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Nikola Tesla’s Experimentations and Inventions Proved that his “World System” Would Provide:

1. Television.

2. Universal twenty-four hour daylight by wireless illumination (artificial Aurora Borealis).

3. Instantaneous transmission of typed or handwritten characters all over the world.

4. Operation of flying machines by wireless power.

5. Navigation of ships through fog or channels by wireless “tuned compasses.”

6. Interplanetary communication.

7. Operations of all manufacturing and transportation machinery.

8. Setting and regulation of all clocks around the world.

9. Smart phones.

10. A prefect government secret signal service by exclusive wireless waves.

11. Universal stock ticker.

12. Doppler radar.

13. Irrigation and fertilization of world by wireless power.

14. Magnetizing of enemy battleships and submarines to attract torpedoes.

15. Reproductions of art and photography at any distance.

16. Absolutely exclusive use of video, audio and text communication.

When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles; and the instruments through which we shall be able to do his will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone. A man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket.
—  Nikola Tesla, January 30, 1926

“I want to know you.”

“By this invention every live part of Mother Earth’s body would be brought into action. Energy will be collected all over the globe in amounts small or large, as it may exist, ranging from a fraction of one to a few horse power or more. Every waterfall can be utilized, every coal field made to produce energy to be transmitted to vast distances, and every place on earth can have power at small cost. One of the minor uses might be the illumination of isolated homes. We could light houses all over the country by means of vacuum tubes operated by high frequency currents. We could keep the clocks of the United States going and give every one exact time; we could turn factories, machine shops and mills, small or large, anywhere, and I believe could also navigate the air.

“One of the most important features of this invention will be the transmission of intelligence. It will convert the entire earth into a huge brain, capable of responding in every one of its parts. By the employment of a number of plants, each of which can transmit signals to all parts of the world, the news of the globe will be flashed to all points. A cheap and simple receiving device, which might be carried in one’s pocket, can be set up anywhere on sea or land, and it will record the world’s news as it occurs, or take such special messages as are intended for it. If you are in the heart of the Sahara your wife can telegraph you from Washington, and if the instrument is properly made you alone will get the message. A single plant of a few horse power could operate hundreds of such instruments, so that the invention has an infinite working capacity and will cheapen the transmission of all kinds of intelligence.”

–Nikola Tesla

“A Talk With Nikola Tesla.” By Frank G. Carpenter. The State, December 18, 1904.

“The world’s first app-controlled, self-making bed.”

Look, I don’t want to be mean, but this is exactly why we’re doomed as a species. Like - we’re currently facing such a long list of dire or urgent challenges - first and foremost, the extinction of most life forms on Earth - and we’re in desperate need of scientific innovation so we can keep up with our expanding population - and we should work 24/7 to find a way to deliver those innovations to the most vulnerable, because it’s not normal that so many people are still living in such harsh conditions, not to mention everything else - violence, terrorism, fake news, the refugees and the displaced, those who’re forced to fight wars and those who’re enslaved by our inhuman economic system - and instead of doing all that, we’re focusing our energy on a bloody duvet? Jesus, this is exactly what we don’t need - something else that consumes energy we already don’t know how to produce, and yet another gadget that’ll make our phones and wireless connections and all that evil wizardry even more crucial in our lives than it already is. And, worst of all - this duvet is completely useless. It’s a dumb idea born out of a sickness of the soul. So you’re lucky enough to have a person who wants you in their bed at night - good for you, enjoy that and stfu. And if you guys want to sleep at different temperatures, Jesus - stick a leg out, or wear a thicker pajamas and fuzzy socks, or even - gasp - have two single duvets - that’s a genius solution that still allows you to cuddle and acts against the sleepkickers and the blanket-stealers. So, whatever - kudos to these guys for being inventive and proactive and whatever else, for for fuck’s sake, enough. Our lives are comfy enough and wasteful enough without this nonsense - we’re all adults here, we can make our own bloody beds, we can wear more or fewer clothes, and the last thing we (or the planet) needs right now are those idiotic life hacks - duvets connected to our phones, fridges that keep track of our milk consumption, Buzzfeed listicles on how to avoid washing the dishes (no, eating cereal out of a plastic bag is not smart - it’s pathetic) - capitalism needs us to be children, so we won’t look behind the curtain and we’ll buy impulsively and we’ll believe yet another toy will cure our sadness and anxiety and the occasional bad day - honestly, the best thing we can do is to fight back and grow the fuck up. And that means, among other things, to bloody stop buying useless things. Just - bloody - stop

Chapter 6- The Forgotten

Summary: “Y/N,” He stood closer to me. His lips almost touched mine.  His eyes were staring into my dark soul. “Please tell me the truth.” His hands caressed my cheek and a feeling of joy spread through me.  

