photo booth set

in which junior prom is a thing and michelle is having fun at the thing, which may or may not be because peter parker is her date, but shhhhh.

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  • when michelle was younger, she didn’t exactly have a lot of suitors knocking down her door. none of her classmates were leaving cute notes in her locker or asking her to be their valentine. so maybe michelle is feeling a little nervous as she sits in front of the mirror on friday night. prom night.
  • 6:07
  • prom is in the gym of midtown high. everyone agreed to leave her apartment at seven because who needs to show up on time? unless you’re cindy and you’re working the prom, but they don’t have that concern. everyone is supposed to arrive at her house at six thirty for snacks and prom pictures™. which means peter should be arriving in approximately eight minutes if his previous history is any indication.
  • she takes a deep breath, looking at herself in the mirror. her mother absolutely adored the red of her dress. so she took the lead with everything else prom related. she’s wearing her mom’s red heels from the nineties and her mom’s bold red lipstick from…well…from sephora, she thinks?
  • she doesn’t ask her mom about date nights with her dad. that’s just…weird.
  • anyway
  • michelle knows she looks beautiful. but part of her is worried. because, well, her previous crushes haven’t always thought so and she’s nervous that, despite all the signs she’s hoping that she’s reading correctly, peter only likes her as a friend.
  • “michelle.” her father calls from outside her bedroom door. “peter is here.” he slowly opens the door, sticking his head around. his smile spreads wide and bright across his face as he walks over to his daughter. “mj, honey, you look beautiful.” he hugs her tightly and mj smiles into his shoulder. she really loves her dad. but oh god, is he crying again?
  • “dad! you promised!” she pushes him away, hitting him lightly on the shoulder, though she’s chuckling with a bright grin on her face.
  • “I know, I know!” he wipes his tears quickly and takes a deep breath. “but it’s just you and I here, so it’s okay. I won’t cry in front of your boyfriend.” he draws out the word in a song and shakes his shoulders from side to side when he says it and michelle groans and wants to stomp off but these heels are higher than she’s used to so she just walks, simple and dignified.
  • she waits at her door for her dad, nonetheless. and if she grabs his hand before walking to the stairs, that’s nobody’s business. she’s allowed to do-
  • fuck
  • there is no way peter parker should ever be allowed to look that good.

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i wish there was some kind of photo booth in the settings like in pkmn sun/moon where you can take a headshot picture of your starter or your character from different angles or slightly different distances to set as the dialogue icon so your horse isnt just this guy all the time 

anonymous asked:

Let's stay in emotional sappy mood! Bob ships and the photo of their other half or them together in their wallets? Do they carry those? What's on that picture?

  • dick keeps a very handsome headshot of nix both in his wallet and on his desk at work. he doesn’t brag about much, but he’s more than happy to talk nix up to their friends at every opportunity.
  • nix’s wallet is filled with pictures of the love of his life – his dog.
  • “this is charlie at the dog park. here he is trying to catch a squirrel – and here, a few seconds after that one, where he fell on his face. here he’s got a bone, ooh, and here he is with his winter coat on –”
  • dick isn’t jealous. wallet pictures aren’t for everybody.
  • (no one knows about the tiny picture nix keeps in the head of his watch – a small, circular photo of he and dick on their last vacation, grinning and pressed together against a backdrop of fireworks. every time he sees it, he feels a bit like a hopeless romantic.)

  • lip is very quiet about his photos. he keeps one, of ron in his dress blues, tucked just inside the cover of his wallet.
  • if he doesn’t have anyone to eat lunch with at work, it’s not uncommon for him to give ron a call if he knows he isn’t busy. on days he can’t do this, he might just pull out his photo and look at it while he eats. it makes him feel a little less alone.
  • ron, meanwhile, carries several photos of lip in his wallet. a bunch of them, actually. he’s got as many photos of his boyfriend as he has credit cards.
  • he keeps them to himself, but on rare occasions he’ll take them out and brag about his boyfriend. for ron, who’s usually so close-lipped about his personal life, to get talkative takes all his coworkers by surprise.
  • all it takes is a little prompting, however, and he’ll gladly show off his pictures of lip with all the pride nix has when talking about his dog.
  • (”this is carwood on the couch. he loves reading. and here he is gardening… here, he’s coaching the local little league… here he is at his graduation. he is amazing.”)


