Whenever something that you think you want does not unfold, it is for one of two reasons: Either your habit of vibration, your belief, your dominant vibration that you are offering relative to the subject, doesn’t match what you think your desire is, or, you and your desire are a perfect match, and this thing you think you want just doesn’t match, and so the Universe doesn’t deliver it.
—  Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop: Chicago, IL on November 01, 1998

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It’s simple. Life is messy. Your dreams are real. Only you have to believe it. Excuses are non. You’re always taken care of. Your thoughts create your life. What’s happening to others has nothing to do with you. The future is not the past. Fear is an illusion. True love comes from within. The time is now. What are you waiting for?
—  Jackson Kiddard

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Human beings often endure great suffering and sacrifice before the achievement of a big goal, or a happy ending.

This is what makes the victory so sweet.

When there is a span of turmoil to compare it to, a positive outcome is that much sweeter.

Always remind yourself of this…

You may be going through a rough stretch, but in actuality you may be well ahead of the pack.
Meeting the goal is near, even if it doesn’t seem that way in the right now. Reward is coming.