Friday at last!!

I’ve done very little sewing all week (having been at the mercy of a stomach bug), but I did make one thing out of necessity.

On Tuesday, I finally retired my faithful Samsung Note 3 and got the new Note 7! I use my Note for absolutely everything; it really is my organizer, camera, library and computer all in one.

Unfortunately, there are very few accessories I can buy locally, so I have no case or screen protector until my order from Amazon arrives.

I whipped this together yesterday. I had bought the tech fabric at one of my favorite haunts (planning a future modern quilt) and I lined the inside with flannel to help keep dust off my new phone.

I made it big enough (hopefully) so that it’ll still fit even after I get my case.

I’m off this weekend, And QuiltFest project #3 is waiting! It’ll also be finishing up one of my oldest UFOs, so I can’t wait to get at it!