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“Victor had never realized how used to the gulls’ cries he had become until they weren’t there. The clicking of Mari’s bike gears and the roar of the ocean surf were the only sounds as they crossed the usually-busy bridge. It was strangely intimate with Yuuri like this; all the barriers of the day, of propriety and public opinion and their own worries had been removed. Now there was only this **chemistry.** An attraction, a set of feelings barely touched on and young, a fledgling thing testing its wings in the hopes of someday taking flight.

And there they were beneath an impossibly starry sky, two figures in the moonlight stuck on a song. Victor had never realized until that moment how truly alike they were—how improbable it was to chase a boy across the world and in the process find someone who woke him up in the middle of the night because he **needed** to dance on the ice.

A kindred spirit, a reflected soul. Two categorically impossible people who had a love of foolhardy and inadvisable things, all for the love of their craft.

With midnight come and gone, 2 AM found Yuuri on the ice playing his song from a portable cell phone speaker, the sound of a distant piano filling the empty rink in a way that felt like a prophecy of something greater. Victor liked to imagine he could already hear the power of this music on the PA system, of five or ten or twenty thousand people hearing it in a stadium, on their televisions as they witnessed Yuuri’s love.

It wasn’t a routine; there was no proper choreography, even.

But Yuuri danced with an emotion so incredible and poignant and **joyous** that Victor couldn’t look away. It was far from perfect, and less than half of it ISF sanctioned, but that didn’t matter. The rules didn’t matter on a night like this, to people like Victor and Yuuri.

What mattered was the bliss in Yuuri’s face as the music washed over him, the cut of his skates, the curl of his body. What mattered was Yuuri skating it again and again, different each time and having not a care in the world for it.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Come tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, this song would become a routine and the freedom would be gone. For now, though, as Victor leaned against the boards and **watched,** it was something new to both of them.

So he let himself enjoy it.”


Post-Wedding: Eric’s a little famous, but he’s not used to taking advantage of that status. Good thing he’s surrounded himself with people who don’t have the same hang-ups.

Beyoncé’s new tour dates are announced and not only is she playing Starbucks Arena, she’s playing in Seattle during a lull between a stretch of home games. 

“I didn’t realize you were so into Beyoncé, Bittle. Isn’t that a little bit stereotypical?”

Eric doesn’t have time for Boomer’s casual homophobia, pre-sale tickets go on sale in three minutes and for once this miserable season, he’d like to get something he actually wants.

“I don’t know if anyone has told you, Booms, but I’m pretty fucking gay. And you know what else is a stereotype: sucking big, thick, hard –”

Boomer raises his hands and backs away from Eric’s table. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry.”

Eric waves the d-man off while Carter slides out the chair beside Eric and drops his take-out box on the table, careful not to jostle the laptop.

“He’s getting better.”

“He’s getting his stall plastered with hardcore vintage porn is what he’s getting,” Eric mutters. “Swear to the Lord, you’d think I was a walking identity crisis –” 

Two minutes. His card info is pre-loaded. Carter is chomping away on something that smells like curry. Eric’s blood is vibrating under his skin like he’s in overtime. He’s ready. 

“Wait, why are you buying them yourself? I’m sure JoAnn can get some from the front office for us.”

Eric stares at the screen. 1:27. He doesn’t want to bother the team’s publicist over something like this. He’s an adult. He needed help with Hamilton tickets, he doesn’t need help for Beyoncé. He knows Beyoncé. 

Maybe not literally, but still. 

“Dude, let me call her. Just in case.”

“Leave her alone. She’s done enough for us this season.”


“Maybe we should –”


The waiting room clicks over and he’s in. Easy as pie. He selects his seats, nabs the VIP package, gets to the checkout screen, and…


“What the hell…?”

 An error message pops up.

“No, no, no, no,” Eric clicks the screen, and when the page refreshes there’s nothing there. No seats. No VIP meet and greet. Nothing. A happy little banner pops up that reads ‘Thank you for participating in Citi Bank’s Presale –’

Eric’s stomach drops. “Are you kidding me!? It’s been thirty seconds!”

“It’s bots, man,” Bay shouts from across the room. “Those ticket resellers program these computers to –”

“I don’t give a good god damn if it’s a robot! I was right there! They were mine!” He drops his head to the table and whines. “I can afford them on the secondary market, it’s just the principle of the matter.”

“I’m so sorry, man,” Carter runs a sympathetic hand over his back. “Can I call JoAnn now?”

Eric shakes his head, content to wallow in his own sadness. “Everything I touch turns to death,” he moans.

“That sounds like a yes.”

Eric’s phone starts vibrating beside his head – the tap-tap-tap pulse he’s set for Jack – but before he can answer Carter’s tapped the call button for him.