  • babe is perpetually forgetting his wallet, so he’s not sure what he has in it half the time. (he has a very old condom, a gum wrapper with no gum, pizza crumbs, and an expired starbucks giftcard. he doesn’t even like starbucks.)
  • gene, however, takes very good care of his wallet. he keeps it pretty spartan; aside from his ID, the one personal touch he has in there is a photo of babe.
  • it’s a selfie babe took, actually. babe claims it’s one of his favorite pictures of himself, and even though gene rolls his eyes at his boyfriend’s insistence that he only looks good in selfies, he’ll admit babe is handsome in the photo.
  • he tucks the image into his wallet, and every time he needs a pick-me-up he’ll catch a glimpse of babe’s sunshine smile. it never fails to brighten his day.


  • joe doesn’t even carry a wallet. are you kidding? he’s a cabbie in LA. if someone tries to rob him, the first thing they’re going for is the wallet. it’s not even worth it.
  • he does keep two small photos pinned to the corner of his dashboard, though – one of web, and one of his mom. he’s a good boy.
  • WEBSTER, however
  • sentimental as all hell. he thinks wallet photos are ADORABLE, and selects an array of ones of joe. choosing just one was the sophie’s choice of his lifetime. it almost broke his heart.
  • he finally settled on one of joe sitting on the beach in a tank top and shorts, legs spread as far as they can go. he’s leaning forward, posture deceptively casual, and smirking at the camera.
  • it makes web smile (and get a little hot and bothered) every time he sees it.


  • they have one of those goofy photo booth sets. they’ve got a copy each in their wallets.
  • in one photo, joe is doing a deadpan serious face, while george is sticking out his tongue and crossing his eyes.
  • in the second, george looks very regal and solemn, while joe is pulling a super weird face
  • in the third, they’re holding each other like a scene from gone with the wind. joe’s hand is cupping george’s cheek, and they’re gazing into each others’ eyes with over the top lovestruck expressions. george is just barely fighting off a smile.
  • in the fourth and final shot, george has broken over something joe said – his head is tossed back and he’s laughing, utterly unaware of the photo being taken. joe has his own goofy grin on his face, and looks utterly pleased with himself.
  • george will show off the photos at any opportunity. joe keeps them closer to his chest, preferring to take them out when he has a quiet moment of needs something to make him smile.

I guess it was the wrong kind of film…

FINALLY I MADE A BIT OF MYSTERY SKULLS FAN ART. I really only wanted to have an excuse to draw the crew in silly poses but then surprise surprise it got kind of sad. :Y This little doodle comic has been on my mind for a while and i’m glad i finally drew it out!

(bonus points if you can figure out the prompts the booth gave them for poses.)

11 Questions Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @ysitanstudies 💗

1) What animal would be cutest if scaled down to the size of a cat?

A German Shepard 🐶

2) What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?

Chai Tea 😛

3) What was the last photo you took?

A photo of a booth I set up for my school’s club & activity fair tomorrow! 😸

4) What’s the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?
A pepper that I once grew in my garden a few years back! 🌶

5) Do you think that aliens exist?

Maybe? 👽

6) What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?

Unicorns 🦄

7) If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator?

Robin Williams 🙌

8) What’s the funniest joke you know by heart? 
Why does snoop dog carry around an umbrella?

Fo-Drizzle 🌨🙃

9) If you were moving to another country, but could only pack one carry-on sized bag, what would you pack?

A journal, a blanket, important documents and photos, a video camera, clothes, and a sketchbook! 🌞

10) If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?

Invisibility! ⭐️

11) How are you? c:

Tired and procrastinating 😅

Here’s my questions for the people tagged:

1) If you could sit down and talk with one person, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

2) What is the most important lesson you’ve ever learned in life?

3) What is something that most people don’t know about you?

4) Describe yourself in 3 words.

5) What has been the most embarrassing moment of your life?

6) What has been your proudest accomplishment in life so far?

7) What is a goal for yourself in the future?

8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

9) What do you wish you could change about the world?

10) What do you wish you could change about yourself?

11) Where is one place you would like to visit in your lifetime?

