pho puns with @roooooodelio @pdisosaki while eating pho #phopuns #sostinkyourphot #phoreal #ohyousophonny #thisisstupid

I love Ashley.

It’s important to have friends that turn ordinary moments into adventures.

People like that are extremely rare to come by but when you find them, they illuminate your life.

Today we drove 45 minutes out and stumbled upon Poe Springs, a beautiful (albeit freezing) body of water to shoot for her personal project highlighting growth in nature.

We braved the murky waters in search of the perfect shot, immersing ourselves in the temperature with nothing but a sheer white dress and a bathing suit on.

To combat the cold we shared a sushi roll and a bowl of steaming hot chicken pho afterwards as the sun set before our eyes.

Sundays, man.