Does anyone remember me stating the Phonz actually has a mouth and pupils? No? Good! cause I never did

But he actually does have a mouth and pupils, he just hides them when he;s performing to keep the image up. 

He has similar eyes to @between-divine-points Phoebeat, but they have no relation besides their rivalry, and the fact that Phoebeat just shows up at Phonz house on a random basis to bug him.



I haven’t made a new character in a while, so I decided to make a new ‘sona. I’ve had this one on my mind for a while, a techno based persona that used the little ball things for a multitude of items. I decided on the name Phonz, half because of his headphones, and half because I like the name Alphonse.

So yeah, here he is in all his little glory.

After a bit of a hiatus, I am back with a new oc! she’s the ghosty/misty lady friend of Phonz, whom we can see up in the corner busy working on his next project. She like to bug him when he’s working, and more than often removes is head from its hovering place above his body, and just reminds him that she’s there, usually with a small mist kiss as they call it.

Her name? Gillian

Just…. just because

Hey! Wow! I actually finished coloring something! with pretty decent lineart too! I wanted to give phonz another casual outfit for going out and gave him this. Hopefully now I can finish that other picture that I started a while ago

“Can you walk like a normal person, please?”

“Pfft, nah”

“Babe, please”

“Walkin’s for scrubs”

Grocery shopping with these two is basically just this, Gillian pestering Phonz if she can buy candy and snack, and Phonz  trying to get the two not kicked out of the store. Their relationship is very loving though.

Whenever Phonz gets ‘in the zone’ as it were, a sort of halo appears above his headphones, amplifying his sound. If he gets really into it, his music can be heard from up to thirty miles away. Much to the chagrin of many.

I’m gonna try to color this, if line arting the thing doesn’t kill me.