Warnings: Implied smut, depictions of bodily injuries ( like bruises etc) , angst A/N: It’s here! Hopefully I can get 7 and 8 out this week so I can get 9 out. Enjoy Chapter 6!

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His Sister

Hello everyone! This is Admin Vicki, coming at you with another BTS smut. Hope you like it!

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1295

Pairings: Jimin and Reader

Group: BTS

There you were, sitting in your car which was parked outside of your brothers place. Your parents are going out of town and don’t trust you to stay home alone. So it was either go with them, or stay with Seokjin. It’s not that you hated being with your parents, but it was because you just recently got back in town from school and you really missed your brother. You’re just really nervous about staying with him. After gathering enough courage you texted, him telling him that you were outside. Once he replied saying he was home you left your car and went to knock on the door to the house.

​After what seemed to be mere seconds the door swung open and you were greeted by an over joyed Seokjin.​

“Jinnie-ah!” you exclaimed as you jumped into his welcoming arms, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his strong torso. The both of you stayed like that, soaking up each others embrace until someone cleared their throat, making their presence known. You finally let go of your brother to see 6 other boys behind him who all wore welcoming smiles.​

There they were, the main reason as why you were so nervous. You weren’t just going to be staying with your brother, you were going to be staying with Bangtan Sonyeondan!

​"Aren’t you going to introduce us?“ One of them said.​

"Ah yes, although I’m pretty sure you already know who they are. The one who was just talking is Jimin.”

Jimin? Why is he even cuter in real life? Ew, no! He’s practically my brother’s brother! 

After introducing yourself to them you decided to get some rest.​

"I’m going to go grab your bags.” Seokjin called before heading outside with your car keys.

​"In the mean time, I’ll be happy to show you where the guest room you’ll be staying in is. Considering the fact that it’s right new to mine.“ Jimin grinned before gabbing a hold of your wrist and dashing up the stairs, he stopped at a door that you assumed lead to your bedroom.​

"Thank you very much Jimin-”

​"You can call me oppa.“ he offered.​

You continued what you were saying, ignoring his sudden statement, "Thank you very much Jimin for showing me to my room, but it’s been a long day so I’m going to head to bed.” You quickly said, purposefully emphasizing on his name. He maintained a smile as he placed his hand on top of your head, “Get some sleep small one.” You gently slapped his hand away from you and closed the door.


The next morning you placed your wireless head phones around your neck as you grabbed your gym bag, heading down stairs.

​"What are you doing up so early y/n-ah?“ Seokjin called, you turned around to see everyone looking back at you.​

"Did Jimin wake you up?” Taehyung questioned.

​"It’s too early for you to be awake.“​ Namjoon spoke.

They all continued to look at me, waiting for an answer.

​"It’s no big deal, I woke up early so that I could go to the gym and practice some soccer. After all I signed up to play during the charity event next week. And I plan on winning!” You simply stated, determination coursing through your veins.​

“You know I used to play soccer when was younger,” Jimin started, “Mind if I were to join you some time?”

​"Not at all.“ you responded before waving goodbye and heading off to the gym.​

First the next 3 days you would wake up at 6 am, get ready, and head to the gym. So you were completely taken by surprised when Jimin had shown up in full sports gear outside you bedroom door, asking if you were ready to go.

​"If it’s a problem then-"​

"NO!” you exclaimed louder than necessary. You face flushed a light shade of red as he chuckled at your cute state.

​"I mean it wouldn’t be a problem at all.“ you mumbled as your gaze refused to leave the floor.​

He reached down to take your bag and hold one of your hands in his own. Your gaze finally met his at the sudden skin ship, "Great!” he exclaimed while wearing one of the biggest smiles ever.

​After what seemed like hours of goofing off and mindless horse play in your private gym, both you and Jimin lay on the matted floor. Once the laughter died down you turned to see Jimin looking back at you with a serious expression. He extended his arm out to grab a hold of your hand.​

“Jimin, are you okay?” You asked, your expression now matching his. Instead of responding to your question Jimin quickly rolled on top of you, pinning both your arms above your head.