“Hey, Zimmermann. You’re on speaker phone, your husband’s in a state.”

“Carter, um, thanks? Bits, you okay? Did you get your tickets?”

“…no,” Eric sighs, lifting his head to stare blearily at his phone. “The bots ruined me, Jack. I’m dead.”

“Your man is too proud to use his contacts, Zimms,” Carter snickers and elbows Eric in the side. 

“That’s unfortunate,” Jack consoles, but Eric can hear something else in his voice. Something distinctly amused.

“Jack, I swear to god if you make me wait any longer –”

“I have two VIP passes sitting on my desk at home right now. I talked to my agent about it weeks ago. I wanted it to be a surprise.”   

Eric’s mouth goes dry and Carter shakes his shoulders roughly in excitement. He can’t make his voice work. 

Carter leans in close, whispering, “Bittle, you crying?”

“Bits? Bud? You there?”

“No,” Eric breathes, composing himself, “I’m just, really happy I married my husband, and I get to meet Beyoncé.”

There’s silence across the line, then, “Bits, I know those things aren’t in order, and that’s okay. I love you, too.”

Two words.

He was six hours away.

Dean made it in two.

Because like hell or high water, he was not going to wait another second.

“Dean, Dean!” Sam attempted to grab his attention, both hands on the handle on the ceiling in a small attempt to hold himself together at the speeds Dean was driving. “Who was that, Dean? Who was it?”

“We need to go, we need to go,” Dean only repeated instead. It was not until later that he realized he had never put his phone on speaker or that Sam had no idea why he was jolted out of sleep until they arrived at that empty alley.

There were no other souls around the alley, but the light just above the telephone pole flickered and sparked every few minutes. It was almost fitting really.

“Oh my God…” he vaguely heard Sam whisper in the background, but Dean wasn’t paying attention to that. He was paying attention to the figure standing in front of the telephone booth.

He looked the same, and yet the clothes he wore should be nothing but ashes right now. Or maybe they were slightly different. He always did like wearing a stupid trench over anything else.

When he turned, however, Dean knew. He didn’t need tests. He didn’t need blood to be drawn. He didn’t need a blade. Without realizing what he was doing, he began to close the distance. Right in that moment, that distance of a few feet felt like a few inches. He was done. So done with everything, prepared to not come back.

Dean spoke with every step. “You…”

Dean nearly tried to convince Billie before he was thrust back. “Son…”

Two feet. “ Of a…”

“Bitch” Dean collided with shoulder’s first, both arms moving to wrap around the other man’s form and hold on tightly. “You son of a bitch,” his voice finally broke.

He heard Sam’s footsteps get closer, but what made more of an impact was the other man’s arms match his own and pull Dean closer. He could practically hear the heartbeat underneath the other man’s chest.

“You son of a bitch,” he mouthed into the crook of the other man’s skin, fully aware his face was not wet because of any sweat or otherwise.

He still had yet to say something, anything. But his phone call had said it all. 

Two words, simple words he’d never thought he’d hear again in that gravely voice.

Just a few hours earlier, Dean was dead in more than a literal sense, lost. And now, his angel pulled him out. 

They both needed wins.

They had won.


Person A: C can’t say a pick up line even if their life depended on it-

Person C: Correction! I totally can.

//2 hours later//

Person C beside Person B on bed watching a movie as bffs: *picks up B’s phone*

Person B: What are you doing?

Person C: *secretly presses ringtone and phone rings* Hello?

Person B: I said, what-

Person C: Oh? Hm, okay. I’ll tell ‘em. *covers phone speaker*

Person B: C, who was that?

Person C: *grins* Heaven just called. They want their Angel back.

Person B:

Person C:


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First Aid Basics

I just got certified in CPR and First Aid last month with the American Heart Association. I wanted to share this information with you, because a lot of what we see on TV is not at all accurate as to what you’re supposed to do to actually help someone. Here are some of the topics that were covered:

First Aid Basics

Here are the steps you should follow when addressing a situation where a person may be injured/unconscious: 

  • Check to make sure the scene is safe- you are no help to anybody if you also get hurt
  • If the person is responsive: “Are you okay?”
  • If they are unresponsive, hit their shoulders hard and yell: “Are you okay?” to see if you can rouse them
  • Phone 911 and put the phone on speaker (you can delegate this task to somebody else if you’re not alone)
  • Have somebody get a First Aid kit (don’t leave the person if you’re by yourself unless the 911 operator tells you to)
  • Is the person conscious? Unconscious?
  • Check them for any obvious signs of injury
  • Check them for medical jewelry


  • Time is of the essence! Be decisive and confident. 
  • Don’t be afraid to call for help and assign people tasks
  • You can only perform CPR on a flat service. If a person needs CPR and is on a bed or in a chair, move them to the floor immediately. Don’t worry about hurting their head or anything, if they don’t get CPR immediately, their life expectancy is significantly less. (See my CPR post for full details)
  • Do not move the person unless the area they’re in is unsafe. If you have to move the person, drag them by their clothes and pull them to safety.

