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Jason Momoa Travels With Tomahawks, Throws ’em Around on ‘Kimmel’
Jason Momoa is bringing sexy back — one tomahawk throw at a time. (GIF: Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC)

Jason Momoa has brought back the ax.

After captivating us with his wrist work — while imbibing — when he was off the clock (see: Jason Momoa Drinks Beer, Throws Ax, Looks Hot), the star of Netflix’s Frontier brought his act to late night on Thursday. He threw around some tomahawks — in between throwing back some glasses of Guinness — on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

We would be remiss if we didn’t point out that the wavy haired hunk, 37, carried the tomahawks into the studio as if he was carrying a newspaper, man purse, or any other mundane thing. Only the leather-pants wearing actor was carrying head-splitting hatchets. Six of them.

Momoa’s talk show essentials include six tomahawks and one pair of leather pants. (Photo: BG017/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

During his appearance, the Game of Thrones alum admitted he had a beer before his tomahawk throwdown with Kimmel and Guillermo began. (Though we know it only improves his aim.) While he started out a little slow with his mark, by the end he was nailing them.

Momoa celebrated with a beer — as a man who has his own brand of Guinness named after him should.

So where do all these axes come from? Well, in between his TV/movie roles (Aquaman!), romancing Lilakoi Moon (Lisa Bonet), and maintaining those perfect locks, he makes them, of course.

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“I started making axes,” he told Kimmel. “This is a Black Wolf Co. ax. It has my tattoo and everything.”

Throwing tomahawks drinking Guinness Me Guillermo And my jimmy Watch me on @JimmyKimmel – Tonight on ABC! #KIMMEL. @netflix @discoverycanada #frontier. @blkwlfco BLACK WOLF CO

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As for his throwing instruction to Kimmel, he simply said, “Throw it hard.” Makes sense, right?

In a recent interview with Yahoo TV, Momoa talked about his role in Frontier  which he summed up on Kimmel as “Basically me wrapped in fur killing a bunch of English people”) by saying he was born to play Declan Harp. He grew up learning from his outdoorsman relatives and he started collecting period furs, adopting wolves, and making all the hand-crafted blades used in the series with his aforementioned Black Wolf Co., which is a collective of artists.

“They were actually modeled after my grandfather’s knives,” Momoa said. “I kind of am this dude.”

Watch Momoa’s Kimmel appearance here:

And while he jokingly said, “You’d definitely want to knock before you come into my house,” the show’s executive producers Jeff Fierson and Brad Peyton described to Yahoo TV what happened when they were invited to Chez Momoa-Bonet when they were first considering him for the role.

“We arrived there and you know what he looks like physically,” said Fierson. “He was climbing a rock wall that he had built himself for him and his kids, shirtless. He jumps down from the top in a very hero pose, walks up, shakes our hand, and then just starts in with like, ‘Come over here. This is how you throw a tomahawk.’ He has a range to throw tomahawks and this entire bin full of tomahawks that he’s made. He has me, Jewish me, throwing tomahawks by the end of the night.”

Hey, if he’s teaching everyone how to throw tomahawks, we need to get on the list. We’ll bring the beer.