​"I’m fine princess. I just feel bad about how you didn’t get your full workout today.“ You stopped trying to free yourself and looked up at Jimin with a questioning look, wondering where he was going with this.

"But don’t worry about it.” He started to slowly grind his hips down on yours, “I know a great exercise that’ll make up for it.” He bent down to capture your lips in a heated kiss. You turned your head to the side roughly, trying to brake free from the sudden kiss.

​Jimin captured your bottom lip between his and gently bit down on it as a result to your disobedience. A moaned reluctantly emitted from you causing Jimin’s hips to pick up more speed and power.​

You tried, but fighting back your moans was a battle you couldn’t win.

​"Oh god I love when you moan. Can you moan my name for your oppa?“ he breathed into your neck as he continued to leave love marks along your exposed neck.​

"Please Jimin.” you managed, “I need you.” desperation clear in your voice but you didn’t care, all you cared about was how good this felt, the friction you received from Jimin’s clothed erection rubbing against your soaking womanhood.

​Jimin pulled away and quickly stripped out of his workout clothing, you did the same. Once the both of you were completely exposed, your eager lips rejoined with his in a sloppy open mouthed kiss.​

“Turn around y/n.” he demanded. You followed his direction without a second thought as you positioned yourself on your hands and knees, giving him free access to your sex.

​He gently rubbed his member’s head up and down your entrance a few times, “Please Oppa!” He slammed deeply into you, causing a round of curses to flow out you mouth as he continued penetrating you from behind. His hand stood firmly on your waist as he pulled you back to meet his thrust.​

“Say it again, please.” he moaned.

​"Yes oppa!“ you praised him. His moments soon became rushed and disoriented indicating that he was close. The warm feeling of his load soon filled you up, your release not following far behind.​

After riding out both your highs, he collapsed next to you.

​"I think it made up for it pretty well.” you claimed between breaths. After the both of you caught your breath, you got dressed and ready to head back to the house.​

“How was your workout guys?” Seokjin asked us the minute you entered the living room. The both of you froze in your tracks, not sure how to answer after what had happened just moments ago.

Finally Jimin reply, “Your sister handled pretty well.” before he could ask any other questions, you headed straight for the bathroom to take a shower.

​"How about we take a shower together Jagiya?“ Jimin spoke, standing in the door frame of the bathroom.​

You slapped his arm before shoving him out of the way so you could close the door, "Not when we run the risk of getting caught, especially by Seokjin. In case you forgot, I’m still his sister.” you winked at him before closing the door.

My Little Baby (Steve Rogers x Reader)

This is for the anon that requested a Steve x reader smut where the reader is into oldies music and he catches her dancing to this and it end with them having sex to this song. And thank you for making me fall in love with oldies music, anon. Enjoy!
((Warning: Smut))
Work was exhausting.
Oh, you know. Regular stuff. Saving the world and so on.
Today she had to disable a bomb in San Francisco. Nothing new. But this mission is a little bit more exhausting than usual. Why? Because she had to work with a little piece of billionaire, playboy, philanthropist shit called Tony Stark. The last thing she needed was a man in a tin can suit to boss her around on a mission she has succeeded in a thousand times before.
When she got back to the Avenger’s facility, everything was silent. Maybe everybody was asleep. “Care for a drink?” Tony had offered. She declined with a snarl and laid on the couch as Tony sipped his drink. “Somebody’s grumpy,” he commented, sitting on the bar, and the turning up the music. She had a headache. And Tony’s taste of music didn’t help, either. It wasn’t that she didn’t like idm music, she just preferred something calmer. Something older and more vintage.
She stood up groggily and trudged past Tony to her room. She needed an escape from this self-centered asshole. “Good night,” Tony said sarcastically. She waved him off.
Once she was in her room, she didn’t even bother to change from her cat suit. She didn’t care if it was tight, she was just tired. Besides, she has been in worst situations. She just flopped face-first on her bed, trying to close her eyes and fall asleep. No such luck. She twisted and turned but she still couldn’t find a position where she could sleep in comfortably.
She eventually gave up and unlocked her phone. She ended up scrolling through her playlist. One of them were labeled ‘Oldies’. She smiled and put it on shuffle, connecting her phone to her wireless audio system.
She smiled when trumpets played from the speakers.

