Most Ardently

Anonymous Request: Can you do a Sam x reader where reader is hit by a spell forcing her to talk in Shakespearean language and revealing her feelings for him? 

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: dean’s a butt, lots of cute silliness :-)

A/N: I added in translations in parentheses where I thought it’d be helpful! enjoy!

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“Y/N, behind you!” Sam yelled, startling you as you whirled around to face the witch.

She was less than two feet from you, and you took a step forward to stab her in the chest when she surprised you by blowing some sort of dust straight into your face.

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The Best Medicine

I somehow got incredibly sick overnight, and I’m feeling like absolute crap. So I decided to write this short one-shot with sick!Gabriel and caring!Sam. 

Tagging @mischiefsmessenger because I promised them a long time ago that I would write them some Sabriel fluff, and I am just now delivering! Hope you enjoy!

Gabriel groaned as his pulse throbbed between his temples, sending a dulled ache of pressure throughout his head. He blinked at the bathroom ceiling, swallowing cautiously as he took in the cracks within the beige plaster, the thin abstract line blurring in his vision. 

He swallowed stiffly and winced with a pained grunt; it felt as though there was a thick, burning obstruction in his throat, making swallowing an agony. On top of that and the whirling headache, his body was uncomfortably warm, making him sweat through his clothes and giving him the chills, and his sinuses were congested but still leaking a nasty stream of mucus.

“Fuckin’ perfect,” he rasped. 

Sniffing wetly, Gabriel reached for the tissue box on the floor next to him, which was just about empty by now. He blew his nose, gasping for breath afterward past his fiery throat and clogged nose, and he halfheartedly tossed the soiled tissue in the general vicinity of the wastebasket. 

Soft, padded footsteps sounded outside the closed bathroom door, and then a tentative knock echoed throughout the tiny space.

“Gabe?” Sam’s muffled voice came from the other side of the door. “You okay?”

“Ugh, don’t come in,” Gabriel groaned, turning his head to rest his temple against the cool tile. “’M gross, ‘n nasty. Y’won’ wanna kiss me ever again.”

Sam made a confused noise before the doorknob rattled. The door open slowly, revealing Sam’s concern expression glancing around the bathroom before dropping down to Gabriel’s body on the floor. Sam’s worry turned into light bewilderment, and he cocked his head to the side.

“Why are you on the floor?” Sam asked. “Feeling alright?”

“No, actually,” Gabriel croaked. He gingerly cleared his throat, flinching at the flash of pain it caused in his head and throat, and continued, “I feel like shit. Woke up… ‘round three this mornin’. Couldn’t get back to sleep so… The bathroom floor just feels so nice.” 

Sam smiled gently down at his boyfriend, opening the door a little wider and stepping inside. “Wouldn’t you rather be in bed?”

“No, no, it’s so nice here. Feels good,” Gabriel breathed, closing his eyes. “I love you, Sam, but… you’re a fuckin’ furnace.”

Sam chuckled. “Do you need me to get you something then? Medicine, tea, a washcloth?”

“Noooo,” Gabriel drew out, nuzzling the floor. “I already took somethin’. Right now, ‘M just… ‘M so tired.”

“Okay,” Sam murmured. 

Gabriel heard Sam approaching, and then a small wisp of air and an adjusting grunt as Sam dropped down beside him. Gabriel forced his eyes to open, frowning up at his boyfriend. Sam smiled down at him, leaning back against the bathroom wall.

“What ‘r y’doing?” Gabriel whispered.

“Making sure my boyfriend’s okay, what does it look like?” Sam answered, sliding his fingers into Gabriel’s sweaty fringe. 

Despite the warmth of Sam’s hand, Gabriel’s eyes fluttered shut in bliss and he groaned in pleasure, leaning into Sam’s touch. Gabriel chuckled thickly, his lips tugging into a loose grin as he reopened his eyes, staring up at Sam. 

“Worrywart,” Gabriel sighed fondly. 

Sam grinned back and leaned down, pressing a kiss to Gabriel’s lips. Gabriel, despite the flutter in his heart from the loving action, groaned and turned his head away.

“Babe, seriously,” Gabriel said, “you’re gonna get sick.”

“Mm, then I get sick,” Sam shrugged with an affectionate smile. “I’ve been meaning to take a day off anyway. And if I do get sick, that means we can spend all day in bed together.”

