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Owari no Seraph iPhone Backgrounds! - (640 x 1136)


I’ve been asked how I capture my Instax shots to post. So here’s a quick rundown on how I do this. There are other ways but I like this app most for its simplicity and power, plus it’s from Google so it’s on Android and iOS.

Options include auto glare removal option (on/off - I keep it on, works GREAT) and post capture includes rotation and edge finding using your finger or stylus. And a flash, which I find blows out the image and makes glare removal difficult. So I keep it off.

The app is called Google PhotoScan. It’s use is super simple. You open the app and aim it at your photo, making sure to get the whole shot in the view window. It doesn’t have to be perfectly centered or angled, it and you are going to fix this in a bit. Once you’ve got it in view, hit the capture button.

Now, you will be presented with 4 big white round circles and usually an arrow pointing to the bottom right one with an empty circle. This is the Glare removal function. Simply just hold the camera even and move it around from circle to circle until each one has the green ring spin all the way around it and the dot vanishes, then move to the next one the arrow says.

When done, you tap in the lower right corner on the little icon that looks like your last captured image and open up an image to adjust rotation, edges etc.

When you select a corner to adjust the edges, it zooms in so you can be more precise. When done, it auto corrects for distortion.

Once done, back out (arrow in top left) and hit Save All and viola! You’ve just captured your photo with ease.

You can turn off the glare removal but I find it very powerful especially if there is glare from a lamp or shadows from your hands in the shots.

This is how I capture every single Instax photo I post here and share on Lomography. MUCH easier then scanning too. And it leaves no background which is very nice.

Kings and Family

Made with Photo Grid (Android)


I didn’t find jungle’s picture, and I already posted this when I found out they actually have one, so sorry for those who love jungle!

Artist PSA

If you’re a traditional artist who posts your art to Tumblr by taking a photo of it, be aware that the EXIF info for the photo can contain a lot of personal information, up to/including the type of camera used to take the photo, and even the exact location the photo was taken!

Just found Tumblr doesn’t always wipe this info when I was going through my album of saved fanart on my phone. One piece of photographed art still had the address attached to it, down to the street name.

I’m not sure certain exactly to get rid of it, but I’m sure there are tools online. You can also disable location in your photos, at least on Android devices