I tag @aoademic @sunnysidestudy @problematicprocrastinator @mattystudies @38mmpen @itssophmcintosh Good luck! 😸💗⭐️

gentlemama-deactivated20170415  asked:

For the Christmas AUs: "we're coworkers who hate each other but you drank too much at the office party..." Pretty please? Thank you!

combining this with an anon’s prompt:

Please write a drabble about the holiday party that changes to a tropical theme so that the clothes must come off and our faves can ogle each other and get busy in some secluded supply closet!!!

and shoutout to @peetasbunmyoven for the help too <3

“This is probably the most inappropriate office holiday party in the history of office holiday parties ever,” Katniss says, eyeballing the tacky array of Hawaiian shirts and sailor skirts and coconut bras. “This doesn’t even make sense.”

“You wouldn’t be saying that if we lived in the Bahamas,” Finnick points out, sucking his spiced eggnog through a straw. A nonsensical pink umbrella garnishes the cup. “Or Australia even.”

She looks at him and his outfit. He’s one of the idiots dressed in a coconut bra. “But we don’t,” she argues. “How did HR even approve this?”

He shrugs. “It’s after hours. I don’t know. Also, Cato’s a creep.”

He’s not wrong about that. Cato Steele, CEO of Steele and Associates, is a giant sleazeball. She has no doubt he organized this holiday party to feature minimal clothing just so he could ogle all the half-naked female associates at the engineering and architect firm.

Katniss made sure to dress conservatively, in a black A-line dress with a red cardigan and gold sparkly heels. Tropical theme be damned. It’s 30 degrees outside!

“I need a drink,” she announces, and Finnick salutes her as she stalks off toward the bar. She asks the bartender for something called a Naughty Rudolph and waits, drumming her fingers on the bar.

“Where’s your holiday spirit, Everdeen?”

She closes her eyes at the voice behind her and takes a deep breath. “I’m the only one who’s even dressed appropriately for this damn holiday,” she retorts, turning around to glare at her least favorite coworker.

Peeta Mellark flashes her a droll, lopsided grin and points to the Santa hat on his head. “Wrong, like always, Everdeen.”

She rolls her eyes but can’t stop them from flicking down the length of his body. She’s not prepared to see him in a surfer tank top that showcases his unbelievably broad shoulders and muscular arms. His orange board shorts are slim-fitting, and despite his stupid flip flops, his calves look amazingly fit.

She quickly looks away to grab her drink. “You look ridiculous,” she tells him.

“Really? Is that why you look so flushed?” he says mockingly, and she grits her teeth before forcing a bored, unconcerned laugh, looking him square in the eye.

“No, I’m flushed because I’m embarrassed I work with such idiots,” she says, capping her insult with a haughty swig of her drink before flouncing off in search of Finnick, or somebody, literally anybody else but Mellark.

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Decorations in December

“Come on! We have to get it inside before it starts to rain!” Taylor called to Adam from the front door of their house as he stood in the driveway assessing the situation at hand.

It was the beginning of December and Taylor had insisted they went to buy their Christmas tree today; which Adam was fine with considering he knew how excited Taylor got about Christmas. What he wasn’t totally on board with was the fact the tree was 13ft tall and he didn’t have any help getting it out of the driveway where it had just been delivered.

“I might need to call for some help Tay…. I definitely cannot manage this alone… and you’re not much help.” He said, scratching his head.

“Well thanks for that.” Taylor replied sarcastically, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I didn’t mean you aren’t helpful babe…. I just meant that right now I don’t want you lifting heavy objects.” Adam said quickly, realising he had just dug himself a huge hole.

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~ old memories ~ jar of imagines #45 ~

You were upstairs in the storage closet, looking through an unopened (now opened) box from the day you moved into your house. It had been about 3 years since the box had been taped shut, and you were curious to see the contents of it. After ripping the tape off of the box, you opened the flaps and looked inside to see a piles of photos and small objects. You smiled as you remembered what they were. They were old photos and objects that had to do with yours and Dan’s time together.

It had been 10 years since you first met Dan, and from day one to the current hour, you have thought of him as your best friend, boyfriend, fiancé, and your husband. You looked through the box to see photos from your trip to France, California, Hawaii, and Australia. Trips with Dan were always amazing. It was great because you got to relax and spend time with Dan.

