photo by arlen


Ahhhh the con is over! I had a great time and didn’t make a complete twat out of myself in front of celebrities. Loads of people recognised Rimmer - I was saluting for photos all day. The highlight was singing the Rimmer Song with a storm trooper :D
I reckon this might be my best cosplay yet! I’m v proud of myself.

“Ava didn’t have to wear makeup. She had naturally beautiful skin, and great color to her lips. She dressed very casually; she was never so happy as when she wore slacks and a blouse. But the slacks were well tailored, she was never sloppy, and she was very clean. She would wash her hands at least three times during lunch. And there was no one who could touch that posture, the way she walked and presented herself. She was a sexy woman without trying. All she had to do was walk into a room.”

-Arlene Dahl