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When he got out to his car, Aidan was sitting inside, singing along to some alternative rock station that Angel knew he didn’t have programmed on his radio. Before he climbed behind the wheel, he pulled out his phone, and texted his mom that he was leaving work, and taking Aidan to the raffle, and to please remember to eat something.

When he got in the car, Aidan was bouncing in his seat with excitement. All Angel could feel was dread, though. “I know I’m gonna get it this year, Angel,” Aidan said breathlessly as they pulled out of the parking lot. “And then, after I graduate from middle school, I’m gonna go to high school, and when I’m finally done with San Myshuno Prep, I’m gonna go to Harvard, and become an astrophysicist like Neil deGrasse Tyson.”

“An astro-what?” Angel asked, waiting until they stopped at a red light to punch in the address to San Myshuno Preparatory Academy into his phone. “That sounds like a shit ton of college, kid. Who’s gonna pay for all that college?”

“I-I dunno,” Aidan stammered, looking crestfallen.

Immediately, Angel felt like a jackass, and reached over to rub his hand through his brother’s hair. “You just gotta be the smartest kid in that fancy ass school, and then you’ll get scholarships, alright? Or we’ll both get two, three jobs, or do one of those crowdsource things, or something, okay?” Aidan nodded, and grinned up at Angel. “We’ll figure it out. We always do, right, little dude?”

“Right,” Aidan replied stoically, then pressed his hands to the window. It amazed Angel how little he still was. He still had cute little kid hands. “I wish Dad was here. Remember last year, he made fun of that snobby talking headmistress? I’m so nervous. I really, really, really wanna go. I hate Lincoln Middle. Everything there but Mrs. Langston sucks.”

Angel didn’t know what to tell him. “You just gotta pray. If it’s God’s will, you’ll go to that school,” Angel told him. “Otherwise, we’ll figure it out. You know what they say, right? God won’t never give you more than you can handle. So, we can handle whatever happens today, together, alright?”

If Aidan heard Angel, he gave no sign of it, staring out the window at the world passing by. The houses got bigger, and bigger, and farther and farther apart. The medians became wide expanses of perfectly manicured lawn, studded with palm trees and flowers. Even the street signs were different in this part of town. No longer were they metal stakes in the ground, with battered green signs attached, but instead black enamel, with matching signs with flowing, white text. “Wow,” Aidan murmured with a wistful sigh as they passed yet another grand estate. “This is amazing. What do you think it’s like to live in a house like that?”

“I dunno, dude,” Angel muttered, starting at the sound of the cool, female-voiced GPS directing him left down White Magnolia Lane—the street San Myshuno Prep was on. “It must take a looong ass time to clean it, though.”

✨Get to know me✨

I wasn’t tagged but i rly wanna do one of these coz it helps me know myself better hahaha thank you for posting this @jeonslilmonster 💕 i love you!!! 💓💓 omg… the post crashed and posted my draft…

For starters,

Name: Amanda Chan 🐯

Place I’m from: Singapore (a small sunny island in Asia, 🇸🇬)

Height: 1.65 cm

Year: 1996!!!

Languages: Fluent in English and Chinese, i speak some local dialects and a little little bit of korean i learnt in secondary schl.

here’s a few picture of me in case you can’t picture my asian ass HAHA 💞


-Drink: Milo (it’s a chocolate malt drink that’s made from Australia but asians generally drink it too hehehe)

-Phone call: my mom! 🐨

-Text message: some ad from the telco provider 🤧😂

-Song you listened to: Midnight Train // Sam Smith (i love him so much, check his new album out if you see this!!! 👹)

-Time you cried: 2 hours ago, i teared a little after hearing the fan chants at the AMAs for the boys i swear to god that was touching affff

Have you ever…..

-Dated dated someone twice: yea… our timings kept missing each other’s and i kinda gave up after.