Adult Choking

There are both mild and severe cases of adult choking. In a mild case, the person choking will be able to make a sound or cough loudly. Typically these cases resolve themselves. 

  • Ask: “Are you choking? Can I help you?”
  • If the person cannot make a sound or cough in response, they are suffering from severe choking.
  • Walk around back of the person and put your arms around them
  • Make a fist with your dominant hand
  • Place your fist slightly above the belly button and below the chest bone.
  • Grasp the fist with your other hand
  • Give quick upward thrusts
  • If the person is overweight or pregnant, put your arms around the person’s armpits.

If you are unsuccessful in removing the blockage, the person will quickly become unresponsive. You will need to perform adult CPR and call 911.

After chest compressions (see above link) check person’s mouth to see if the thing they choked on is visible. If it is visible, remove it. Never going digging around in someone’s mouth


  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Get a First Aid kit
  • Both these steps can be delegated to someone else if they’re around
  • Put gauze on the wound and apply pressure until the bleeding stops
  • Do not remove the gauze if it’s bled through- this will remove any blood clots that have formed. 
    • If the gauze is bled through, add more gauze on top and keep applying pressure until the bleeding stops
  • Clean the amputated part with water
  • Warp the amputated part with dressing 
  • Put the amputated part in a small plastic bag
  • Get a larger plastic bag and fill it with equal parts ice and water
  • Put the small plastic bag inside the large plastic bag
  • Label the bag with person’s name and time of the injury

Asthma (How to Operate an Inhaler)

People diagnosed with asthma will typically be aware of it and may have an inhaler on them. If someone has an asthma attack:

  • Ask them: “Are you okay? Do you need your inhaler?” 
  • The person will probably be able to give some sort of indication in response
  • If they need their inhaler: 
    • Locate the inhaler
    • Put the medicine (metallic capsule pictured below) in the inhaler if it is not already in there, it will click into place
  • Shake the inhaler to activate the medicine
  • Attach the mouth piece if it’s unattached (not all inhalers have one, it is not pictured below)
  • Remove the cap (cap is darker blue piece pictured below)
  • Have the person put their head back
  • Put the inhaler in the person’s mouth
  • Push down on the canister and have them breathe out slowly
  • They should begin to feel relief immediately, but you should still have them sit down and take it easy for a while
    • Call 911 if they are still having difficulty breathing after the inhaler has been administered

Bee Sting

Usually bee stings present only mild irritation and pain. If the person stung has a severe allergic reaction, you will need to call 911.

  • Get a first aid kit
  • Scrape away the bee stinger and venom sack using a credit card or something similar in nature
  • Wash the affected area with lots of soap and running water
  • Wrap a bag of ice in a towel and place it over the affected area for 20 minutes or until the pain is gone
  • Watch the person for up to 30 minutes for signs of an allergic reaction
    • Call 911 if they present any classic allergy symptoms

Bleeding from Nose

  • Have the person lean their head forward
  • Get a First Aid kit
    • Or have someone else get one
  • Have the bleeding person apply pressure to the bridge of their nose using gauze from the First Aid kit
  • Do not remove the gauze if it’s bled through- this will remove any blood clots that have formed. 
    • If the gauze is bled through, add more gauze on top until the bleeding stops
  • Call 911 if the bleeding lasts longer than 15 minutes

Heat Cramps/Dehydration

Can lead to heat exhaustion! These typically happen when someone is dehydrated and tries to do lots of physical activity.

  • Have the person sit down and cool off
  • Have them drink something with sugar and electrolytes
    • Water will work in a pinch but sugary drinks and gatorade are preferred

Heat Exhaustion

  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Have the person lie down
  • Cool the person by pouring water on them or wetting them with wet cloths until they begin to act normally
  • Have them drink something with sugar and electrolytes
    • Water will work in a pinch but sugary drinks and gatorade are preferred
  • Wait with them until help arrives

Opioid Overdose

My instructor said that these will often happen in an unsafe or an isolated environment. Always check to make sure that the scene is safe- look out for needles. 

Naloxone is used to revive people who have overdosed on opioids. If you find someone who has overdosed on opioids you happen to have naloxone on you and know how to administer it, the American Heart Association recommends that you use it instead of waiting for help to arrive.