Next up in the pile was a small salt-dough ornament with a shape imprinted into it. You looked closely to realize that the shape was of the key to your first house. The thought of it made you smile, yet tear up. There was a thinner photo lying on the side of the box, and you picked it up. It was a photo strip of the time you went into the one of the photo booths in Japan. You set that aside to take a look at the next object, a seashell. This memory took longer to remember, but once you did, it became as vivid as the day it happened. It was a shell from the beach you went to during your honeymoon. You and Dan were walking along the shore of the beach, when Dan leaned over to pick up a shell.

“My gift to you, Mrs. Howell.” He said with a smile.

“It’s beautiful, thank you Mr. Howell.” You smiled back.

Your thoughts were broken off when you heard a voice at the door.

“What’s that?” Dan asked.

“Try to remember.” You hold up the shell.

He took it and looked at it carefully. After a few seconds of thinking, his face changed. “Is this… The shell from our honeymoon?”

You nodded. “And you’ve kept it all these years?” He asked in a surprised voice.

“I have, and I’m glad I did.”

You looked through more of the box’s contents and picked up a Polaroid that a fan printed out, of you and Dan at the boardwalk.

“I remember this.” Dan said as he looked at the picture over your shoulder.

Next was a photo of you and Dan with your cat as a kitten.

“This was when we first got her, she’s all grown up now.” You say remembering her kitten days.

“It’s like watching a child grow up.” Dan commented.

There was an envelope stashed in between the photos. It was addressed to you. You picked it up and immediately knew what it was.

“What is this?” Dan said as he took the envelope from your hands. “Would you mind if I looked?” Dan asked politely.

“Not at all.” You giggled.

Dan was about to open the letter when he looked at you. “Why are you giggling.”

“You’ll see why.” You urged him to open the envelope.

He slowly pulled out the piece of paper from the envelope and read it. After he read the first sentence, he laughed. “This the letter I sent to you when I was on the book tour.”

You smiled as he read the rest of the love letter. You remember tearing up while reading it, partially because of the letter and partially because you missed Dan. They were gone for a long time.

After finishing up the box of the past, you sighed. “I want to crawl back into these photos.”

Dan wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “Don’t worry, we can make even better ones.”

You smiled and continued to clean up the photos and objects, to get ready for the next set of memories to come your way.

A birthday for the books

A/N: I’m not sure of this one….but here it is anyways.



This year was the first time in a long time that I didn’t have anything planned for my birthday. I was on tour in Australia from this week until the day before my birthday, meaning I wouldn’t be back in LA until my actual birthday day since we decided it was better to have a night between the end of tour and flying 15 hours back home. In theory this meant I could spend my birthday in 2 different countries, but it didn’t make it any better. I just didn’t have time to plan anything with tour and when I tried I found out all my friends were busy and all over the world on my birthday.

“Why are you so down, babe?” Adam asked me while I was sitting on the sofa with both cats in my lap for once.

“I’m just thinking about my birthday…. If I had had more time I would have organized something ages ago …. But now it just isn’t going to happen this year.” I replied, looking up at him as he smiled gently and sat down next to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me close.

“How about this…. Your flight gets in around 10am on your birthday, right?” He asked, to which I nodded, “So how about I pick you up at the airport and we can spend the day doing whatever you want to. We can go for a late lunch, go to a movie, go to a spa…whatever your mind desires.”

“Seriously?” I asked, “You’d do that? Like whatever I want?”

“Oh course, babe! It’s your special day, you need to be treated like a queen!” He said, chuckling slightly as my face showed my pure excitement.

“Okay!” I replied, now having something to look forward to.

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New York Surprises (tayvin AU) part 23- final


10 years… It feels like a lifetime really. 10 years. That’s how long my parents have been married.

Jay and I are now 16 years old and, along with our parents’ best friends, organised a special party for time. Bea is 8 and Fin is 5, so they weren’t much use in the planning but were definitely useful in the whole distracting the parents thing so they didn’t know what was going on.

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🍭 BID DAY preparation checklist... 🍭

Q: So myself & 2 other sisters are in charge of bid day. I was wondering if you have a plan/document/template to follow of all the things that need to be done, or that are needed? Any advice on how to make a list would be amazing! Thank you!

A: I am very happy to make a TO DO list for bid day planning! For complete recruitment planning from A to Z check out the sorority sugar Formal Recruitment TO DO Checklist!

