Bits of news from the Project Ara team

By Giulio Minotti, Phonebloks

During the last days, the official Twitter Project Ara account continues to be very active. 

The team has shown the new logo and announced several bits of news. Project Ara will no longer use electropermanent magnets (EPM) to keep the modules attached to the endoskeleton. 

An electropermanent magnet can be switched on and off electrically and it doesn’t require power to remain magnetized. 

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You should Watch This!!!


Have you heard of Phoneblok? 


Brilliant idea worth sharing; phones made to support a waste reducing system and designed to fight planned obsolescence!

When I got my first iPhone, I was like “This phone is forever! Brilliant! Creative! Outstanding! Ahhhh! ”. And then the never-ending upgrades came, making my new phone obsolete each and every year. Well if you feel the same way I have great news for you, a good man gives us a scintillating solution-Phonebloks!

Phonebloks is a concept for a longer-lasting, customizable, modular smartphone created by Dave Hakkens. The phone is composed of different and separate components that can be “clicked” together. Each components called “bloks” has its own function like Bluetooth, WiFi, battery, display, processor and speaker.

When one of these components does not work, replace it with a new one. Need a fast connector? Change the USB port blok to a Lightning one. Style? There is a gold blok too. The limit is endless its customizable!

Each blok is held together by a board. It is secured by two small screws that makes swapping of bloks easy. Components can be bought or sold on an online hardware store called, Blokstore.

This idea will revolutionize smartphone industry and reduce electronic waste, “the fastest growing waste” in the world.

After hearing the idea, my first question was, OS. Operating System or OS, is a big selling point of a product. The interface photo from the media kit was not impressive but, this is all just an idea after all. If the phone materialize what OS would it run?

Getting giddy to have this phone? Well hold your horses, it’s still an idea. We need your voice to show the world there is a need for this phone. Join their Thunderclap and let’s start a revolution!

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All images from media kit courtesy of Dave Hakkens

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This is AMAZING!


A lego phone which is right to suite me. 



Phonebloks is made of a user chosen amount of detachable ‘bloks’. The bloks are connected to the base which locks everything together into a solid phone. If a blok breaks or has become out of date, you just can easily replace it!

Now, i’m not sure why this hasn’t been a thing on Tumblr yet, because this is REALLY cool and could really do some good for the environment by cutting down on electronic waste! A phone only lasts a couple of years before it breaks or becomes obsolete, and because of this there’s A LOT of electronic waste going on. This could be a part of the solution :)



Yes! Please!

Some News On Project Ara

by Tomas Halberstad, Phonebloks

After a few months of information hiatus, coincidentally coinciding with a management shift with project lead Paul Eremenko leaving the project, Project Ara has taken to Twitter to shed some light on how they will move forward, because move forward they will! 

There was nothing too specific. Project Ara are holding their cards pretty close to their chest for this one. Though, we’ve learnt a few things.

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Even if everyone on Youtube is some sort of mechanical/electrical engineering genius and seems to think this will never work, I think that this idea is one that should be shared and spread around! With the right minds, I think it could be within our grasp!



Guys. Listen the fuck up, because this shit is fantastic. Do you see this? This is called the PhoneBlok, and it is the most badass mother fucker that has ever mother fucked in the world of mother fucking phones. 

The concept of it is basically a lego phone. “Lego phone?” You say? “Can I build Hogwarts Castle with it? Or the Death Star?” No, shut the fuck up and hold onto your nipples because this shit is about to get intense. The number one reason people get rid of their cellphones is to get an upgrade, and usually that upgrade is better in only one department. The processor. The screen quality. The camera. The storage. This generates a FUCK TON of electronic waste every year a new version comes out, for something that’s totally small but inaccessible to the phone’s owner for repair or upgrade. 

PhoneBlok is the SHIT. It takes the problem that people have with phones and instead of saying “here, throw out your ENTIRE PHONE to get a better one fucking thing” it literally allows you to REMOVE THE PART THAT YOU WANT TO UPGRADE TO REPLACE IT WITH AN UPDATED VERSION. 

That’s not all. Want a new phone for the awesome battery life but don’t give two shits about the camera? Gonna go to Apple or Samsung or Blackberry for it? HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE BRO because the PhoneBlok allows you to COMPLETELY REMOVE THE CAMERA ON YOUR PHONE TO REPLACE IT WITH A LARGER BATTERY. That’s not all, you can get less battery for more processing power, get a smaller processor for a bigger camera, get a smaller camera for a bigger speaker, get a smaller speaker for bigger storage, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE FUCKING ENDLESS DO YOU UNDERSTAND.

And these parts aren’t made by some fucktruck sitting in his basement reusing wires from 1994, you can CHOOSE where you want your parts to be from, and I’m talking like, Bose, Phillips, shit like that, names you’ve HEARD AND ARE FAMILIAR WITH ISN’T THAT FANTASTIC?


According to 2.37 million short TONS of electronic waste is generated EVERY. YEAR. Is it all because of cell phones? No of course not shut the fuck up let me finish hold on. Don’t support this just because it’s a phone, the concept of being able to replace certain parts yourself instead of having to buy a whole new electronic thing is a technology that this world NEEDS. It can start with phones but it can spread to other stuff! That’s how progress begins. HELP THE WORLD. HELP TECHNOLOGY. IT’S OUR FRIEND. DO IT NOW, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE, DON’T BE THE REASON WE FALL BACK INTO THE DARK AGES, DO IT, DO IT NOW


The fact that I’m even sharing this show everyone of you just how much of a technology geek I really am.  That said, I came across this very theoretical and conceptual video on a possible platform for mobile technology that could last a lot longer than 1 or 2 years.

+Phonebloks is such a platform.  There are already rebuttal video’s voicing how this concept will never work or at least not in the near future, But I the possibilities of the concept intriguing enough to share with you.

Check it out and tell me what you think.


Interesting concept from Phonebloks, but I don’t understand how 4 pins could keep a “blok” so securely in place.