do you ever think that maybe when you pull out your cell phone ghosts from other eras get real interested and just stare at you as you text people, or watch you use your laptop

or sighs wistfully as you shower like ‘frick I wish we’d had THOSE dang’

gets jealous as you make your coffee, awkwardly tries to figure out your video games when you’ve left the house

turns on your sink and just watches the taps run and drives your water bill through the freakin roof

idk man ghosts

You’re No Brother Of Mine.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Sorry. Anon requested- Hey! I was wondering if you could write an imagine with this scenario, when Dean went to hell Sam went nuts ofc so he dropped their little sister (15/16 yo) in Bobby’s place and when Dean gets back he is pissed w Sam for what he did to you. You are also pissed and very upset w him, so one day he asks you what’s the matter and you explode and tell him how painful it was to be left by him and everything. I know it’s very specific but I would rlly aprecciate if you do it, can you also put fluffy?

Warnings- swearing, mentions of depression, also Sam’s kinda a dick for the first couple of paragraphs but he was high on the demon blood so that explains it.

A/N- I’ve kind of been stuck in a slump for the past week, so writing has been difficult for me but i’m feeling a bit better so i’m ready to write again!


Four months, it had been four months since Dean died, four months since Sam left you. You still didn’t understand why he left, at first you didn’t mind, you knew he needed his space after all he did witness his brother getting torn to shreds by a Hell hound. 

After a week of you staying at Bobby’s you became curious, you had rung and texted Sam numerous times but he never answered, your phone would always go to voice mail or it would just ring non-stop. After a month of silence you decided to try and track him, you tried to keep it a secret from Bobby, he thought you and Sam talked everyday, that’s what you told him. 

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Can you list some of Harry's flaws?

He’s a flake. He knows he’s a flake and he doesn’t care. If you don’t like it, don’t make plans with him.

Along those lines: even though he’s ALWAYS on the phone, he’ll ghost your ass for days unless you call him out and demand he respond to your messages.

He’s been babied all his life, so he pouts a bit when others don’t immediately fall into the roll of appeasing him and his (oftentimes ridiculous) antics.

He can snap at you when he’s tired or busy or frustrated or any combination thereof. He’s not quick to apologize for it, either, so you just have to give it right back to him.

He steals things without meaning to. Fruits, slippers, pens, pads of paper, coasters…

He mumbles when he can’t be bothered and he won’t repeat himself if you didn’t understand him the first time.

He leaves lights on all the time.

He’s very particular about the way he likes things and he’s unapologetic about demanding they stay that way.

He buys books with every intention of reading them, but he never has time. Does this stop him from buying more books? Certainly not.

He’s not good at hiding his disdain for something. Every time he makes a “sarcastic” remark, you know he’s being serious and coyly covering it up through said “sarcasm.”

He never makes his bed unless his mum is coming around.

She’s the one bro ~ Vol.5

Originally posted by conormaynardaf

“When is this little one going to pop out.” You groaned head falling onto Conor’s shoulder.

“When he or she feels like it Y/N.” Conor laughed handing you some chocolate, “Plus it’s a Maynard baby, we are always late.”

It had been eight months since you found out you were pregnant, you had gone to the doctors the next morning and they relived you had already been pregnant for a month. Of course Jack was enthusiastic and practically jumped onto to Conor when he was telling him, you remember the look of horror on Conor’s face when he realised he had indeed walked in when you having sex and had got pregnant from it.

Right now though, you were a week past your due date and everyone was getting impatient; especially Jack. All he wanted was for a little Maynard to be running around the house, and finally have the family he wanted.

However, being a week past your due date meant that Jack still had to go and catch up on all those meetings he had been missing on. So that left you, Anna and Conor in the Maynard household by yourselves as Jack was in London and his parents were at work.

And it turns out lucky was not your side today.

You were sat on the sofa in between the oldest and youngest Maynard when you suddenly felt the need to go to the toilet, groaning and mumbling a ‘not again’ causing the two siblings to laugh you got and it only took you four steps out the living room when you felt it.

