AHHH I couldn’t help but impulsively draw them in kigus when they revealed their favourite animals💖 ;0///; Theyresuchcutiedorks 

I’ll be selling limited stock at San Japan, and I’ll be putting the rest up online later when I get back~! :”D

jungkook: you still havent posted on twitter. its my birthday already :(

jimin: im still scanning through my gallery

jungkook: you cant find a nice photo of me?

jimin: i have like alot of photos of you but i wanna post something where there’s two of us

jungkook: okay lemme help you

jikook: *scans thru phone*

jikook: *sees a photo of them kissing* nope, cant post this

jikook: *sees a photo of them hugging* not this one too

jikook: *sees a photo of them having sex* definitely NOT THIS ONE

jimin: i give up

Now, I know there’s only one question on your mind: Did Sebastian Stan really grow that iconic Jeff Gillooly-level mustache for this role?

Well, get ready for the journey of a lifetime. I spoke with Stan the morning after I, Tonya premiered at TIFF, and it basically turned into a cold case file. As soon as I brought it up, Stan said quietly, “Ahh, the mustache.” He smiled. “The mustache may or may not be mine. I’ll tell you this,” he continued, and then paused, choosing his words carefully. “I had a mustache for the audition. I had a mustache for…here, I’ll show you a photo.”

He grabbed his phone and pulled up a selfie in which he was in his Jeff Giloolly costume making a funny face — and he had a mustache that was definitely his and looked a lot like the one he had in the movie. BUT WHO CAN BE SURE? "I had a mustache for some of the time filming in Atlanta, which proved to be interesting,“ he said cryptically, like a very wise but mischievous wizard with a secret. "We had to alter it at times because of the fact that [Jeff] ages [in the film], but yeah, I did for as long as I could.”

That phrasing “I did for as long as I could” coupled with the mustache phone photo, does make it seem like the mustache is his. Or maybe he gave them, like, a base mustache and then the makeup artists added onto it? REVEAL YOUR SECRETS, WIZARD. "I’m just gonna let people make their own decisions,“ he said of The Mustache. "They should figure it out, you know?”

The one and only thing we know for sure is that Jeff Giloolly himself officially approved of the ‘stache. “I posted one time when I was on set, and [Jeff Giloolly] wrote to me and he said, 'You might have actually made that mustache look cool for once,’” Stan said.