Things to know as a BTS fan

- You will be a cypher whore

- Namjoon’s hair may never be black again

- Same with Suga

- Support group nights fall on Tuesday, bring food

- They must always tell you they have fire

- The hustle life has chosen them, not the other way around

- Suga is not the maknae even though he totally has a baby face

- Jimin is perfect without muscles, just as he is with them

- V is one with nature and all animals in it

- Jimin and Suga are the same height

- Jin’s shoulders

- J-Hope’s smile

- Jin and J-Hope’s everything tbh

- There are rabbits on the moon

- Rap Mon will beat that pussy like you never ever felt before

- Suga’s legs are better than any female idol’s

- J-Hope will always be your bias

- Jungkook sleeps wherever

- That or he’s vacuuming up flies at night

- J-Hope knows members down to how they sound when they sigh

- Poor Jin always gets hit while the kids get crazy

- Jimin can get those high notes hell yeah

- They do read your tweets.

- They are all fanboys of each other and literally every other group in the industry

- They can probably recite Eyes, Nose, Lips backwards while jumping up and down

- Suga is the main vocal of the group

- Jin is the lead dancer

- V is the best rapper they have

- Bangtan Boys debuted June 13th, 2013 with No More Dream


It was early morning and the empty bed had gotten to him again. Already having a drink and a couple of cigarettes he simply had to Echo Angel. She had yet to know he had even gotten a voice. And of course his mischievous nature got the better of him using Jack’s voice instead of the other that Gaige had installed.

>>“Angel you up yet? I wanted to talk to you.”

Thankful the voice couldn’t reflect the humor he felt as he contacted her. Choosing to even block the emotion through their link. He simply couldn’t help himself to confuse the hell out of her.