phones sheridan

Can you imagine Delenn discovering memes?

She would be so delighted by them and try to explain them to Londo. Like.

“Why is there a picture of an Earth president on a gastropod?”

“It’s snutin. Snail Putin. See, it’s a variation of an idea changing words with a snail version.”


“And there’s a song called ‘Take me to Chruch’ and it changes to ‘Take me to Snurch.’…”

“Great maker, I need a drink.”

She would break Sheridan’s phone with the worst inappropriate audition memes. And Doge. She would try to create “Earth gothic” and it wouldn’t even make sense.

He looks at his phone during an important meeting and the first thing he sees is “Snondo. Snail Londo.” with a terribly photoshopped picture.