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So here is mine. T.O.P, aka Sexy Choi Seunghyun, aka perfection, aka ultimate bias of all bias *heart eyes* I’ve been missing his blue hair lately, so I just had to use it as a wallpaper, that way I can gush over him :)))) Bring back the blue hair!!

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So in other news my headcanon about Papyrus not sleeping is actually confirmed in canon

As is my headcanon that the reason he doesn’t sleep is because he doesn’t want to lose time being productive

So…that’s pretty cool

Also, I hope it’s okay to tag @papyrus-knows in this? I know this blog hasn’t interacted with you but I follow you on my main and I feel like if you haven’t seen this it might be interesting to you?


Shane slid carefully into the seat beside Alex at the bar. It had been days since he saw Alex or Kate. He looked over Alex; his eyes were red and he already looked trashed.

“You’re here early,” Shane muttered as Gus handed him a beer.

“Been here all day,” Alex said.

“Are we turning to alcoholism to avoid our problems?”

“You’re the expert.”

“I think you’ve surpassed my alcoholism.”

“What do you want, Shane?”

Shane hesitated. “Nothing. Just making small talk.”

“You’re watching me.”


Alex turned to Shane, glaring at him. “You’re watching me,” he repeated. “Making sure I don’t fuck up.”

“I thought we moved passed this,” Shane mumbled.

Alex finished his beer. “I need to know you’ll take care of them.”


“If it comes down to it.”


“Just take me out into the woods and shoot me.”

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Home and lockscreen. TBH, I really need to change these, any suggestions?
(I’ve got this super cool picture of seungri saved that I think I’m going to use next)
Anyways, we’ve got little Bitty and an Oliver Hampton drawing that my sister found and sent to me. ;)
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phone wallpaper types

Type 1: their phone background is of themselves

Type 2: their phone background is of their significant other

Type 3: their phone background is of themselves and their partner; a couple

Type 4: their phone background is of a couple, usually fanart of an otp or a show couple

Type 5: their phone background is of their favourite character

Type 6: their phone background is some really fancy art or quirky/minimalistic kind of thing

Type 7: their phone background is of their pet

Type 8: their phone background is of their family or friends

Type 9: their phone background is one of those stupid shitty backgrounds that are already part of the phone and they never bothered to change it 

Phone Tag
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  • 4-way V-Day split

“Phone Tag” | Modern Baseball

don’t call me now
I am in bed
I’ve sacrificed all chances for street cred
as a result of sticking near
the same bedtime for 13 years

but you know this;
I said it before
there’s a lot of things I said before
lots of things you kind of ignored
you brushed it off
you always brushed it off

Really quick doodle of a really pretty boy 🍧♡