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Camren (looks like) kissing in the water (Part 2)

*Camila POV*

▪The first and second photos are orginal photos that I’ve not edited.

▪The third photo it was Camila photos from the Billboard Cover Shoot, I editing it by enlarging the photo, sharpening the photo, sharpening the color of the photo and brightness.
We can clearly see that Camila had a black dot (mole) on her right arm and the shape of her chin and jaw that I have circled.

▪The fourth photo is a photo of two girls kissing in the water (looks like camren), I editing it by enlarging the photo, sharpening the photo, sharpening the color of the photo and brightness.
Here we can cleary see the black dot (mole) on the girl right arm and the shape of the girl chin and jaw (I circled) that looks similar like camila.

▪The fifth photo is a photo when camila was a teenager, I circled the chin, jaw and cheek that looked a bit chubby. Please ignore everything and especially the faint black dot marks located on the right cheek because it looks similar to the photo of a girl kissing in the water!! 💀💀💀🌚😌😏 Hahahahaha …

*To edit the photos, I using applications PhotoGrid, AirBrush and Snapseed apps (I often use these three applications because the results are satisfied)👍

I do not lead you all to believe in all the evidences I have described above. But let me give you the opinion that it is 100% camren photos are kissing in the water.
You can also prove it by yourself using the same application as I use it (I do not advertise those applicantions hahaha) 😉😂😂😂

*CAMREN IS/WAS REAL ??? It all depends on your perspective 😌😘


B E A U T Y   M A K E U P   -   B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S

A few weeks ago I shared with you some images from my professional portfolio which were taken from a recent Beauty shoot with model, Caitlin Burles.
FYI, Caitlin was a stand-in for Gal Gadot on the Wonder Woman film. Pretty cool huh? 

During the shoot my makeup assistant, Yasmin Lovece, kindly filmed some behind the scenes of the makeup and I filmed some of the products used. So this week I edited and uploaded the footage for those of you who are interested in seeing how these looks came together.


how to take studyblr photos

hi guys! here’s some advice on how to take photos of your notes and other things for your studyblrs. i’m not an authority on this or anything, this is just how i personally take and edit my pictures. i hope this helps for any new studyblrs out there, or helps out more experienced studyblrs!

  • try to take pictures in natural lighting.

i have a nice big window in my room, although this isn’t the best day for photography as it’s cloudy. 

things always look better in the sunlight than in the harsh artificial light of your desk lamp.

this may be harder if you study when it’s dark out, i recommend studying during the daytime - not only for easier photo ops. working with the sun streaming in will keep you awake and make you feel invigorated.

  • choose a background that works.

i have a variety of backgrounds in my photos, but it’s not because i have thirteen thousand desks. 

i use my 14x17 sketchbook for a white background, but no worries if you don’t have one! white paper can work if you’re taking a picture of a small thing. 

you don’t need a white background either! i often use my wooden desk as a background because it looks pretty nice. i prefer the white paper though, because my desk has paint stains everywhere. (whoops)

make sure you choose a background that will complement the thing you’re photographing! if it’s mostly white, use a dark background. if it’s colorful and bright, use white. if there’s barely any color on it, you could even use patterned scrapbook paper as a background to add a pop of color to your photo. place your item on a variety of backgrounds to see how it looks.

  • put stuff around it.

try framing your notes with different things - pens, pencils, even potted plants. see what looks nice.

  • try some different angles too.

maybe a closeup? straight-on? or a diagonal like this one? play around with your options and see what you think looks good.

  • once you’re satisfied with a photo, it’s time to edit it!

i use polarr, a desktop app you can get for free on the chrome web store. any photo editing application works though, whatever you prefer!

i usually increase the exposure and contrast, and a bit of the saturation. don’t saturate your photos too much, they’ll look too bright and unnatural.

just fiddle around until you’re satisfied!

  • tada!

now it’s time to post it! if you want your post to be noticed, tag it with #studyblr and #studyspo, and if your favorite blogs track tags, tag them too! if you tag a post with #tbwstudies, i’ll see it and probably reblog it! :)

  • a short, important psa

you can be a wonderful studyblr without jumping through so many hoops to take photos. in fact, i encourage you not to do this often. if you spend more time embellishing and photographing your notes than actually studying them, you have a problem. that’s not the purpose of the studyblr community.

i personally love taking pictures of my notes and sharing them because it encourages me to write them neatly and keep organized, and seeing them come up on my dash reminds me to get off tumblr and actually study. 

you can be part of the pretty notes section of studyblr or not, it’s all your personal choice. don’t feel pressured to have beautiful notes just because some studyblrs do. it’s their style of learning and reviewing, and if it doesn’t work for you, don’t bother.

I am very happy that lots of people liked my weird Ameripan Comics. In the beginning, I wanted to draw random Ameripan comic, but I am bad at thinking stories, so I used our real life stories since I’m Japanese and he is American.Now I draw Ameripan comics as my diary. :D

Sometime I feel bad to use Kiku to represent me, because I am such a weird person haha.