  • Yell for help
  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Wait with the person until help arrives


  • Yell for help
  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Perform five cycles of adult CPR
  • Wait for help


Seizures are abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Typical seizure symptoms: spasms, muscle rigidity, and unconsciousness. Seizures typically last between 60-90 seconds before the person gains consciousness. 

  • Do NOT touch the person who is having a seizure
  • Do NOT put anything in their mouth
  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • If there are people around, ask them to get a First Aid kit while you wait with the person having the seizure
    • Don’t leave the person having a seizure if you are alone
  • Move objects away from the person having the seizure so that they don’t knock into them
  • If possible, place a small towel/pad underneath the person’s head
  • If the person starts vomiting, turn them over on their side so that they don’t choke
    • If possible use gloves and an eye mask from a First Aid kit to avoid exposure to bodily fluids
  • After they come to, they may be bleeding from the mouth. 
    • Use gauze from a First Aid kit to stop the bleeding
    • Have them apply pressure with the gauze until the bleeding stops
  • Stay with the person until help arrives


Splints should be significantly longer than the injured area. They’re used to constrict movement, so the person is injured should not be able to move freely once the splint is applied. Splints are use to treat broken/dislocated bones. It’s very difficult to tell if a bone is actually broken or just dislocated, so don’t worry about it and just splint the thing.

  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Get a First Aid kit
  • Both these steps can be delegated to someone else if they’re around
  • Put on gloves/eye glasses from the First Aid kit to avoid contamination from bodily fluids
  • Cover exposed wound area with gauze
  • Do not remove the gauze if it’s bled through- this will remove any blood clots that have formed. 
    • If the gauze is bled through, add more gauze on top until the bleeding stops.
  • Place a strip of rigid material underneath the injured area
  • Use gauze/dressing from the First Aid kit to secure the splint by wrapping material above and below the injured area
    • Never tie material directly over the injury
  • Have the person stay as still as possible until help arrives


Strokes are caused from blockage/bleeding from things like blood clots. Typical signs of a stroke: face drooping (or numbness), arm weakness (or numbness), and speech difficulty. There is nothing much you can do except wait with the person and try to make them comfortable until help arrives.

  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Note the time that the stroke symptoms began (this will help hospital technicians)
  • Stay with the person until help arrives


Some First Aid kits will come with a pre-made tourniquet. If your kit does not have a tourniquet you can make one fairly easily. Tourniquets should only be used for injuries where the person is squirting blood. No squirting blood? Use a splint.

  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Get a First Aid kit
  • Both these steps can be delegated to someone else if they’re around
  • Put on gloves/eye glasses from the First Aid kit to avoid contamination from bodily fluids
  • Fold cloth or a bandage so that it’s long and an inch wide
  • Wrap the the bandage/cloth two inches above the wound
    • Never apply a tourniquet bandage/cloth on a joint (like elbows or knees). 
  • Find a small stick
  • Place the small stick atop the cloth/bandage and tie it there
  • You can now turn the small stick to tighten the cloth/bandage
  • Have the injured person lay down and try to move as little as possible
  • Do not remove the tourniquet- even if the bleeding stops.
  • Wait until help arrives.

“No, sorry Lance I can’t hang. I’m out of town for the week. Sorry dude.” Pidge sounded far away on the phone. That was alright, she was always busy anyway. He’d called Shiro then.

“Nope. Sorry Lance. Keith and I are out of town.”

“For how long?”

“About a week?” That was cool. They were probably sucking face anyway, he didn’t need to be there for that.

“Allura do you wanna go to-”

“Lance, stop calling everyone. They told you, we’re out of town.” She cut him off rather harshly. Lance could hear someone say her name in the background to which she responded with a “what?”

“Wait, where are you guys?”

Allura came back to the phone and answered him as if he should have already known. “On a cruise. We’ll be back in a week. Lance we’ve been planning this for a month so if you could–”

“WAIT YOU LEFT ME OUT OF A CRUISE?! WHAT THE HELL ALLURA?!” Lance yelled into his phone. “Put me on speaker.” His mind ran in circles over all the reasons they left him out of a trip.

“Lance, can you chill? We didn’t think you’d want to come.” He could practically hear Keith roll his eyes.

“What gave you that impression?” Lance caught his voice wavering with each word he spoke. He was upset they left him out of a cruise and didn’t even tell him they were going in the first place. They purposely did this to him.

“Well we’re going to Cuba and we know how much you complain about the heat and bugs so we just thought you wouldn’t want to go.” Keith answered.

Lance nearly dropped the phone. He was in complete and utter shock.

He put the phone back to his ear and started cursing them out in Spanish feeling his fingers cramp from clutching the phone so hard now.

