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Photo series #14

Today, i’m bringing you the cargo plane that is meant to face the Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules, the aircraft i’m talking about is the Airbus A400M Atlas.

With it’s first flight done in December 2009, the Atlas is designed to be a tactical airlifter with strategic capabilities, it was brought to the market as a replacement to older turboprop cargo aircraft such as the Transall C-160 and the C-130 Hercules. The A400M is set between the C-130 and the C-17 in terms of size and that is one of it’s best features as it can carry heavier loads than the Hercules while still being able to land in rough landing strips.

Cargo transport is not the only thing the Atlas can do, it also has a configuration for mid-air refueling and MEDEVAC, if proper equipment has been fitted onto the plane.

As a result of development delays, the project faced cancellation but the nations involved with it decided to maintain the support as a result, the A400M was brought into life and in 2013 the first production aircraft was delivered to the Armee de l’air (French Air Force).

Some of the most notable fact of the Atlas is the material of the wings that is carbon fibre reinforced plastic to make the plane lighter than other transport aircraft, it’s engines features counter-rotating propellers, this means that each pair of engines in the Atlas wings rotate in opposite directions, this configuration, known as “down between engines” (DBE), allows the aircraft to produce more lift and lessens the torque and prop wash on each wing. It also reduces yaw in the event of an outboard engine failure.

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“ To discover the unknow is not a prerogative of Sinbad, of Eric the Red, or of Copernicus. Each and every man is a discoverer. He begins by discovering bitterness, saltiness, concavity, smoothness, harshness, the seven colours of the rainbow and the twenty-some letters of the alphabet; he goes on to visages, maps, animals and stars. He ends with doubt, or with faith, and the almost certainty of his own ignorance.”

Jorge Luis Borges, From the prologue of Atlas

Photo: Bruce Davidson, Clown and Circus Tent, 1958

Ben'i işaret eden her şeyin içinde sıkışmış duyumsuyorum kendimi: Sonsuzluk olsam bile kendimin içinde çok darım.

Franz Kafka - Mavi Oktav Defteri

Görsel :   Africa | Jewish Berber, High Atlas, 1935. Postcard car image from Marrakech


My gift for Nona, as a part of the @hxhfallexchange ^o^

I know it’s not very Halloween-y but there were some cool prompts and I liked an ATLA AU so here ya goooo

I also did way too much but I had fun (i got lazy around the end tho)

Gon: Earthbender, Killua: Firebender, can also use electricity, used to be part of the Royal Family, Kurapika: Airbender, the Avatar, Leorio: Waterbender, can also heal