wow i meant to update more than like 1 post a year, maybe 2 if you’re lucky, but haha nope im a procrastinating piece of-

anyways I was cc hunting and I found these two cute sweaters! I love both of them so much! I even made a little palette (that works a lot better than my last palette (’σωσ)) that I intend to use a lot more!

Cropped Mid-Sleeve Sweater

Slightly Baggy Sweater

wow haha i’ll see if i can try uploading more frequently. don’t bet on anything tho, i am p lazy and a huge procrastinator  (’σωσ)


Woo, first post on here! Wanted to start off with something really cute, so here’s some recolors of GreenApple18r’s Dolce & Gabbana Bikini!

I tried to color it using a palette i created in like 5 minutes, but i don’t think I’m gonna use that palette again ‘ovo) Plus, didn’t remove the polka-dots because I thought it’d mess with the shading. Well, recoloring it messed with the shading anyways so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ might redo this in the future with different colors and make some solid versions



CC used:

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