“Woah- Lance slow down what are you saying?!” Shiro’s voice was clear.

“I WAS BORN IN CUBA YOU DICKS.” He finally said with the tears choking him. He wheezed and coughed. “I have family in Cuba! And you’re going on a fucking cruise?! You didn’t ask me!”

“Lance we didn’t know-”

“BECAUSE YOU NEVER ASKED. Hunk knew– Wait where’s Hunk?” Lance had realized Hunk was the only one who hadn’t spoken to him.

“I’m right here Lance. I asked them why you weren’t coming and they told me you didn’t want to. It was odd but I didn’t call you. I’m sorry.” Hunk tried to explain but everyone knew he was just as guilty as the rest of them.

“Some fucking friends you are.” He almost hung up before he heard Keith one last time.

“Why the fuck are you so upset? Look, we’re sorry, we didn’t know. You can’t blame us–.” Lance never hung up the phone so fast before in his life.

He was angry, he was sad, and most of all he felt abandoned. They didn’t know where he was from despite him always talking about it, they didn’t think he’d want to come because he’d complain?

It doesn’t matter. He’s got other friends he doesn’t need them anyway. He doesn’t…

Get the Girl [Klaus Mikaelson x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: (Y/n) Salvatore is kidnapped by Klaus while Elena is kidnapped by Rebekah. The Salvatore must choose between which of the two lives and comes back while the other dies. They pick Elena and (Y/n) feels betrayed. Klaus takes pity on her and spares her life on the condition that she live with Mikaelsons. She accepts and bonds with the family, especially with Klaus.

Word count: 3358

Warnings: swearing, Salvatores being jerks

Request HERE.

Originally posted by malachaisangel

You walked down the stairs of the Salvatore boarding house in your pajamas to find your brothers and their friends scheming.

You rolled your eyes, there was always something wrong in Mystic Falls, and the people in the living room were always involved somehow, “What is it this time?” you asked, sitting down beside Damon.

“We may or may not have pissed of Klaus Mikaelson by killing his big brother Finn.” Your brother, Stefan said, “And we’re trying to anticipate what he is going to do in return.” Damon finished.

“Really, you guys? I have an idea! Let’s piss off the Original fucking Hybrid by killing his Original brother. That will not at all have negative side effect that could kill us all!” you raised your hands in the air and looked at your raven-haired brother skeptically, “And you just had to kill Finn, of all of them. The least dangerous one to us! Why not someone Rebekah? She’s much more of a threat! And she’s closer to Klaus. You can’t even do something stupid correctly!” You put your head in your hands, “I can to this right now, I need a drink, or drinks.” You said before getting up and making coffee, adding a hint of alcohol in the mug.

You walked back to them and spoke again, “Well, since you’re already in this shit, I might as well help you guys.”

“No, you aren’t. You are staying very calmly in this house, not going out until we are done with this Mikaelson situation.” Damon said, Stefan nodded behind him.

You threw them a shocked and annoyed look, “Are you guys serious? I know I was turned a bit later than you but I’m still a 160 years old vampire. I’m pretty sure I have as much a capacity to defend myself than Matty-boy over there.” You nodded your head towards the blue-eyed boy.

“Fine, then you can defend yourself here.” Damon replied.

You knew that your brother was stubborn but you were too, “But-”

“No buts, (Y/n). You are staying here, end of story!” Stefan intervened.

Once Stefan entered the fight, it was over, two against one, victory was impossible for you, “Fine!” you yelled, admitting defeat. You stormed back up the stairs, furious.

You decided that, since you couldn’t do anything, you would eavesdrop on their plan. They were going to… use Caroline as bait for Klaus and… verify if they were from his bloodline… You couldn’t be bothered to listen to the rest due to rage against your brothers not letting you go with them. Although, you heard that Elena had also been placed under house arrest, your brother, as much as you loved them, were a real pain in the ass.

You heard them all leave and you ran down the stairs, grabbing your jean jacket when a figure stood before you, “Just the one I was looking for.” He smirked.

Your eyes widened, not expecting this, “Niklaus Mikaelson, I presume? Elena and her protection squad just left. You can go find them elsewhere, I really need to go so, excuse me.” You said before trying to move past him.

He stepped in front of you, blocking your path, “You are not afraid, interesting.” You looked at him straight in the eye, “My dear sister Rebekah is… taking care of Elena. I, on the other hand, am here for you.” Your eyebrows raised in confusion, “I am sorry but, I have to do this.” He said before planting a vervain-filled needle in your neck. You yelled in pain before blacking out.