‘Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper “I love you"’

She smiled and hummed to Louis Armstrong’s ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’. She sat on the edge of the bed, her feet thumping in anticipation of the familiar rhythm. Now this is music. She wanted to slap this song in Tony’s face and teach him the transparency and beauty of oldies music.

‘Birds singing in the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me’

She got up her bed, her feet finding a familiar pattern, a dance she danced a thousand times before. Her body moved one with her body, swaying her hip left and right. She unzipped her cat suit until mid-chest, allowing more movement to her shoulders. Her hand made its way above her head, trailing her curvy figure.

‘Say nighty-night and kiss me
Just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me’

She laughed softly and fastened her dancing pace, her body and the song perfectly in sync. That was when she saw a blond figure standing on the entrance of her room, his cheeks flustered in red. “I’m sorry (Y/n)- I was just going to check on you but-”
At first (Y/n) turned red, but then she regained her sense of control walked towards Steve seductively and trailed her fingers on his jaw, silencing him. Steve looked shocked and he was blushing. Who knew that the heart of the Avengers, their leader, would be so flustered seeing her like this? She had a crush on the soldier for a while now, and it’s been a while since she slept with somebody lately, so why not? At first she wasn’t sure if Steve returned the attraction, but judging from the bulge in his pants, (Y/n) was pretty sure he did.

‘While I’m alone and blue as can be
Dream a little dream of me’

(Y/n) pulled Steve by the collar, dragging in into her room as she locked the door behind. “Have I forgotten to lock the door again?” she teased innocently. “(Y/n)-” Steve started, but she cut him off with a chaste kiss. Surprisingly, he returned it.

‘Stars fading but I linger on dear
Still craving your kiss’

“You have no idea how long I wanted to do that,” Steve confessed, sighing against her hair. His eyes lingered on her cleavage, reminding (Y/n) that her cat suit was half unzipped. “Do you want me, Steve?” she whispered huskily in his ear. “Do you want to fuck me?” She palmed Steve through his pants, making him groan. He nodded eagerly, earning a giggle from (Y/n).

‘I’m longing to linger till dawn dear
Just saying this’

She pushed him on the bed. She walked with one foot in front of the other, her back straight, and her shoulders high. She started moving her hips up and down, and slowly gliding her hands along her body to give Steve a taste of what’s coming. Steve gulped as her sweet voice started humming the tune.

‘Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you’

She made eye contact and looked away from Steve teasingly. She kept her lips parted and she smiled slightly, just enough to let Steve melt. She stood in front of him with her chest leaning towards his face slowly lower herself onto his lap. She wrapped one leg around Steve’s back for support, and then the other. “Tell me Steve,” She whispered in his ears. “Do you dream a little dream of me?”

‘But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me’

“I have been dreaming of you for so long, (Y/n),” he sighed, kissing her softly. She lifted his shirt, her lips parting in delight as she placed her palm over his toned chest. Soon, she recovered and slowly unzipped her cat suit, her breasts spilling from the leather fabric as she goes. She was wearing simple black cotton underwear, since lace just makes her more uncomfortable for missions. She thought she should’ve worn something that enhances her curves more, but Steve doesn’t seem to mind at all. She dropped her cat suit to the floor, sitting back on Steve’s lap. He was staring at her as the song slowly comes to an end. “I loved that song,” Steve whined into her shoulders, trying to unclasp her bra. “Really?” (Y/n) asked placing open mouthed kisses on his shoulder. “It’s a little after your generation.” Steve shrugged. “I had a lot of time catching up,”
Then the next song came up. The drum beat thumping in their ears. ‘Be my baby’ by the Ronettes was one of (Y/n)’s favorites, and she couldn’t ask for a better time to play this very song.

‘The night we met I knew I needed you so
And if I had the chance I’d never let you go’

Steve, who finally unclasped her bra, looked down at her in awe, as (Y/n) pushed him further back on the bed as she unbuttoned his jeans, pulling it off completely, and then giggling when he sees that his boxers are riddled with Captain America shield prints.

‘So won’t you say you love me,
I’ll make you so proud of me.
We’ll make ‘em turn their heads every place we go’

(Y/n) grounded into him at the same rhythm as the song. Steve’s mouth hung open, finding himself jerking up against her hips. He was getting harder and harder every second, listening to (Y/n)’s voice as she sung the lyrics. “Please- (Y/n) please,” he begged desperately, trying to gain more friction against her.