“Conor!” You screamed in panic, you heard both siblings jump up and run to the hall way where you stood with pure horror on your face. “The fucking water balloon popped.”

It went in the slow motion, Conor ran back into the living room to grab you phone so he can call the midwife and Anna, well Anna panicked. Badly. “Oh my fucking God, what do I d-”

“Anna.” You snapped softly, Anna looked up at you panic clear in her eyes. “Call Jack.”

You watched as she nodded and ran into the living room to get her phone, just as she left a pain surged within your body causing you to let a yelp. Conor ran back out with your phone pressed up to his ear, “You okay?”

“It hurts.” You moaned out and Conor quickly rushed that you were in pain to your midwife.

“Okay, um, Y/N. How much does it hurt?” Conor asked, throwing one of your arms over his shoulder.

You said two words that soon turned everyone in a mode of panic, “A lot.”

“Anna!” Conor shouted, “Hey Y/N, look we are going to take you to the hospital okay? It’s going to be okay.”

You nodded feeling the pain get worse, Anna had come out of the living room, shoes on her feet and her phone on speaker. “Jack won’t pick up.”

Conor muttered curse words at your boyfriend as he thought of a plan, “Okay, right, Anna hold Y/N as I get some shoes and my keys, call mum and dad. Y/N use your phone to call you parents and see if Jack will answer the phone to you okay? Okay? Good plan.”

Anna put your arm around your shoulder as Conor jumped over your water leak, Anna passed you your phone as your quickly called your mum telling her it was time and Anna did the same thing with her parents.

Just as you hung up, Conor came spirting down the hallway totally forgetting that there was a pulled of water because he went flying through it and slipped in the air. You had burst into laughter at the sight of a horrified Conor sat in the puddle of you water, “That’s fucking disgusting.” Conor spoke and shouted the last word.

It wasn’t till you had stopped laugh and moaned in pain everyone got back to their senses and the next thing you know you were rushed out into the car.

Picking your phone, you rang your boyfriend, “Heyyyyyyy, this is Jack I can-”

“I swear to shit I am going to fucking kill him.” You muttered untill an idea struck you, scrolling through your contacts you clicked on Lexi’s name and handed the phone to Anna as she was sat in the back seat with you.

“Y/N is ever-”

“Lexi its happening.” Anna panicked voice ran down the phone with Conor shouted curse words at over cars.

Lexi sat on the other side of the phone pale as a ghost, she jumped up from her seat and burst through the doors that held the live meeting Jack was doing. Jack was smiling towards the interviewer when Lexi burst into the room and he knew, he knew just then you were going to be having the baby.

She didn’t have to utter anything before Jack had jumped up from his chair and grabbed her phone out of her hands and started running down the corridors. “Baby?” He asked down the phone hearing Lexi run after him.

“Jack?” Anna asked wincing in pain when you squeezed her hand.

“Is she okay? What’s happening? I’m on my way.” Jack rushed pushing people out the way, one of those people having being Caspar who frowned watching one of his best friend spirt through people with Lexi spirting right behind him.

It took Caspar three seconds before he was running after them screaming at his manager who was gaping at him, “I’M NOT MISSING MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTH.”

Jack had managed to reach Lexis car, where Lexi had thrown him the keys and he was already in the car starting up the car with Lexi he quickly put the phone on speaker and threw it into her lap. He was about to ask Anna to pass the phone to you when he heard the back doors of the car being thrown open and someone jumping in the back seat.

He turned around and saw Caspar sat there putting his belt on, not even questioning how Caspar had found them he pulled out the parking space. “Pass the phone to Y/N.”

“Jack.” He heard your voice and he instantly frowned at the pain leaking within your voice.

“Baby listen, I am going to make this okay?” He spoke speeding through the streets of London.

You yelped in pain and Jack sped faster, “It’s going to take you at least two hours with traffic.”

Jack opened his mouth to speak but Caspar voice cut through “There’s no traffic it will take you an hour and a half.”

“Caspar?” You questioned confusingly.

“Hey shorty, anyway with the way Jack’s speeding it will probably take us an hour maybe less.”