Your eyes opened, your blurry vision clearing up little by little. You groaned, you tried to move your arms but they were tied behind your chair by a vervain-laced rope, as well as your feet. You were sitting in a wooden chair, in an unfamiliar house. Paintings decorated the walls, you were face to face with a large fireplace, your chair was on a red carpet with an abstract pattern on it. You thought hard about where you could possibly be when your memories of your encounter with the Original Hybrid came to your mind.

“That little shit.” you groaned.

“Ah! You’re awake, love. Good, Bekah and I were about to call your brothers.” You swiveled your head to the right when the British accent spoke.

“Niklaus.” You whispered, “What do you want with me?” you asked.

“You are a what I love the most: revenge.” He grinned maliciously.

“I’m kinda lost here, you know? I’m not a mind reader. What are you going do? What is the great Originals’ evil plan?” you asked.

He laughed at your unwavering snarky personality, “I might as well tell you to pass the time. He shrugged, “Once upon a time, two vampire brothers and his friends decided to annoy a very strong vampire-werewolf hybrid by killing his vampire brother.” You rolled your eyes at how he decided to tell his ‘tale’, “This hybrid and his sister, another vampire, agreed to take their revenge. They knew that the best way to hurt them was to hurt the ones they love.” He continued, leaning towards you, “Their sister and the girl they both loved. Each sibling kidnapped one of the girls and took them somewhere no one could find unless the location was given to them. Both siblings were going to call one brother at the same time, telling them that they had one of their loved ones. They would torture the girls over the phone and force them to pick one.” He grinned, while you were struggling to get out of your chair, “They would be given the location of the girl they would choose and the other one would be kept, or killed.”

When he was done, his phone beeped, signaling that he had received a text, he looked up at you, smiling and stood up, “It’s time, little one.”

He dialed a number and nearly immediately, Damon’s voice could be heard, “Where are they!?” you heard him yell into the phone.

“Calm down mate. Is your brother with you?” he asked, a smirk plastered on his face.

“Yes.” He grunted.

“He should be on the phone right now. Put yours on speaker.” Klaus ordered.

“Why?” Damon asked.

“Because, I have your sister and a stake in my hand.” He wasn’t lying, he held a large piece of wood in his right hand.

You heard your brother making a sound of discontent before the sound of his phone being put down and being on speaker phone, Klaus did the same, allowing you to hear everything more clearly, without having to strain your vampire hearing.

“Hello Nik.” Rebekah’s voice said.

“Hello Bex. Do you think we should explain to the Salvatore brother what is going on?” he asked her.

“Yes, good idea brother, they must be so lost. I must say boys, placing your loved ones under house arrest made the whole kidnapping thing so much easier.” You could practically hear her grinning.

You brothers tried to intervene but Klaus tutted them, “You do not understand, you are not in charge in this situation. Don’t speak unless spoken to. So, here’s what’s going to happen, Salvatores.” He started. Afterwards, he told them what he had just told you. He finished his story too dramatically in your opinion, “So, Salvatores, who’s it going to be? Elena Gilbert, the girl loved by both, or (Y/n) Salvatore, the sister?”

Damon didn’t completely believe him, “You’re bluffing, you won’t hurt Elena, she’s the only way you can make hybrids, Klaus.”

Klaus laughed, “Her body has enough blood to make quite a few more hybrids. If I drain her whole body of blood, and my hybrids survive long enough, I’ll have the time to find the new doppelgänger and use her blood.

Silence. “Sister, I think we should give them a little…” he paused, walking towards you, “encouragement.” He finished before stabbing you in the thigh.

You yelled in pain, blood dripping down your jeans. Your brothers called your name but were interrupted by Elena’s scream of pain and she caught his attention, they kept asking her if she was okay and what had happened.

You realized what was going to happen, tears started streaming down your face while Klaus spoke again, “Pick. You have five seconds until they both die.”

You could feel your brothers’ doubt and whispered, “I get it guys, always get the girl, no matter the price, right?” Knowing that your brothers could hear you.

“We’re sorry (Y/n).” Stefan said before announcing Elena’s name.

You let out a sob. Klaus hung up and walked towards you. You raised to tear-stained face and your (e/c) orbs met his dark ones, if you were going to die, you were going to do it with dignity, “Well, Niklaus Mikaelson, here comes the time when death comes back after I cheated it. I die without anything left but my pride.” You closed your eyes, waiting for death to come.

“I have a few things to ask first.” He said, your eyes opened, “Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine.”

