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This will be similar to you and your songs lol. So I just pulled these off my desktop- let it be know all the file names are onew or smiles or both.

like look at the SMILE and floof hair. I’m here for it.

also jinki with funky hair is a lovely sight to behold ft. MORE SMILES

Who cares if that looks like a pajama top I used to own. still looking good - side note this was my phone background for the past few weeks.

this photo is called oneeeeeeeewwww on my computer… I was probably excited or something, you know…

And this is hobo looking jinki at Niagara which just warms the cockles of my heart honestly. Always reminding me of the time I saw shinee live and didn’t live to tell the tale. 

 ALSO why is the water that blue, what filter is this. I swear it isn’t that blue…. 


so here are the majority of the slides from the presentation on The Great Meme Thesis, plus some of the main survey results

DISCLAIMER: please keep in mind that this was meant to explain a 60+ page study in 5-8 minutes, so obviously, i didn’t go into detail on a lot of things here that i expanded upon in the final essay. 

it also comes off as more reductionist than the essay, because it posits these opinions as coming from “4chan” and “tumblr” as if they are monolithic entities–something i address and complicate in the essay. most of the political opinions from “4chan” came from /pol/, because /pol/ was the most interested in the subject matter of the survey (for obvious reasons.) so keep that in mind. 

4chan is not a monolith any more than tumblr is a monolith.

bonus meme slides:

(i basically couldn’t find any 4chan ted cruz memes except some early off-hand jokes about him being the zodiac killer on like /b/ and shit so i admittedly pulled that one out of my ass lbh)


(obviously “donald trump’s existence” content warning on the video–which is actually how i introduced 4chan trump memes)

semantictheory a réagi à votre photo “My thesis failed.”

I’m so sorry <3

Thanks <3 I knew I was taking risks, and expected that it might not pay off. I’m disappointed, but not entirely surprised

absquatulate a réagi à votre photo  “My thesis failed.”

Wait… did you defend a thesis? Propose one?

I submitted my Master’s thesis last month, but for some reason there was no defense (????), and the results came out two days ago. 

It’s a disappointment as much as it’s an inconvenience because it puts me in front of some very difficult choices: a) rework the existing thesis (knowing that my relationship with my current advisors is very difficult and stressful), b) find another advisor and start something new from scratch, or c) declare that 7 years in university are enough and try to find work without this degree. And I need to make my choice by the end of the week. 


‘The Duel of Fingolfin and Morgoth’ and concept art

Finally remembered to post the photos from my Senior Thesis show back in March. I wish I could provide better pictures. I never went to bed the night before the senior show cause I was still working on the painting so I had zero sleep and I guess whenever I thought I was taking a clear picture it wasn’t at all… OTL

It did not go at all the way I wanted…I didn’t have my book done in time for the show so pretty much all of my thesis work wasn’t shown in the show which really depressed me. And is the reason why I haven’t really wanted to draw Silmarillion stuff lately because i devoted so much time to it just for that to happen so its kind of scarred me. 

So I tried my best to finish my painting the best I could in time for the show. It’s not even close to being finished since first off I didn’t even get to paint Fingolfin really. Like you can see a little figure on the top but I didn’t get to develop him at all. And there’s a lot of fixes i needed to do with the lighting, and I don’t hate how the armor came out, but the design isn’t what I had in mind at all.
Whenever I’m able to pick it up from school and I feel in high enough spirits I’ll try tackling it again.

But despite my display not being what I had in mind it turned out better than I thought as far my situation went and it was really well received so I was able to have a good time that night since it wasn’t a complete disaster. 


*92/100 days of productivity*

18.4.16// new study place in company of my sista and friends. We studied in the library, at Suor Orsola Benincasa University which has a beautiful and ancient building and a fantastic garden.
I also tried to pick a mandarin but it was too unripe and tasted bitter.


September 14th, 2017

Hi everyone. How are y'all? Today was the final day of our Preliminary Exams. Hopefully I passed all of my subjects because I really study hard for it.

Today I also realized that I’m really old because I’m starting to get irritated by my classmates who were 2 or 3 years younger than me. Or maybe because it is just a bad dream but not a bad life.

Playlist for today:
📼 We Young - NCT Dream
📼 Chewing Gum - NCT Dream
📼 Cherry Bomb - NCT 127
📼 Serendipity - BTS

Photos were from thesis making. 📚


The holotype specimen of Liophidium pattoni. Yes, it really is pink in life! Usually the color red fades the fastest in preserved specimens, yet this species has retained its pink lines and tail while the yellow belly has completely faded away. No one knows whether the pink is due to a pigment or the structure of the scale and the way it reflects light. 

External image

Photo from Vieites et al. (2010)

Vieites, D.R., Ratsoavina, F.M., Randrianiaina, R.D., Nagy, Z.T., Glaw, F. & Vences, M. 2010. A rhapsody of colours from Madagascar: discovery of a remarkable new snake of the genus Liophidium and its phylogenetic relationships. Salamandra 46: 1–10.


This Monday Pratt Institute’s Photography Department Spring 2015 Thesis Exhibitions continue with exhibitions by Sarah Frohn, Lauren Wansker, TJ Elias and Hannah Solomon. Please join us for an opening reception beginning at 5pm on Monday, March 9th in our new Photography Galleries!

Opening Receptions: Mondays, 5-8pm
Public Critiques: Wednesdays, 2-4pm
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 12:30-5pm

Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Avenue, Activity Resource Center, Lower Level Photography Galleries, F-05, B-02, G train to Clinton/Washington

Congratulations to everyone!