“I don’t care how long it takes, if your ass does not get here by the time I’m squeezing this baby out I am going to murder you.” And with that you hung up leaving Jack to speed to Brighton.

“Listen very carefully Y/N, approximately twenty minutes you are going to have to start pushing. We need you to choose one person to stay in the room with you as well.” The doctor told you wearily knowing that Jack still hadn’t arrived.

Nodding your head, the doctor left you and the Maynard family, “If Jack doesn’t make it, Conor you better be fucking ready.”

“Me?” Conor asked surprised.

“No Connor Ball, yes fucking you.”

Conor nodded, holding your hand for every time you need to squeeze. The doctor came in a few minutes after holding some scrubs, “Have you chosen who will be staying in the time with you?”

Conor stood up holding his hand out ready to take them when a loud bang echoed the room and an out of breath sweaty Jack Maynard entered the room, “Am I late?”

“Oh thank the lord, I don’t know if I could have done that.” Conor sighed pushing the scrubs in Jack’s hands walking out the room, “This baby better be the best damn baby in the world, causing me heart attacks all day.”

“Jack.” You gritted out seeing him just staring you with a face of awe, “Put the damn scrubs on.”

Nodding his head Jack quickly went into the room bathroom and put them on as the rest of his family left the room wishing you a good luck or in Helen’s words “If it’s anything like my boys, you’re going to be in hell.”

The doctor started talking to you about how you were going to need to start pushing but from the corner of your eye you saw Jack hand the midwife something before he walked over to you.

“Mr. Maynard ready?” The doctor asked.

Jack nodded, bending down whispering sweet nothings into your ear as you screamed. “Come on princess, you can do it.”

Jack looked up towards the doctor who nodded at the boy, “One more push baby, one more.”

Jack watched as you screamed one last time before he heard the small cries of your baby, he kissed your forehead laughing softly as you cried in happiness. He lifted his he heads and watch as the midwife came towards him, “Congratulations, it’s a baby girl.”

You watched the midwife show Jack your baby girl before turning towards you and handing her over to you. You choked back a sob staring down at the little girl in front of you, “She’s so beautiful.” You whispered running a finger down her face.

“She’s perfect.” Jack whispered crying, you both stared at the little human before the midwife came over asking if she can check everything again. She handed your little girl to another nurse before she came back with a smile on her face.

“Have you decided on a name?” She smiled.

Jack looked down at you, you nodded with a smile. “Alexa Maynard.”

“Oh what a lovely name, let me go get Alexa for you now.” She smiled walking away.

Jack put his hand in his pocket and messed around with the small black box, he watched the nurse hand his daughter over to you.

It’s time…

The nurse handed Alexa to you before speeding walking away, looking down at your daughter you gasped, tears filling up in your eyes when you read what was on the baby grow.

Looking to your left you found your boyfriend with his left knee on the floor with a beautiful diamond ring.

“When I first talked to you at that bar, I thought god damn I want this girl, not just for the night but I want this girl in my life. I don’t care if she’s my best friend or the girl I wake up to every morning. I want her. The time you fought with my crazy ex-girlfriend with just sass, then laughed like nothing with the boys was the time I knew we were going to be together for the rest of our life’s. I love your smile, I love the way your eyes twinkle, I love your laugh, and God I love you. Will you Marry me?

“Yes, Yes, Oh my god yes!” Jack smiled getting up the floor and very carefully slipped the ring on your finger, as you were still holding Alexa.

Jack whipped your tears pressing a small but still full of love kiss, Jack took Alexa out of your arms and started mumbling promises to his new girl. You stared the two of them in awe before looking down at the beautiful ring in front of you.

From that very moment you knew your life was going to only get better and better from now.

