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Let’s Conjugate - Avoir

Hi! I had huge success making a post about conjugating the French, verb “être.” Therefore, I decided to continue making posts on conjugations. The photo set above focuses on conjugating the French verb “avoir”, meaning “to have”, in the present tense. Please enjoy, and make sure to like and reblog this post. Thank you!


The three in which I am pulling the least ridiculous faces.

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility folks :D

Non-binary maverique, they/them pronouns please!


Get your mind out of the gutter on that last one. :p

Thank you all so, so much for 6,000 followers! I’m so sorry it took me a few days to post anything about it. (I’ve been out of town doing bridesmaid stuff. :3) Honestly, it floors me every time I hit another milestone like this. I’m just so, so glad you all like the blog, even as it’s branching out somewhat beyond parks&rec. Always, your comments and messages mean so much to me, and it means the absolute world when I can make somebody laugh or brighten their day a little. You guys are all awesomesauce. <3 I freakin’ love all of ya. 

Please enjoy this weirdo photo-edited wordplay nonsense. Once I realized, I couldn’t resist. X3

Why we should be careful of conjugating verbs (*this photo will serve as an evidence, and not to humiliate the fan)

A fan who is apparently studying korean tweeted 2ne1’s Park Sandara. She was asking her if she had already finished filming for today and sweetly reminded her to rest but messed up with its conjugation. Instead of using the word “쉬다”, she accidentally used “쉬하다” which meant to pee so instead of saying “Have you already finished filming for today? Take a rest, eonni”, she said “Have you already finished filming for today? Pee, eonni”. Sandara said that at first she was surprised but eventually realized that it was an error. She finds it very cute and even said that this message will forever remain in her memory.

Do not be confused with “쉬다” (to rest, “쉬하다” (to pee), and “쉽다” (easy)

alifetimeofinspirations  asked:

Can you do more language analysis of BTS? It's very fascinating to "hear" their personalities (if that makes any sense) and understand deeper contexts that appear in their speech. For instance I never knew Jimin spoke to ARMY's like a friend--very cute! Ex: What do you mean that Yoongi speaks with emotion? Is Tae's disconnected sentences why no one seems to understand him? What would cause him to speak this way (is it common)? What do you mean by Jin speaks like a middle-aged man? Love your blog

• when i say yoongi speaks with emotional explosion, it’s to differ with namjoon, becuse namjoon’s words are poetic and really beautiful, while yoongi’s words are raw emotions. he doesn’t really choose specific ways to deliver what he wants to say. imagine if namjoon is ‘i’m lost between the deserts and the oceans’, then yoongi would be ‘i’m lost, i don’t know where i am’. ok this doesn’t make sense at all sorry… you’ll have a better idea of this difference by looking at their mixtape’s lyrics ;-;

• sort of, but more like taehyung doesn’t make it clear what he wants to say, or he can’t choose the right words to express that, or he chooses a very special way of saying (watch taehyung’s 2016 wishes for the members in show champion behind, someday during ‘run’ era)

• because jin’s tone sounds like a middle-aged man’s, i don’t know how to say this but you can get a glimpse of it by hearing him saying 'ey-hey!’

• i’m not a native so i don’t think i will be able to do proper analyzing lmao. i just tend to pay attention to little side details that sometimes are useless….

oh and btw, the reason why i think the 'ujyujyu’ tweet and the sleeping photo last night is taehyung’s, is because taehyung has a different way of spacing words than the other members. while the others use the proper spacing method, tae just wanders around proper spacing and no spacing at all.
- proper way: 다시 한번 진형 생일 축하해영 우리 우쥬쥬 형님 내가 마지막이다!!!!
- taehyung: 다시한번 진형 생일축하해영 우리우쮸쮸 형님 내가마지막이다!!!! (no spacing between some phrases)

same with the sleeping photo, there wasn’t space between 내가 (the subject) and 장식한다 (the verb), hence it became 'jk 안녕 마지막은 내가장식한다’. so i think it’s taehyung’s tweet

clearer example would be his tweet about the 'derailed’ movie, the spacing wasn’t consistent and it’s not because of characters limit. i have no problem with taehyung’s way of writing but i once saw knets took a storm on one idol because his way of spacing words wasn’t the proper way ;-;