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TURKEY. Ankara province. Ankara. December 19, 2016. An Assassination in Turkey. Gunman M. Mert Altintas gesticulates and claims revenge for Aleppo and Syria, after fatally wounding Andrei Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey. Altıntaş, a 22-year-old off-duty police officer, also wounded three other people before being killed by officers in a shootout.

Winner, World Press Photo of the Year for 2017.

Photograph: Burhan Ozbilici/AP

İnsanlar kendilerine toz kondurmazlar. Kendi dünyasını korumak isteyen bir kadın beni şaşırtıyor. Bana öyle geliyor ki kadının anlamı, kendini feda etmektir. Kadının büyüklüğü buradadır. Böyle bir kadının önünde saygı ile eğilirim. Böyle vakalar biliyorum. 

Andrey Tarkovsky

Görsel :  Viet Cong girl


Cape Schmidt sits at the northeasternmost corner of Siberia, a place that is by definition remote. But even by that measure, this former Soviet airbase is particularly desolate, a place so devoid of light and color that every photo Andrey Shapran made there appears to be black and white.

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“The idea how people after the horror of the war come back to “normal” life and create aesthetically beautiful crafts makes me think for a long time. The fact, that folk traditional crafts are made by people, who killed, who saw dead bodies or survived from famine. How these two completely different sides of life comes together is the question without answer for me. The mind blocks negative memories not to make us crazy, but to help us continue living a “normal” life - this is how evolutionary instruments work. That is why i decided to combine Belorussian traditional ornaments from the crafts made by people who have seen war (WWI or WWII) with USSR war archive photos.”

- Andrei Liankevich