Artist Proof: EricBroers aka Phoneticontrol and I have actually been friends for sometime now. He’s an urban contemporary artist originally from Chicago, who moved to San Francisco in 2006.

Artsprojekt: What inspires your art?

Phoneticontrol: Been watching a lot of old sci-fi lately, Ice Pirates, Tron and the like. Saw a doc on Beautiful Losers and Kieth Haring, that really got the creative juices flowing. Seeing my friends paintings and approaches is inspiring as well.  People like Martin Hsu, Josh Ellingson, 14Bolt, Jay Ryan, Daniel Goffin, Ganyan, Alice Koswara and Robert Hardgrave.

AP: What is the relationship between technique and content in your work?

Pho: My technique has been there as long as I can remember. I built layers on it over time, things evolved naturally. They work hand in hand. The technique supports the content.

AP: Describe your most recent experience of making art.

Pho: Alice and I completed our piece for The Ritter Art House Project in Marin. It’s a public project that raises awareness of pressures faced by homeless and low-income families during the economic downturn. For the exhibition we painted a 4ft by 3 ½ ft house. We had two weeks to finish the piece including the varnishing.  The project was done with the house constructed in our living room. That forced us to contort into tons of weird yoga positions to complete the details. While we were painting it, we learned a lot about integrating our painting styles.  We really enjoyed the process and are looking for more public art projects in the future. Plus it is for a good cause.

AP: Take us on a guided tour through a day in your life as an artist

Pho: Right now I am painting for upcoming exhibitions in So-Cal, NYC, Germany and a couple here in SF.  Working  on designs for shirts coming to some hangers near you. Alice Koswara and I are collaborating as PHOKOS for exhibits in the future. Check out our blog for weekly updates I gotta say, it is a lot of fun working with my wife on paintings.

My “Thought Processor” World Tour is in full swing. At the moment it is on its 4th stop in Seattle. The 5th will be at Myplasticheart in NYC this May. The tour showcases local artists in each city at a local gallery curated by myself. Each selected artist creates their own design on my Thought Processor paper template and a painting to compliment  the resulting collaboration. During the exhibit the series of colorways are available for free download at

You can check out Phoneticontrol’s Artsprojekt Store here