Carlos Zuniga Creates Art on Phone Book Pages

Chilean artist Carlos Zuniga creates detailed portraits and images by simply striking out names from phone book pages, with black ink. Sounds simple enough, but the results are awe-inspiring.

Carlos Zuniga isn’t the first artist to use phone books as the main medium for his works. Alex Queral has also been using them to carve his amazing celebrity portraits, but Zuniga developed his own artistic technique, which allowed him to differentiate himself from everyone in the art world.

Asked how he came up with this unique way of creating detailed images, the South American artist says it all started with a project he did back in 2006, called The Origin of Species. Inspired by the Ludovico technique used in the 1971 film  the  A Clockwork Orange, he began striking out every line of text from Charles Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species. Throughout the whole process, he couldn’t stop thinking about how to depict his ideas in a figurative way. Figurative representation had always been a great interest to him, but his drawing skills were lousy, and after eight years of taking classes, he felt frustrated.

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The spirits are some of my favorite creations from the LOK series. While Airbender introduces and references them several times, I loved learning more about the spirit world and the complexities that balance and imbalance brought to their disposition and appearances. So, I’m extremely excited that 4 pages were dedicated to their conceptualization and creation in the Book 2: Spirits Art Book!

The middle is just my phone case, because #spiritsforlife.

Happy Monday! Here’s some art

I hope you are all have a great Monday (well, at least not an awful one. If you are, here’s a hug.)

Today I’ll be sharing with you the works of Society6 user CottonValent. Here’s “Full Moon Road to the Ghost Man”


To me, this looks like the cover to a creepy children’s book. I had one of those growing up, and though I absolutely adore it now, it freaked the hell out of me as a child. (anyone ever heard of the illustrated version of “The Spider and the Fly”? That was some nightmare inducing stuff for a 7 years old who didn’t read/speak English and who could only look at the images)

(Look, I found the cover!)


CottonValent’s art reminds me of Tim Burton (which might be why I love it so much). It’s dark, the body proportions are out of wack and themes of death are always around, but damn! I’m drawn to it. (My phone case is actually her “How to talk with poultry” piece. Here’s the link if you’re wondering what it’s like:

She also has a series of pieces titled “Creepy Cat” starring a creepy, yet adorable big white blob of a cat. Somehow, it looks incredibly goofy and I love it.


This is “Creepy Cat 32 - So many seats”.

Have a wonderful week lovelies!