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Lui e lei erano così. Un giorno si parlavano, quello dopo no. Erano in guerra, in guerra aperta contro lo stesso nemico, che li attaccava senza sosta e tregua col sentimento della nostalgia. Perché quando qualcuno ti manca, altre braccia non potranno mai colmare quel vuoto. E loro erano così, lontani e incazzati, con una malinconia che di notte, al buio, veniva a cercarli, per ricordargli quanto bello era stato godere di quel'abbraccio. In battaglia, uscivano spesso sconfitti, ma per nulla al mondo avrebbero rinunciato a quel contatto crudele, che oggi ti fa vivere e il giorno dopo ti spezza il respiro.
—  Noi,i ragazzi dello zoo di Berlino

Hey, remember that anti-LGBTQ hate summit where our scumbag president spoke yesterday? This is the flyer that was distributed to everyone in attendance.

Can’t make this shit up. Reblog if you, too, are a homosexual health hazard.

[Images: Two photos of a flyer advertising a book called “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality,” published by the group MassResistance. The book cover has a rainbow flag overlaid with the caduceus symbol of medicine. The book is described as “the truth about this public health crisis” and suggests that “the media give little attention to the danger of ‘gay’ and lesbian sexual practices and the resulting health problems.” More information is available at] 

putting on some lipstick before the show for a lil extra good luck! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (Viktor totally bought some expensive cosmetic brand makeup for his fav student /winks)

ayyy whatever makes a boy feel good yea

100-Year-Old Life Hacks That Are Surprisingly Useful Today

People don’t often look back on the early 1900’s for advice, but what if we could actually learn something from the Lost Generation? The New York Public Library has digitized 100 “how to do it” cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago, and the tips they give are so practical that millennials reading this might want to take notes.

Back in the day, cigarette cards were popular collectibles included in every pack, and displayed photos of celebrities, advertisements, and more. Gallaher cigarettes, a UK-founded tobacco company that was once the largest in the world, decided to print a series of helpful how-to’s on their cards, which ranged from mundane tasks (boiling potatoes) to unlikely scenarios (stopping a runaway horse). Most of them are insanely clever, though, like how to make a fire extinguisher at home. Who even knew you could do that?

The entire set of life hacks is now part of the NYPL’s George Arents Collection. Check out some of the cleverest ones we could find below. You never know when you’ll have to clean real lace!






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