my favorite plants, as I’ve mentioned, and while I have my own tiny one, the Conservatory has a truly massive and impressive one. It is one of their biggest, and one of the first plants installed back in the 1800s. 

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