After Harley’s imprisonment: 

Incoming new messages

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Where are you

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Did you broke out of Arkham all by yourself? Daddy’s so proud of his baby

xoxoPuddin:)<3: You know he HAD to crash the car. Bats was on our tail. Come home and I’ll make it up to you ok

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Harley you know I don’t like to play this game

xoxoPuddin:)<3: WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU

xoxoPuddin:)<3: I’m sorry honey. Daddy didn’t mean to yell he’s just worried

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Where did they take you?

xoxoPuddin:)<3: These people think it’s funny to take you away from me. I’ll give them something to laugh about. I’ll do it for you Harley-girl

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Hang tight Harley. I’m coming to get you

Your last message was not sent because the device is turned off.


I never got to take a photo of all the cool squid stuff i got at otakon cause my phone was destroyed so heres a photo of all of it rip my soul