Burned Pt. 2 [M]

Genre: Smut/angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Triggers: drinking, sex, a lot of swearing 

Word Count: 5.2k

A/N: This is unedited so please excuse any mistakes I maybe have made, I’ll revise it soon. I almost had a heart attack writing this, so please leave your feedback

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

It had been two weeks since you had slept with Jimin. It had been two weeks since you had pulled your brother Taehyung off of his best friend of years. It was then that you found out that you were just a piece in Jimin’s fucked up game. Using you to get his not so-ex-girlfriend back for cheating on him. It had been two weeks and the carpet burns on your knees were finally starting to heal. The scabs were long gone and all that was left was pink flesh, new skin, probably symbolizing that you were okay now. Except no matter how many times you showered, you couldn’t get the memory of his touch off you. And that’s what you hated most.

He only tried contacting you once. You had just started working as an intern at the hospital when he showed up. You cursed your stupid brother for probably telling Jimin where you worked. As soon as you saw him you ran behind a patient’s curtain. The person lying in the hospital bed looked at you like you needed treatment as you peeked your head between the nylon fabric. He was at the nurse’s desk, probably asking where you were. Jimin was clearly not satisfied with her answer as he turned around and stormed out. That was the last time you saw him.

A loud banging ripped you from your thoughts. Someone was pounded on your front door and by the sound of it was probably going to put their fist through it. Ripples of panic flooded through you as you tip-toed to the door. Peering into the peephole you saw that is was Tae. “I know you’re in there Y/N. I can hear you breathing through your mouth”

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Promnised Prompt Night #1: Haunting

1. Adjective: Remaining in the consciousness; not quickly forgotten.

2. Noun:  The act of a person or thing that haunts.

At first, Prompto thought the ghost in his pantry was a really finicky… ghost person. (Prompto didn’t want to assume pronouns when they weren’t obvious. Not even for dead people who liked to rearrange his pantry.) Pantry Ghost was nery neat. There wasn’t any better way to phrase it. Pantry ghost was neat.

But back to the finicky thing.

“Give me the salt!”

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3.02: Huh, Dean eats a little bit of cake…

Which is interesting because this episode was sort of the turning point between Dean’s “I got a year to live” DO ALL THE THINGS mission, and taking his one year to live far more seriously. Heck, he showed up at Lisa’s thinking of her as “Gumby Girl,” and discovers she’s settled down into a responsible life and caring for a child that he suspects for a hot minute could be his… 

Then during his time with her, prompted by wanting to reconnect with her for purely selfish sexual reasons, he bonds more with Ben than Lisa, and he never even gets to have his bendy sex with her.

(Heck Lisa even lives in a “gated community” of the sort that would normally keep “riffraff” like Dean out. But it doesn’t keep out the monsters.

Another thing of note: Sam gains folks’ confidence left and right. We know he’s good with interviewing witnesses, but heck if he can lie to Dean to save his life…

He’s sitting in a cafe talking to Bobby in secret about getting Dean out of his demon deal, but when Dean walks in and Sam hastily hangs up and slams his laptop shut, Dean asks what he was up to. While sitting in a cafe, Sam says he’d just ordered a pizza. Because that wasn’t shifty and suspicious.

(pffft, when Ruby shows up, Sam asks her where she got the knife that can kill demons, and she says Skymall…)

So Dean “Love Me Some Pie” Winchester shows up expecting one thing, but instead is served something entirely different, and he just rolls with it. And eats the cake.

So here we have Dean dealing with some of the issues that have traditionally fallen to Sam. At this point Lisa knows nothing about Dean’s “job,” or the supernatural. His long-ago bendy weekend with her didn’t involve any sort of truth about who he was as a person. It wasn’t real (just like the fact he dreams about that unreal situation with her in 3.10. He wasn’t in love with her, but this ideal of her…). He tries to protect her from this monster. At first she doesn’t even realize that her son’s been replaced by a changeling, and she doesn’t buy Dean’s multi-layered deception to try and protect her from ever coming in contact with the supernatural, but he was too late.

The supernatural had already affected her life though, whether or not Dean had been there to protect her from it. His coincidental presence there (this time, at least… it was a different story in s6) was what SAVED Ben and Lisa from the monster.

(which is convenient, because Dean’s just sold his soul and sacrificed his life for Sam, and here’s proof that his life DOES have more meaning than just saving Sam. He wasn’t a “curse” on the lives of the people he comes into contact with the way Sam always felt. He saved them.)

