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So I’m browsing on Kickstarter and I find this

From the looks of it, it’s like secret worlds or something.

So far it has 150,000$ donated on kickstarter, holy hell. This looks nice even just for combat demo.

Ninja edit

Here’s the Kick starter link


Project Awakened Abilities/Combat Demo
Project Awakened Kickstarter

Gonna be spamming a bit of Project Awakened stuff for a bit; sorry.

Seriously, this game NEEDS to happen. I mean, it’s a game where you have:

  • Free reign to make your very own character
  • Choose your own abilities/Create your own playing style
  • Mess around with them in a world you feel comfortable in

To some people that may not be that great, but balls to them they don’t have to play it. C'mon guys, look at those stretch goals! More abilities, multiplayer, mod-support!

If Homestuck The Game can get almost $2.5 Million Dollars of support, this should be able to as well!

It currently has about $150000 in support, but it needs $500000 by March 6 or it ain’t happening. So, if you want to see this game made real, just pledge a little bit to their kickstarter! They’ve got some sweet rewards there too if you’re into that.

So please guys, just go donate a dollar or two to their kickstarters; give this thing a chance.