Offically licensed Superman/Wonder Woman cases for iphone and Samsung Galaxy now available!!!!!Perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your Superman or Wonder Woman or just a gift for your superwonderful self!  Click on the links to buy them now!!!


Here the arts that I added in my shop. I’ll draw more soon. 
If you want to get items with your favourite fairy tail characters drawn by me, tell me who you want me to draw and I’ll add your wish in my store! 

At this moment you can purchase:

$ 9.99

$ 30.00 

$ 14.99

Tote Bags
$ 18.99

Phone cases & skins
$ 25.00

IPad cases & skins
$ 45.00

$ 12.00

$ 20.00

…and many different items such like T-Shirts & Hoodies, Stickers, Throw Pillows, Studio Pouches, Travel Mugs, Photographic, Prints, Art Prints, Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Metal Prints, Cards, Scarves, iPad Cases & Skins, Laptop Skins & Sleeves, Drawstring Bags.

And post a photo of your purchases when you will get them and tag me,please. I would love to see them!!!

Thanks to everyone who are buying! (>w<)


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With Valentine’s Day drawing closer, we have put together some gift ideas for couples or anyone really…because love is universal…to celebrate the day of love. But really every day should be for love.These gifts you can give to your loved ones or yourself. Superman and Wonder Woman are symbols of hope truth, peace, justice and love. They motivate and inspire us to be the best we can be.Together they form a powerful union. Balance. 

These gifts are meaningful but also fun.

1. Superman/Wonder Woman Kiss Statue.

2.  Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 1 Power Couple

     Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 2 War and Peace

     Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 3 Casualties of War

    Young Romance #1 ( an anthology of romantic stories of several DC                                                     couples, including ClarkxDiana)

    Kingdom Come

    Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2

3.Justice League War Animated Movie

   Justice League Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie

4. Superman/Wonder Woman his and hers T-shirts and mugs.

5.Superman/Wonder Woman his and hers aprons, onsies, snuggies (both perfect for the winter months)  and towels.

6.Superman/Wonder Woman bracelets, phone cases, phone charms.

7.Superman/Wonder Woman action figures, itsy-bitsies, string dolls, Lego, teddy bears, plushies, Key chains, die-cast, funkopop.

8. Custom cushions and pillows, his and her socks

9. Pop art, paintings,  custom caricatures.

10. His and her ring sets.

Message us if you want any info re where to get these superwonderful goodies. Google is your friend if you want to check out the many more designs out there. Items can be found  via DC/WB Entertainment, Amazon, E-bay, Etsy etc.


Hey guys! So right now I’m really tight on money so I decided to make some Love Live! phone cases on Redbubble. They’re pretty much available for all iPhones/smartphones and I get 20% of each sale. I’d really appreciated it if you reblogged this to get it spread around. Thank you! ♡

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