-Kissed someone and regretted it: haha yea this too, was too drunk to realise i was kissing my school mates on their cheeks at some graduation party wtf 🔪🔪🔪

-Been cheated on: no, and i hope i won’t ever

-Lost someone special: yes

-Been depressed: it’s a very strong word to use, but no. i’m often sad or feeling down but not to that extent.

-Gotten drunk and thrown up: once and i regret it to this day LOL i swore to myself to never drink so much ever 🤢

Three favorite colors…..

  • black
  • maroon
  • navy

In the last year have you…..

-Made new friends: YES!!!

-Laughed until you cried: HAHAHA yea all the time and sometimes it’s about almost nothing

-Found out that someone was talking about you: of course hahahaha my sixth sense is pretty strong in this aspect

-Met someone who changed you: not really but i felt my personality change a little after my first job.

-Found out who your friends are: yea, i don’t have much friends. and so i keep those i wanna treasure really close to my heart. 💖💞💕💘

-Kissed someone on your Facebook friends list: nope, i rarely do facebook anymore coz all my older relatives are there and it gets a little burdensome 🤢👹


-Do you have any pets?: i don’t but i already have the names of my dogs and cats ready :(((

-Do you want to change your name?: no, coz i’ve always thought of it as the first gift my parents gave me 💞💞💞

-What did you do for your last birthday?: i threw a small party for myself with my extended family and invited my closest closest friends.

-What time did you wake up?: 7.15 am (coz i have work 🤧🤧🤧)

-What what you were you doing at midnight last night?: fighting someone in my dreams

-Name something you can’t wait for: to get my stupid degree which i haven’t even applied for wtf!!!!! 🔪🔪👹

-When was the last time you saw your mom?: 30 seconds ago 😂

-What are you listening to right now?: the album shuffled it to No Peace // Sam Smith x Yebba 😭😭

-Have you ever talked to someone named Tom?: HAHA yes, he was the storekeeper in the hotel i was working at previously

-Something that gets on your nerves?: children? the noisy brats or the tantrum rats (THEY RHYME) HAHA

-Most visited website: i would say Google 😂

-hair colour: dark blue with grey streaks 💘

-Long or short hair: i have long hair now but i prefer short hair a lot 👩🏻‍💼

-Do you have a crush on someone?: not rly, maybe jimin and jungkook when they attack me with their black hair 🔪🐰🐥

-What do you like about yourself?: my ability to adapt to changes in environment easily (this saved me from the awkward first week of work)

-Blood type: O+!

-Nickname: amchan? channie? 🐥

-Relationship status: i’ve a boyfriend of 3 years hahahahahaha

-Zodiac: ✨ Aquarius ✨

-Pronouns: She/Her

-Favorite T.V shows: i don’t normally watch english tv shows but i watch korean dramas hahahahaha 😍

-tattoos: i have none, but 3 different sketches for 3 tattoos i’ve wanted to do since a very very long time. i need to find the courage to do them :((

-Right or Left handed: right!!!

-Surgery: 🙅🏻 none, i’m super scared of needles wow i rly, nOPE

-Sport: Netball!!!!!!!! 💖💖

-Vacation: travelled to most of the Asian countries, i wanna go much further away!! 🛫

-Pair of shoes: i’m a 38/39!

-Eating: Ben&Jerry’s Cherry Garcia 🍒🍒

-Drinking: nothing!

-I’m about to: sleep….. coz work is tiring i’m so tired.

-Waiting for?: my next rest day which is the weekends so i can go drinking again HAHAHA

-Want?: to be good at what i do, and to say only good things about people and make people happy 🤧💕

-Get married?: probably?? it’s quite a prominent sight since i’m an Asian LOL

-Career?: i’m in the public relations team now so i hope to progress here i guess!! ✨✨

Which is better?

-Hugs or kisses?: HUGS 🙆🏻 💓

-Lips or eyes?: 👀 eyes 👀

-Shorter or taller?: taller!