So sad the Kiku drawing in my selfie is blury, it wasnt blury when I took the photo, after I edited in those photo editing application, it became like this…orz


26/01/2015 10.10pm

What you can see above (or probably not) are three things:

A. My messy desk at home. Which means that I’m not quite honest with you, mainly because I’ve only spent about half an hour actually sitting at that desk today. Most of my day was spent at uni/in my office, mostly teaching, attending Spanish class and a talk on historiography, and writing that exposé I talked about on Saturday. 

B. My journal/diary/to do list. I’m very much into coloured post its and chronodexes right now (I’m very visual), but that might change any time. As you can see, I like to fill any blank space with observations about the day (it’s in German, so don’t be surprised if you can’t read it). I do have a planner, too, that I mainly use for appointments and expenses. Drop me a line if you want to know what it looks like :) 

C. A preliminary structure/table of contents for my PhD thesis, on that piece of scrap paper on my laptop. It’s the last bit that was still missing from my exposé, at least content-wise. I wrote all the rest in a fit of productivity this afternoon. I still need to write a full CV (as in, one as a text; I already have one as a table - for some reason, I need both), pick two reviewers (I need my adviser’s advice for this) and wait for my adviser’s statement. All in all, not bad.

As you have probably guessed, I’m very proud of myself, and very content - mostly because I managed to make up for the fact that I spent the whole day yesterday ambling around aimlessly and hanging around on tumblr. :D 


I’ve been asked how I capture my Instax shots to post. So here’s a quick rundown on how I do this. There are other ways but I like this app most for its simplicity and power, plus it’s from Google so it’s on Android and iOS.

Options include auto glare removal option (on/off - I keep it on, works GREAT) and post capture includes rotation and edge finding using your finger or stylus. And a flash, which I find blows out the image and makes glare removal difficult. So I keep it off.

The app is called Google PhotoScan. It’s use is super simple. You open the app and aim it at your photo, making sure to get the whole shot in the view window. It doesn’t have to be perfectly centered or angled, it and you are going to fix this in a bit. Once you’ve got it in view, hit the capture button.

Now, you will be presented with 4 big white round circles and usually an arrow pointing to the bottom right one with an empty circle. This is the Glare removal function. Simply just hold the camera even and move it around from circle to circle until each one has the green ring spin all the way around it and the dot vanishes, then move to the next one the arrow says.

When done, you tap in the lower right corner on the little icon that looks like your last captured image and open up an image to adjust rotation, edges etc.

When you select a corner to adjust the edges, it zooms in so you can be more precise. When done, it auto corrects for distortion.

Once done, back out (arrow in top left) and hit Save All and viola! You’ve just captured your photo with ease.

You can turn off the glare removal but I find it very powerful especially if there is glare from a lamp or shadows from your hands in the shots.

This is how I capture every single Instax photo I post here and share on Lomography. MUCH easier then scanning too. And it leaves no background which is very nice.


So, I think it’s safe to say I’m not really capable of handling this blog by myself. Most of me wants to just end it, but I know how much you guys love it so instead I will be adding 2-4 more mods onto this blog. I won’t be gone completely, I’ll still write some stuff, but I haven’t had any desire to work on this and that’s not fair to y'all.

MUST be respectful to all
MUST be disabled
MUST be willing to write primarily platonic imagines and, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, write smut.
MUST download the (free) photo editing app Aviary

APPLICATION FORM (submitted through text post):









In the past two weeks I’ve:

  • Applied to two jobs.
  • Edited and uploaded a friends engagement photos.
  • Submitted an application to a coding camp which starts in July and ends in December.
  • Started exercising again. (started eating sugar and carbs again too)
  • Successfully took (and am taking) care of two dogs, and two cats in a foreign home.
  • Began practicing guitar again.
  • Created a unique gift and card for my dad’s father’s day.
  • Made him and my mom a blueberry shortcake after cleaning their kitchen.
  • Have been journaling regularly.
  • Stopped the constant social media cycle by deleting snapchat, facebook, tumblr and instagram from my phone. (I’ve kept messenger for updates, and I redownload them weekly to post, if I feel the need to)
  • Watched literally all of Parks and Rec. (I can’t tell if I’m Leslie Knope or April or some weird combination of the two)
  • Cuddled with the pups and cats frequently and have been taking walks in nature when I can.

Use a Brown Pencil to Sketch Out Your Ideal Liner Shape

Getting perfect eyeliner can be a tricky task and once you’ve messed up one eye it can be difficult to get them even. That’s why sketching out the shape of your liner with a light pencil first can really help.

Step 1. Take a soft brown eyeliner and sketch out your desired eyeliner shape

Step 2. Allow the eyeliner to set

Step 3. Apply your gel or liquid eyeliner directly over the brown line

Step 4. Finish with a coat of mascara and you’re done!

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