“Okay…” you said, having nothing to lose, “Well, I was 7 years old when Stefan and Damon were turned, my mother died when I was two years old. I had a friend who was a vampire and, when I got consumption, she fed me her blood to ease the pain. There was no more space in my hospital so the doctors decided to ‘terminate’ the terminal patients and I was killed, with her blood in my system. Thus, began my life of vampirism.” You continued, telling him about everything like how you reunited with Damon when you were thrown in the Augustine prison, they had moved you to another facility and how you escaped. You had returned to Mystic Falls after hearing about the animal attack and saw your brothers again. You spilled everything about yourself to the man who was going to kill you.

In return, you learned the whole tale of the big bad Original Hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson. “You are the only one in the world to know my whole story, (Y/n). Please, do not share it with anyone.” He smiled, genuine, kind smile.

You looked at him, confusion in your eyes, “I won’t be able if you kill me.”

“Did you know that you’re the only person other than my family who calls me by my full name?” he asked.

Why wasn’t he answering you? Why did he ask you that?

“No, I didn’t.” you replied, wondering where this conversation was going.

“I like it. But, I must admit,” he leaned towards you, untying your arms and legs from the chair, “I’d rather you call me Nik when we’re alone.”

You had no idea what he was doing or what was happening.

“I have to admit Nikl-” he raised his eyebrows at you, “Nik” you corrected yourself, “I don’t completely understand what is happening right now.”

“I’m not killing you, love.” Relief flushed over you. He lifted his index finger, “On one condition.” You nodded, “You stay with us. I like you and you did not deserve to be treated as such by your own family. I am sure you will get along with the rest of my family, especially Rebekah. We could be your new family, if you’d like. Also, you wouldn’t be able to go out here in Mystic Falls, I can’t lose my reputation of being a man of my word when it comes to threats.”

You got up and grinned, “Don’t worry, I completely understand. Anyways, I don’t want to see any of them.”

You were talking with Klaus. Suddenly, the door opened, you listened the clicking of heels until a blonde-haired form stood in front of you. “Really, Nik? You couldn’t kill her?” Rebekah asked her brother.

“Oh, don’t worry Bekah, I sure you will find her quite fun to be around. I’ll leave you two alone, don’t kill her.” He stood up and left the room.

“So…” Rebekah started. The conversation was small talk at first but, then you got into the good stuff and grew close. Bonding about how annoying being the little sister was.


You kept your promise to Klaus, you had been staying with the Mikaelsons for over three months getting along well with all of them. You had just come back from a shopping spree in the town next door with Rebekah and dropped off your bags in your room. You were headed to the living room when you passed an open door. You had always seen it closed during your time here. Curious, you pushed it open and found a room full of canvasses, some covered in paint, others partly and the rest blank, untouched. You walked around the room amazed by their beauty, you noticed that the style was similar to that of the paintings that hung in the living room.

You heard footsteps coming from behind you. You turned around and saw the Original Hybrid leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed, “Did you paint these?” you asked, gesturing to the canvasses surrounding you, “They’re absolutely marvelous.”

He smiled, “Thank you, love. I find that painting calms me. It has been my hobby for quite some time now.” You smiled back at him, “Well, my arrival doesn’t stop you from looking around darling, go on.” He urged. You blushed slightly and walked around the large room.

“Are you really so arrogant that you just have to hang your own paintings in the house?” you said, returning to your snarky self.

Klaus laughed, “And the moment is officially ruined, love.”

“Firstly, what moment? Secondly, what did I tell you about calling me love and darling? I am not Caroline or any of Damon’s and Stefan’s friends.” You said, still walking around the room.

Your eyes fell upon a painting covered by a white sheet. Interested, your reached towards the sheet.

Meanwhile, Klaus spoke again, “Fine, (Y/n). I won’t call you by anything else than your name are you happy?”

“Yes, quite.” You replied. You grabbed the sheet and pulled it, revealing the painting. Behind you, Klaus’s eyes widened as he ran towards you, but it was too late, you were already staring at it.

It was a portrait on a white background. The painting was a girl with (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair. Your mouth opened slightly in realization. Klaus had painted you. It was beautiful, bringing out your more significant traits, the white background giving you an angelic look. He had managed to represent you perfectly, it felt like watching yourself in a mirror.

You turned around to the Original, “You painted me.” You said, still in shock.

“Yes, I did. Quite obvious, isn’t it?” He said, taking a step towards you.

You didn’t move, “Why did you paint me?” you asked.

“You’re beautiful, (Y/n). How could I not paint you? And, when you decide to leave us for your true family, I’ll have something to remember you by.” This time, it was your turn to look up at him. You were nearly touching.

You looked up at him and cupped his cheek with one of your hands, “It’s a lovely painting, Niklaus. But, you’ll never have a use for it ‘cause I’ll be with you until the end of time.”

You leaned towards him and he did the same. Your lips touched and fireworks exploded on your lips. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you draped your arms around his shoulders. Both your lips fit together like pieces of a puzzle. You pulled away, a smile etched on your face. He grinned at you. Your arms still wrapped against each other.