🍭   Preparing for Bid Day Checklist: 🍭 

  • Pick a fabulous theme! 
  • Order bid cards & envelopes for each new member. These are filled out when your final new member list is confirmed.
  • Order bid day tee shirts/tank tops for actives and pledges. 
  • Make notifiers/name signs for each new member. 
  • Make name tags for all the active sisters and the new pledges.
  • Craft flower headbands, or other “accessory” that brings your theme to life.
  • Make several hand-held ‘photo frames’ for pictures. 
  • Create 'door decor’ for each new member’s dorm doors if needed. 
  • Paint posters to welcome your Rho Gammas back. 
  • Order fanny packs if your chapter uses them on bid day. 
  • Spruce up your lawn letters for display. 
  • Craft hand-held sized greek letters for photos. 
  • Order helium balloons, streamers and other decorations. 
  • Coordinate how everyone is going to get from the bid announcement site back to your sorority house. Book transportation if needed. 
  • Plan a big social for after the bid announcement!
  • Plan a buffet of food & drinks for the party. Order catering or determine who will cook the food. Have plenty of water and soft drinks on hand. 
  • Consider offering a candy bar for dessert. Cupcakes or a themed cake are also wonderful. 
  • Order tables and folding chair rentals if needed. This includes basic linens as well (paper or cloth tablecloths). Decorating folding chairs with fabric bows looks cute too. 
  • Order all of your paper & plastic goods such as plates, cups, utensils and napkins. 
  • Plan props for your party area, such potted palm trees, or large Tiffany boxes that match your theme.
  • Determine the trash capacity for your party. Make several XL 'lined’ trash cans available though out the event space.  
  • Order new member tote bags and small bid day gifties to place inside. Typical gifts include: decals, cap, key fob, stickers, magnet, tumbler, koozie, etc. 
  • If your sorority has a tradition of a cap, lei, feather boa, single sorority flower, or other special item to present on bid day ~ order those.
  • Order flowers and decor for your celebration room, a centerpiece for the buffet table and plan centerpieces for additional tables. 
  • Paint signs & posters for the bid announcement and your party room.
  • Paint a backdrop banner for your photo booth. 
  • Set up a photo booth with fun props.
  • Purchase props for your party such as inflatable animals or sorority symbols. 
  • Order a balloon arch for the front of your sorority house.
  • Paint a large bid day banner to hang on the front of your house. 
  • Arrange for a photographer for group photos and photo booth shots.
  • Plan any interior table displays for your sorority house on bid day.
  • Invite alumnae and other special guests if it’s your chapter tradition. 
  • Arrange for music, a serenade, or entertainment for your party.
  • If your chapter does an activity like bid night roller skating, book the venue. 
  • If your mascot makes an appearance on bid day, confirm who is going to wear the costume. Make sure that the costume is in good shape, or make repairs. 
  • If the chapter President, Rush Chair and New Member Chair give speeches, plan and time their presentations.
  • Coordinate the 'look’ for all the actives. Everyone wears matching shorts or white pants for example.
  • Plan lighting if your party is held at night outside. Candles, portable lights, twinkle lights and walkway lights might all be necessary. Keep safety in mind. 
  • Rent several portable heaters if it’s going to be cold outside. 
  • Determine if you need a sound system and microphone for speeches and announcements. 
  • Schedule a deep cleaning of the sorority house right before bid day. Stock up on lots of extra toilet paper, kleenex and feminine supplies. Place some fresh flowers and air freshener in all of the rest room facilities. Make sure plenty of paper towels are available for hand washing. 
  • Make a TIMELINE in 30 minute increments to keep yourself on schedule and keep the pace of the event on track. 
  • Double check that there is a stocked first aid kit handy for emergencies. 
  • Assign duties for everything that needs to be done, from carrying your lawn letters to the sports field ~ to who sets up the food on the buffet table. 
  • Instruct the chapter to welcome all of the new members on facebook immediately following bid day. Encourage the members to promote bid day on their social media and share photos. Time to brag. 
  • Communicate with your chapter about what to wear, when to arrive, who should help set up & clean up and all the details of pulling off a spectacular bid day. Schedule everything in your timeline. Have sisters assist in every area of your bid day extravaganza. Delegate!