Then we have Sam’s research into the Campbell family and friends who were systematically wiped out by the demon, prompted by Ruby’s comments to him. And then we learn Ruby’s a demon, and she comes off like a drug dealer offering a free taste while holding a HUGE carrot just out of reach. Of course Sam was tempted:

RUBY (laughs) Don’t you get it, Sam? It’s all about you. What happened to your mom, what happened to her friends. They’re trying to cover up what he did to you. And I want to help you figure it out.
SAM: Why would you want to help me?
RUBY: I have my reasons. Not all demons are the same, Sam. Not all of us want the same thing. Me? (shrugs) I want to help you from time to time. That’s all.  And if you let me, there’s something in it for you.
SAM: What could you possibly—
RUBY: I could help you save your brother. 

(while I was typing this, 3.03 started, so I’m watching Sam and Dean argue about this decision to work with Ruby… where Dean absolutely believes she’s lying, Sam wants so badly to believe she may be able to help Dean, but they’re distracted from actually finishing the argument because the phone rings… and the ghost of John Winchester rears its ugly head… Nevertheless Dean is SO not on board with working with Ruby, and thinks Sam’s not in his right mind for thinking they could “use her” and retain some sort of upper hand in that situation.)

(because that doesn’t sound ANYTHING like Sam’s delusional deal to work with the BMoL in order to “use their resources” and thinking that he had the upper hand in that situation >.>)

woke up really steamed because i had a dream that my “friend” peter @varianwrynn took my phone and installed a ghost on it and made me join a discord server for ghosts. i was mad because i didnt ask him to do this and it was really scary but he did it anyway. so now im mad at him in real life


Soft Pastel Mist▼ phone wallpaper | Requested by anonymous. Thank you anon for sending in your request, this was a really unique request to do so it was super fun to play around with colours. 

Do not repost or remove caption. Like always send in your request to us if you’d like one. 

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Are you still doing writing prompts? Because I would love to see one involving Yurio's cat, maybe how he got her or introducing her to Yuuri/Viktor/Otabek. She's a beauty.

It was a well-known fact that Yuri Plisetsky rarely smiled.

Smirked? Yes. Scowled? Definitely. But a real smile? That was something else entirely. As his friendship with Otabek bloomed and he became more comfortable around his rinkmates, his friends quickly discovered that there was one thing that without fail would always make him smile.

“Yuri, get back on the ice!” Yakov barked, watching his protege scrolling through his phone.

“Yeah, fine!” Yuri said gruffly, tearing his eyes away from the screen of his phone, a ghost of smile on his face.

Mila skated past him, ruffling his hair from the other edge of the rink. “Who are you texting, kid?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

“No one, hag!” Yuri barked, shoving his phone into his bag. Victor came up behind him, smirking.

“No, you’re just looking at pictures of your koshka, am I right?” Victor asked cheekily.

Yuri’s face burned. “You’re the one with an entire folder on your phone dedicated to that four-legged slob monster!”

“Makkachin is a purebred poodle and is the most wonderful dog in the world,” Victor said loyally, “What do you have to say about your four-legged hissing demon?”

Yuri rolled his eyes. “Cat people don’t care about breeds or colors, Victor. She followed me home from the rink one day and made herself at home. She chose me, again proving that cats are better than dogs.”

“You really love her, don’t you?” Victor asked with a smile.

“Of course I do!” Yuri said, face reddening, “She actually listens to me, unlike people do.”

Victor’s face showed some shock, it was unlike Yuri to voice any kind of weakness or insecurity. His face changed from one of teasing to one of understanding.

“Well, then I would be honored to meet this koshka of yours,” Victor said kindly, “Maybe she can teach me some manners.”

Yuri looked up in surprise. “Really? You’d…want to meet her? Otabek’s the only person who ever wanted to meet her before.”

Victor smiled gently. “Well, maybe we can make a night of it then. The four of us. You, me, Yuuri, and Otabek. What do you say?”

Yuri nodded once. “Sounds good. As long as it’s no dogs allowed and you make katsudon.”

“You’ve got a deal.”