“Just not in the way we’d normally spend a day in bed together,” Gabriel replied, weakly waggling his brows up at Sam.

“We’re long overdue for a proper cuddle session.”

Gabriel’s chest convulsed with a strained laugh, and even though the action resulted in further pain, Gabriel couldn’t help but grin. He slowly reached up, tapping Sam’s nose with his forefinger. “Girl.”

Sam just smiled wider.

Christmas Drabble #6

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Request: Can I get 12, 16 and 18 for Sam?

Pairing: Sam x rader

12- “How much did you spend on this?!”
16- “No, no, no, get away from those presents!”

18-“The Santa hat is supposed to go on your head; you know that, right?”

“Sam!” you giggled as he pulled the Santa hat on your head and down over your face as you fell on the bed together.

“The Santa hat is supposed to go on your head. You know that right?” he said, taking the opportunity to tickle you as you reached up to remove it. “Why would you want to cover up that adorable face? Unless…”

You felt a reprieve come when Sam moved away but his hands on yours kept you from pulling hat away, leaving you blind.

“Don’t move that, okay?” he said, hearing you hum but rightfully not trusting you yet. “Y/N…”

“I promise,” you said, letting your hands fall to your sides, Sam shifting off the bed. “No, no, no, get away from those presents! I told you not to peak in the closet.”

“I’m not doing anything,” he said, despite the fact your head him open and close something nearby. “I got you something but I can’t wait to give it to you.”

“Is it a puppy?” you asked, hearing Sam scoff.

“No, but I think you’ll like it. Hold out your hands,” he said. You did as asked and held them out, palms up. But Sam only touched one, only spread apart a few fingers as he slid something cool and metal on your ring finger.

“Yes,” you said, sitting up and ripping the hat off your face, a huge smile on both your faces. “Yes, yes, yes…How much did you spend on this?! This is way too nice, Sam.”

“I wanted you to have something nice. You’re always worth it,” he said, watching as you tried to figure out to hug or kiss him or both. Thankfully Sam decided for you, giving you both as you sank into it, holding on tight.

“So are you, Sam,” you said when he pulled back. “So are you.”

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Fluff (is that even a warning?), a bit of angst if you squint, 

Submission #2 for Christmas Challenge by @averymerryspnxmas . Teaming up with @potato-that-needs-therapy

Prompt: Day 8 (I think?) : Christmas tree (Okay I like to be early, so what)

Word count: 1000-ish

Summary: Drabble about how perfect little ol’ Sammy is

A/N: I was getting Sammy feels. Enjoy le me going on and on about how awesome he is (Totally not boring I guarantee it) 

It was everything about him. The way he moved, the way he spoke, the way he looked, the way he acted. His attitude and looks, his gentleness yet roughness, his kindness and the way you knew that no matter how sweet and good he looked he was equally threatening and able to snap your neck with a snap of his fingers

Standing there with the Christmas lights repeatedly flashing colors on every inch of his body was Sam. He stared at the work you both had done on the Christmas tree.

You had managed to convince both Winchesters to celebrate Christmas, even if that meant crappy Chinese takeout, since none of you knew how to properly cook, brandy drenched eggnog and a movie or a sports game in Sam’s room, since it was the only one with a TV. But Sam decided that “if we do this we should do it right.” So he went out and found a small Christmas tree and ornaments, decorating it with your help.

Right now he was captivated by the beauty of Christmas. He hadn’t celebrated for so fucking long, he really needed this. You, however… You were captivated by something else. By him

Your eyes trailed up his long strong legs to his arms. Arms that had hugged you, comforted you, saved you, protected you more times than you cared to count. His muscles were taut and rippling, the dark red colored checkered flannel he was wearing barely able to contain them.  

Then his neck. The vain that popped up when he was in pain or angry. The strain and the pull and the way his perfectly shaped and squared shoulders supported his head.

His lips. The small moments when he’d flirt with you where the tip of his tongue would barely peek out of them to lick the bottom one and draw it between his bright white teeth, knowing you couldn’t stop staring at it.Or the way the corners slightly tilted upwards in a small smile every time he looked at you, making you smile back. Or when he’d grin because of a crappy joke, making the whole room just a tad bit brighter.

At last it was his eyes. Oh his eyes. Even after so many years living and hunting with the boys, you couldn’t decide what color they were. You could write series of books describing them. Sometimes they were green with specks of brown and just a tiny bit of blue, like a colorful field of flowers and lawn clippings. 