‘So won’t you, please, be my be my baby
Be my little. baby my one and only baby’
Say you’ll be my darlin’, be my be my baby
Be my baby now, my one and only baby

(Y/n) leaned down against him and pulled if her panties, leaving Steve in awe of the naked body in front of him. She whispered in his ear, “Where do you wanna touch me most, Steve?” The blonde man’s hand ascended impatiently, heading for her breasts as a reply to her questions. (Y/n) giggled softly and exclaimed, “You’re such a bad boy!”

‘I’ll make you happy, baby, just wait and see
For every kiss you give me I’ll give you three’

Steve’s hand twirled her sensitive bud as (Y/n)’s hand clutched his, guiding it on her dripping core. Steve’s hand worked her clit, making her moan his name over and over again. She never knew Steve was experienced, the way her squeezed her little bundle of nerves, teasing it from time to time.

‘Oh, since the day I saw you
I have been waiting for you
You know I will adore you 'til eternity’

(Y/n) moved down, raking his boxers with her. Steve’s member sprang free, and (Y/n)’s eyes widened as she saw his size. She soon recovered and told Steve, “You’re going to touch yourself, and I am going to help you. Understood?” Steve bit his lower lip and nodded obediently, “Understood.”

‘So won’t you, please, be my be my baby
Be my little. baby my one and only baby’

(Y/n) swirled her tongue on his tip, earning a groan from Steve as his hand flew down to pump his own shaft at a very fast pace. She held his hand down. “Slow first,” she ordered. Steve nodded, trying to control his pace.

‘Say you’ll be my darlin’, be my be my baby
Be my baby now, my one and only baby

“Shit,” Steve muttered. “Language,” (Y/n) teased, sucking him. “(Y/n), I’m gonna come.” She sat up, letting go of him completely. “Oh hell no,” she said, “You’re not going to come until I do, soldier.” Steve’s breathing became irregular as she climbed on top of him. “Yes ma’am.”

‘So come on and, please, be my be my baby
Be my little baby my one and only baby’

(Y/n) sang with the song, and it only seemed to turn him on more. “(Y/n), please,” Steve begged, nearly stuttering. In past relationships, she had been the dominant one more times than not, but she never knew she’d dominate Captain America in bed.

‘Say you’ll be my darlin’, be my be my baby
Be my baby now, my one and only baby

“I’m yours,” she growled against his ears. “Say it.” Steve panted impatiently. “You’re mine.” She laughed, “You’ve gotta do better than that, soldier.” Steve groaned in frustration. “You’re mine. Only mine. And I don’t share. Now fuck me, goddamit!” he pleaded.

‘Be my be my baby be my little baby
My one and only baby oh oh’

Smiling, (Y/n) angled herself against his before slowly coming down on him. He stretched her walls, causing him to moan her name as she rolled her head back in satisfaction. “Oh, god, (Y/n), do something,” Steve said, jerking his hips up.

‘Be my be my baby oh,
My one and only baby wha-oh-oh-oh-oh’

She moved, up and down, bouncing down on Steve as she cried in pleasure, screaming his name. Steve seemed to hold her steady, his palms on either side of her hips, helping her move faster. Steve’s body had been covered in a thin layer of sweat, making it easier for her to adjust to his size.

‘Be my be my baby oh,
My one and only baby’

“(Y/n) I’m gonna come,” he warned, but his hips are still violently jerking against her. “Steve,” She gasped his name as she came, riding her orgasm, (Y/n) nodded in approval of his first warning, Steve filling hot liquid inside of her, making her satisfaction whole.

‘Be my be my baby oh,
Be my baby now’

She laid down next to him, her fingers laced with his. The song ended and Steve kissed her one last time that night. “Please don’t tell me that was a one-time thing,” he said, his eyes set on her. “No, I don’t think so,” she smiled. Steve’s face lit up like he was a kid looking at his birthday present.

“After all, what would I do without my little baby?”

