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Shadow struggling to understand how a phone works so he just refuses to use one and insists on his communicator being just fine because why would he need to Snapchat or Instagram.

Literally!! and Rouge trying to show him, he’s peering in while she asks him to pick a filter for her Instagram post and she can’t help but laugh sympathetically as he’s slowly and carefully flipping through them, touching the screen so, so gently as if it will break under the touch of his fingertips. 

Sonic laying in the grass after a race, pulling out his phone and shoving it in Shadow’s face. He starts recording, very quickly recapping their race. Shadow scoots a little closer, curious. Sonic teaches him about snapchat and attempts to make him get one, saying how he can show their friends the cool stuff he sees out on missions. Shadow declines, saying that he doesn’t have time to take pictures while he’s on missions though thats only a half truth, the main reason is because he doesn’t have a phone to download it on.

His friends are a little dissapointed that their already loner friend is just that little bit more distant until they realise how great it is that he can’t monitor what they’re doing. That he can’t see when Sonic uploads a snap of them both smiling after one of their races to his story, that he can’t see all the candid shots Rouge has of him on her instagram, that he can’t see that his friends have uploaded enough pictures and videos of him to fill up an account of his own. 

Though in years to come when he is the only one left, he couldn’t be more thankful that his friends cared enough document their time together and that he actually has pictures of himself happy and entire folders of his friends lives documented frame by frame.