Other times they were a full fledged bright forest green. That of grass and spring-time pine and cacti. Some other times they turned a light milk chocolate brown mixed with splotches of green.

They were warm and comforting and sincere in such a beautiful way, reflecting his moods so perfectly. Turning hard when he was angry and soft when he was happy. Sometimes when he looked at you he’d be faintly smiling, the corners of his lips just barely tipping upwards. When he laughed or grinned the corners would crinkle and they themselves would just brighten somehow and God you just couldn’t resist him.

He was such a beautiful soul. He was more than just a best friend, more than a person close to you. He was family—no he was even more than that if that was even possible. You wish you had the words to describe how much he meant to you. How much his smiles and looks and words affected you.  

You didn’t like tags. You didn’t like placing people in categories and boxes. But saying you were in love with him was probably the most accurate and correct statement you could’ve ever formed in your mind.

“This is awesome!” His tone was laced with a hint of excitement. You couldn’t help but softly smile

“Yeah. Yeah, it is” You agreed quietly. Your eyes weren’t on the tree though. No, they were on Sam. On his eyes and his smile and you let your heart and mind sink in the pit of feelings you had developed for him over the years

Sam’s eyes turned to you with a huge smile on his lips. He looked so happy and giddy about everything.

That was it. You couldn’t do it anymore. You wouldn’t stand there, watching from afar. You wouldn’t cower. This moment couldn’t have been more perfect even if you tried, so you took your chance.  

You pushed yourself off the table and walked to him slowly. You stood in front of him, his height obviously towering over you.

Sam’s eyes locked on yours, his smile faltering just a tiny bit, realizing what was about to happen.

You gave him a bit of time to pull away before you placed your hands on his chest. You took a tiny step to be as close to him as possible. His left hand rested on your cheek and sank in your hair as you pressed your forehead to his. He ghosted his lips over yours, barely brushing past them

You held his gaze before shutting your eyes and closing the gap between you firmly.

And God were you in heaven

The light push of his glistening lips against yours and the fire that started burning inside you warming you up to the deepest parts of your body and making you tingly from head to toe made you feel more alive than ever. His nose crinkled and nudged against your own and your cheek. When Sam tried to pull you even closer you wrapped your arms around his neck, closing any remaining gap that there was between you two.

When you pulled away you rested your forehead on his, breathing heavily.

“I can’t explain how long I waited for that to happen” He whispered and you both grinned, losing yourself in each other once again.


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I stood in the garden in the dead of night and gazed upon the sky

The stars fell in a sparkling shower and like diamonds lay at my feet

The mirror of the moon then shattered sending shards cascading down

The black velvet mantle of the sky then dropped in a curtain fall

The Earth herself crumbled from under my feet

I floated in a timeless nothingness for how long I do not know

Then as a candle flame my I went out and all that remained was God

Weird Taboos

by Saṃsāran

So you’re in your room and you decide to pleasure yourself. You are in the middle of it and your kid brother walks in. You are so embarrassed! 

But why?

Sex is the most natural thing in the world. Yet, it is something we do in private. My wife would even kick the dog out of the room before we made love. Now, here is the weird thing. Not every culture has this taboo. In some tribal cultures, everybody lives in one big space. Couples are having sex all the time and they have no privacy and nobody seems to mind. Northern European people once lived in communal longhouses just like this. 

In the Amazon, there are tribes where families all live together and sex goes on all the time. Women and men are very nearly naked all the time. Yet the sight of a woman eating, to a man, is considered taboo and a man would be scandalized if his wife ate in front of the men of the village. Menstruation is another one. In many cultures, women are sequestered in a special hut during their menses. The idea that a person could bleed for days just plain freaked the men out. I remember my politically incorrect Dad saying they should bring that custom back. Apparently, my 5′2″ mother scared the hell out of him during her time.

In Japan, women cover their mouths when they laugh. Yet men and women will bathe together with no concern over nudity. In ancient Rome there were long rows of toilet seats for public use with no partitions, no stalls and men and women used them at the same time.  I guess what I am saying here is a thing is taboo because we all agree that it is. It seems like most taboos center around some bodily function which we like to keep private. Eating, sex, going to the bathroom or, like in many Native American tribes, seeing your mother-in-law are all forbidden somewhere.

We humans are strange critters.