I’m gonna break down these jeff goldblum menulog ads

Goldblum materialises out of nowhere, summoned by someone making a phone order, straddling the arm of the couch for some reason

he hands the guy a smartphone because WHY DID THE GUY USE A CURLYCORD LANDLINE PHONE? Landlines are already less often used but even they have wireless phones you just stick in a charging cradle base

why is jeff goldblum patting the guy gently on the back and can i also have that happen to me if i use menulog?

comments that he thought the guy was sitting pantsless while watching sports with friends

monotone: “Aaaaaah!”

comments about wishing he could pull of short shorts

accidentally makes an innuendo


who makes the food order while their friend is crying anyway??

he materialised RIGHT BETWEEN THEM and went “oooohh, Janey….”

if Sophie is the one crying over a break up then why does Janey get to hold hands with Jeff Goldblum

she says golden and he’s just like “Bloom.” 

“Silence is Goldblum”

Janey says she’s hungry and he WHISPERS “good….” and touches her knee while staring directly into the camera, this is a personal attack

“Menulog: clothing optional, I guess?”

Let's Get Packing



Bedbug-protecting mattress cover
Duvet and duvet cover or comforter set
Foam topper
Mattress pad
Throw blanket
Throw pillows
Twin sheet set (and an extra set for laundry day)
          ****Check on your school website for bed size. Many dorm beds are Twin XL, but some, like mine, are Standard Twin.****
Bedside Caddy

Christmas Lights
Additional seating-beanbag chair
Adhesive hooks and strips (that come off cleanly)
Alarm clock/iHome
Area rug
Bed risers
                ***Check to see if allowed at your school****
Bulletin board
Dry erase board
Push pins/magnets/whiteboard markers
Closet organizer
Curtain rods (room divider)
Full-length mirror
Hangers (extra-thin)
Jewelry organizer
Picture frames or photo clips
Shoe rack
Small Folding Stepladder
Underbed storage
Wall art (posters, wall decals, etc.)
Air Freshener

Fabric softener/Dryer Sheets
Ironing board
Laundry detergent
Laundry hamper or bag (dirty clothes)
Laundry Basket (clean clothes)
Lint brush
Portable stain remover pen
Sewing kit
Stain remover

Bath towels/Bath Sheet
Shower caddy
Shower shoes

Acne medicine/cream
Body wash
Face wash
Hair gel
Hair mousse
Lip balm
Makeup remover
Nail polish
Nail polish remover
Shaving Cream
Blow dryer
Bobby pins
Contacts, solution, and case
Curling iron
Eyeglasses and case
Makeup Storage
Hair clips
Hair straightener
Hair ties
Mirror (Lighted Makeup Mirror)
Nail clippers
Nail files
Pumice stone
Tampons and pads
Toothbrush holder

Chargers (phone, laptop, camera, etc.)
DVD player
Ethernet cable
Extension cords
“Flex your Power”
External hard drive
Flash drive
HDMI cable
Headphones and spare headphones
Lap desk
Laptop Case
Portable phone charger
Printer ink
Printer paper
Recording device for lectures
SD card for camera
Spare cables
Surge protectors
TV stand
Video game console
Video games

Desk/School Supplies
Address book
Backpack or tote bag
Binder clips
Cards/notes to send home
Desk lamp
Desk organizer
File folder for important documents
Hole punch
Index cards
Laptop fan/stand
Letter opener
Notebook paper
Paper clips
Pencil case
Pencil sharpener
Pens/colored pens
Post-it notes
Rubber bands
Staple remover
Three-hole punch
Tote OR Backpack

Birth control
Cold and flu medicine
Eye drops
First aid kit
Hot and cold packs
Throat drops/lozenges
Throat spray
Upset stomach medication

Art supplies
Board games
Duct tape
Pepper spray (if legal in your state)
Playing cards
Safety pins
Safety whistle
Sleep mask
Small tool kit
Travel bags/travel organizer for toiletries
Vacuum/Dust Buster (2-in-1)
Weekend bag

*I’m packing some things that might not be on a typical list, I’ll post explanations later. There are reasons for everything on here. I do not like to waste money on things that I don’t think I will need. ALSO, I have two older siblings and some of these things are their suggestions*  

Friday Night Baths (Marco Reus)

If you could, you’d sing to the high heavens about how happy you were that the work week was finally over. Friday’s didn’t seem to come quick enough these days. Of course, you knew that having a job and a flat to even pay bills for were privileges. But adulting was hard man. Sometimes, you caught yourself longing for the days of being a teen with no obligations again. Then you remembered how awful it was having to rely on your parents for everything, making you appreciate where you were in life. It was a painful cycle.

