photo by astrid kirchherr

…so to cover all eventualities - Happy first day of your birthday, dear George. Thank you for your beautiful music, for being the constant source of such wisdom and joy… and for more than words can say. ♥

“For instance, I only learned recently after all these years that the date and time of my own birth have always been off by one calendar day and about a half hour on the clock.” - George Harrison, Billboard, 1992 [x]

* * *

“Well, he was actually born just after midnight, but it was wartime, and so because of the blackout, the clocks were set ahead yet another hour. […] And so, really, when - if you’re into astrology as we were and are, then the real time was before midnight, so really it was on the 24th [of February 1943]. And so sometimes he would - you know, sometimes if you said happy birthday on the 24th, he’d say, ‘It’s not my birthday.’ If you said it on the 25th, he’d say, ‘You missed it.’” - Olivia Harrison, Breakfast With The Beatles, 25 February 2007 [x]

The Beatles, Hamburg, late 1962, photographed by Astrid Kirchherr (previously posted at thateventuality here).

“They believed in each other so much - and that’s hard to find. It was in their bodies and souls - this is what we’re going to do, and we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives.” - Roy Young on The Beatles, UNCUT, March 2012 [x]

_The Beatles; Germany/Alemanha; Hamburg/Hamburgo; Chair Photo Session/Sessão de fotos “da Cadeira”; November 1962/Novembro de 1962.

_George Harrison’s smile/O sorriso do George Harrison.

_Photo/Foto: Astrid Kirchherr.


Scans - George Harrison through the years, in images and quotes…

Remembering an irreplaceable, remarkable and beautiful soul, musician and individual, with inexpressible gratitude and love.

“Death is just where your suit falls off and now you’re in your other suit. You can’t see it on this level, but it’s all right. Don’t worry.”


Paul McCartney and George Harrison, Brodersweg, Hamburg, November 1960. Photos © Astrid Kirchherr.

“When I look back at the early pictures that I took of The Beatles, they seem so young. But at the same time, they had experienced so much. It was a real contrast, and I tried to capture both sides of their personalities in these photos.” - Astrid Kirchherr, The Beatles: Classic, Rare & Unseen

“We just walked round in another area […], and by accident I had a camera with me and they said ‘Oh let’s take a picture there’ and I didn’t feel like it, so I just said ‘Oh well stand over there and look at me’ and that’s why I took those pictures. I never liked them.” - Astrid Kirchherr, Astrid Kirchherr: A Retrospective [x]


Teddy boy George photographed by friend Jurgen Vollmer in 1961 at Rabenstraße Stop in Hamburg.

“In 1960, Astrid Kirchherr took some superlative photos of The Beatles in Hamburg. She took none at all in 1961, scaling back her work to help out Reinhart Wolf. His other assistant Jurgen Vollmer made up for it. Early in this second visit he asked George to go out with him for a few hours for a solo session, and George agreed, slipping into his leather jacket and greasing back his quiff. The others showed their intrigue with nods and winks. They knew Jurgen had a crush on George; he sometimes wore an I LIKE IKE badge he’d altered to read I LIKE GEORGE. ‘It was chemical,’ says Jurgen. ‘I liked George the most. He was very quiet and shy, like me, and also a dreamer.’ 

This was an experimental day, because Jurgen had never done a photo session before. He was using a Rolleicord camera borrowed from Wolf, probably the same one Astrid had used for her first shoot. The results were similarly excellent. He fired off a role of twelve black-and-white photos on the Alster ferry, and eight more frames on the landing stage at Winterhuder Faehrhaus, and George’s character and youth shine fresh from the spring images.

George was well liked by his Hamburg friends. Klaus remembers that they were fond of his long eye-teeth, his Segelohren (protruding ears) and the seemingly involuntary way his leg twitched when he played guitar. Jurgen smiles as he recalls, ‘Stuart told me that when George got back to the others, after spending the day with me, he didn’t say anything except “Jurgen is fab”. Just that, nothing else.’”- excerpted from “Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years Volume I” by Mark Lewisohn

George Harrison, Green Street, London, March/April 1964 - photographed by Max Scheler

“[At night during the filming of A Hard Day’s Night] George would strum on his guitar, and Astrid [Kirchherr] would dance with Ringo… George was more approachable than the others. John seemed very sarcastic; Ringo was a bit hard; Paul was the diplomat; and George, well, he was just this pretty boy. I liked him a great deal.” - Max Scheler, German photographer on assignment for the German magazine Stern, A Rolling Stone Tribute To George Harrison

Pattie Boyd having tea on the set of ‘Hard Day’s Night’  March 1964 I  Photo Credit: Astrid Kirchherr

“Just what led to the spark between Pattie Boyd and George Harrison? ‘I think that happened when we accidentally on purpose sat next to each other for lunch. And we both been talking and talking and talking and we sort of said, ‘Let’s sit together while we have lunch with everybody. And so, I thought, 'Oh, there’s something going on here, I think’.

And he was really sweet and the others were being really funny. And all together, they were a huge comedy in themselves because their wit was so fast. And they were just a joy to hang out with, actually.They were so fun and witty and funny and hilarious and very sweet to us.” - Pattie Boyd, excerpted from  “Exclusive: Pattie Boyd on the Beatles and filming 'A Hard Day’s Night,’ Part 2”. Steve Marinucci, Beatles Examiner,  5 July 2014