-Older or younger?: prefably the same age, if not older! :-)

-Nice arms or stomach?: arms, so the person can carry my sorry ass when i’m dead drunk in the future LOL

-Hook up or relationship?: relationship, my weak heart is not strong enough for hook ups 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻

-Troublemaker or hesitant?: troublemaker 👹

-Kissed a stranger?: hell no HAHAHAHA

-Drink hard liquor?: yea, but they’re too strong for me so i don’t touch them often HAHA

-Lost glasses/contact lenses?: i wear glasses for my astigmatisms 🤓

-Turned someone down?: hahaha yea…. 2 poor souls that i should apologise to 😂🤧

-Sex on the first date?: nOPE

-Broken someone’s heart?: yea, i feel guilty and still blame myself sometimes

-Had a broken heart?: of course 🔪

-Been arrested?: 🙅🏻

-Cried when someone died?: yea

-Fallen for a friend?: yea, very bad choice to.

Do you believe in…..

-Yourself?: sometimes?

-Miracles?: sometimes, depends?

-Love at first sight?: nope

-Santa Claus?: have never

-Kiss on the first date?: nope!

omg this was fun!!!! i don’t have much friends on this site, so maybe this will help me get more friends :’) but i won’t tag anybody, so anyone who wants to do this, you can do this too, so i can get to know you guys as well. 💖💞💓💕💘 thank you for reading and getting to know me!!! i know no one asked for it HAHAHAHA 🤓

Couple Ask: Drake and Amelia

For @sophies0ph

  • Who was the one to propose: Drake, pretty much as soon as everything was settled with Liam and the court. He told her they could have a long engagement, but Amelia wanted to get married quickly. She wanted to be with him for the rest of their lives.
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Amelia. She had a lot of fights with her mother over the phone because her mom had all kinds of ideas of what Amelia’s wedding should look like. Drake kept reminding her it was their wedding, no one else’s. 
  • Who decorated the house: Amelia moved into Drake’s place but slowly redecorated it. His decor was pretty basic and she had a lot of personalized touches.
  • Who does the cooking: Both of them. Drake tends to make breakfast while Amelia makes dinner. 
  • Who is more organized: Drake. He is actually a very organized person which kind of amazed Amelia because she is not.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Amelia. She likes to touch Drake all the time. It takes him a little while to get used to PDAs but he loves touching Amelia too.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Drake, but they don’t spoon all that often, Amelia is a kicker who hates being touched in her sleep. They are more likely to go asleep facing each other and then she’ll move all over the place.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Camping. It’s their favorite getaway. 
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Neither really. Usually, if they are drinking, it’s together. 
  • Who kills the spiders: Amelia. She despises spiders. Drakes teases her about vicious she is where spiders are concerned.
  • Who falls asleep first: Drake. He’s an early riser and he tends to fall asleep as soon as he goes to bed. 
  • A headcanon: Amelia is afraid of horses but Drake loves them, so she sets her fear aside and learns to ride so that they can have something to do together.
  • Who has the most patience? Depends on you ask, they’d both say them. Their friends decline to answer the question lol
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:

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one time when I was only a few weeks old my mom tripped on a sidewalk while holding me and without a scrap of gymnastic experience did a full 360 tuck-and-roll somersault landing perfectly back on her feet and i didn’t even get a scratch and anyway all i’m saying is that sort of powerful protective instinct and split second reaction time in a moment of crisis is genetic and inherent so that’s why it’s ok if i use my phone in the bathtub

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Eddie’s mom calls in the middle of a slumber party

Eddie: everyone, SHUT UP!!!!!!*picks up phone* hey mom


Richie: come back to bed!! *various sex noises*

Stan: tell her i said hi!

Bill: hey! P-pass the weed!

Bev: *blasting out curse words*


Now that my sleeping beauty of a boyfriend is awake i could finally scan this :D

FAPuary page 1. Smol iwaois. and a chibi to fill empty space o_O” .. i need to practice them. Onwards to finish Page 2! I tried to not use the eraser as much so .. a lot of this would usually be redrawn :’D… defeats the purpose though.