When you got home, you immediately made your way to the bathroom to draw a warm bath. You floated through your place as the water filled the tub, stripping off your clothes as you did so. It was a mess in here, but you’d worry about cleaning later. Right now, all you needed was to relax. You went back to the bathroom, connecting your phone to the wireless speaker to play some soft music. Before you slid into the tub, you put one of your favorite flower bath bombs in.

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hi-ima-person  asked:


Black Hat is actually very very skilled when it comes to computers, phones, wireless devices, you name it. The only problem is that he kind of doesn’t know his own strength when using them and ends up breaking them with his claws or a number of other things. And he doesn’t use anything that has a touch screen because of his claws, more because his touch doesn’t register on the device than anything else. So Black Hat has a shitty lil flip phone and he’s kinda salty about that.


For @isamaegreenleaf…reader is Bruce’s daughter as requested, enjoy! (Also, I feel as though Halsey’s “Control” would fit really well with Bruce.)

Y/N smiled to herself as she heard her dad’s voice over the car’s phone.

“And don’t forget…wait. Are you on your cell phone?” he asked realizing just how long he’s been on the phone, “I told you. Nev-”
“Never use my cell phone while driving. I know dad,” she cooed, “I’m using the wireless phone Uncle Tony put in my car.”
“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.”

Y/N smirked to herself. It had been awhile since she had last seen her dad. For the most part, she stayed with her mother. Bruce didn’t want the chance for the Other Guy to hurt the two people he loved most. The only reason she was on her way now was because she finally convinced him she could take care of herself. Plus, it helped that Tony and Steve said they’d stay back. Not that she knew about Tony and Steve acting as security detail.

“I’m excited too,” she told him.
She could hear his smile. “I really think you’ll like it here.”
“That’s what I’m hoping,” she teased, “I should be just about there. I see the tower from he-”

Y/N was cut off as her car threw her forward. The sound of folding metal, breaking glass, and screeching tires filled Bruce’s phone. His smile was quickly replaced with worry and the worst kind of fear.

“Y/N?” he called frantically, “Y/N, please, answer me! Y/N? Y/N!”
“What’s wrong?” Tony asked.
“I…I don’t know,” Bruce stated, heart rate increasing, “She’s not responding.”
“JARVIS, I need a quick scan of all the police scanners in the area.”
“What am I looking for, sir?” the AI inquired.
“Anything relating to Y/N. She’s in her car; the one I put a cell phone in.”

Bruce began to pace back and forth. His breath was increasingly ragged. His chest heaved as his nerves, and others things, began to take over.

“This is why I told her not to come,” Bruce ranted, “I told her she’d get hurt. Why wouldn’t she listen to me?”
Tony stepped in. “Whoa, calm down Banner. JARVIS is working on it.”
“Calm down? She’s my daughter! I can’t calm down!”
“You’ll have to,” Tony shot back, “Otherwise your best pal is going to burst through you like bottle rocket.”
Bruce nodded. “I know.”

Despite being aware, Bruce couldn’t seem to calm down. The longer the AI took to respond was agonizing for the father. His mind raced a thousand different ways. He gripped at his hair to keep the Other Guy inside. He couldn’t afford to switch with his daughter’s life at stake.

Within an instant, Tony turned back around only to widen his eyes. He watched as Banner’s rage took over, ripping his clothes. Soon, the Hulk stood where Bruce had been. The green man glanced back at Tony before jumping out of the window.

As if on instinct, the Hulk landed, cracking the concrete, and headed in a direction. The Hulk hustled through the streets, cars swerving to avoid him. It wasn’t long until he came upon a crunched and flipped over car. A semi truck was bent behind it, a fire hydrant nearby having burst. The Hulk noticed the driver limping next to the truck. He looked at the mass of green in horror. The Hulk huffed at him, only focused on Y/N.

The Hulk ripped the car doors off and crouched low. He saw Y/N, unconscious, inside the car. Some blood was falling from her temple and into her hair. With a roar, the Hulk reached in and gently pulled her from the wreckage. Her limp body swung slightly as he did so.

Without warning, the Hulk burst from the car and headed back to Stark Tower. Y/N groaned quietly as she regained some consciousness. She lifted an eye to see the Hulk, her dad, carrying her to safety. She smiled softly while drifting back into unconsciousness. She just hoped she could remember to tell her father she wouldn’t be in danger with the Hulk. Even the Other Guy cared for her.

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