“What you say about a date, Nik?” you asked.

“I would like that very much.” He replied.

“Now aren’t you glad that you were a creep and painted me?” you joked.

“This is what I mean by ‘ruining the moment’, love.” He said, kissing the top of your head.

“Well, I’ve got to go, I have to see Rebekah about her newest crush Matt.” You told, pecking his lips and leaving a smitten Klaus Mikaelson alone in the room.


You and Klaus had been dating for a month and a half and your relationship was still going strong. Everything had been going great until Tyler formed a rebellion of unsired hybrids and Klaus killed all twelve of them. Tyler had run away before Klaus had managed to kill him so, as revenge, your boyfriend killed his mother and the mayor: Carol Lockwood.

You knew that your ex-friends would want to avenge their friend’s mother, you just didn’t know what they would do in return. You hadn’t expected that they would attack the Mikaelson household. Unfortunately, the Originals had business in another town and had left for the weekend, they had left you at the house.

Which brings you to now.

You were watching a tv show with your headphones on in your room. So, when the band of vampires and humans came into the mansion, you didn’t hear a thing. It was only when they had scoured the whole bottom floor and came up the stairs that you had heard them. You didn’t think anything of it, probably Klaus and Rebekah coming home early.

“(Y/n)?” a voice spoke, not a Mikaelson one.

You turned around from your seat and your eyes met bright blue ones.

“Damon.” You sneered.

“Y-you’re alive.” He stuttered.

“No shit, Sherlock.”

His friends finished checking the house and had come up to the only other source of sound. They all piled into your room. You looked at them; Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy and Matt.

“Wow, you guys really went all out for a plan that didn’t work out.” You said, not bothered by stunned people in front of you.

Your other brother was the next to come out of his trance, “How are you still alive?” he asked.

“Straight to the point, right big bro?” You said.

Damon rolled his eyes, “You haven’t changed at least. Now answer the damn question.”

“Fine.” You huffed, “Well, after the two of you left me to die.” They all looked at their feet in guilt, earning a grin from you, “Klaus asked me my ‘story’. I told him how it wasn’t the first the two of you left me to fend for myself, how I turned into a vampire yada, yada… And he told me his whole story in return. After, he made me a deal: he’d let me live if I stayed with them. So, I, caring for my life unlike you two assholes,” you pointed your fingers, “accepted. And thus, began my friendship with the Mikaelson family. They treated me well, I went shopping Rebekah and had fun chats with Elijah. And that’s the story.” You finished.

There was a long silence before Elena spoke up, “Come home with us, we’ll protect you.”

You grinned, “Well, you see Elena, I like the freedom I have with the Mikaelsons. I also think that any of your friends” you gestured to the rest of the people, “wouldn’t hesitate to pick you over me another time, especially my brothers. And, finally, you can stay with your boyfriends, I’ll stay with mine.” When you finished talking, you saw some jaws drop and some eyes widen which, in turn, made you grin even more, “Oh, right! You don’t know, meet my new boyfriend,” you gestured to the figure behind them, “Klaus Mikaelson.”

You had sent a text with your phone behind your back that was complete gibberish to your boyfriend, knowing that he would worry and come back. You were right.

“Hello, love.” He walked over, placing a kiss on your forehead, “Are these people bothering you?” he asked.

“Yes,” you replied, “I’d like them to leave.”

“Anything for the person I love, especially if the people I’m about to attack broke her heart not that long ago.” He grinned.

Realization crept on their faces and they sent you pleading looks, “Being stabbed in the back hurts, doesn’t it.” You looked at your brother, “Karma’s a bitch.”

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andreil in a hospital?

One of the things Andrew has recently grown more comfortable with is touch. He still doesn’t love it, won’t accept it from most people, but thanks to the cats he’s less likely to jump or default to his knives if something brushes against his legs.

Which is good, because even though the apartment is empty other than them and King definitely prefers Neil, she’s snaking between Andrew’s legs anyway. He stoops slightly to brush her back with one hand—he doesn’t indulge them the way Neil does, but Neil isn’t here to see it, and the cats can’t talk, so ultimately, no harm done.

He needs to stop thinking about Neil so much when Neil isn’t here. It’s a normal occurrence—they both live in Chicago, but they play for rival teams, so their schedules aren’t perfectly lined up. Neil is in Washington this weekend for a game, and Andrew has a home game against Kansas City.

Andrew’s phone vibrates—undoubtedly a text from Neil. He opens it immediately and thinks about how unlikely he is to ever admit to anyone how much he misses Neil. Except for maybe Neil himself, and only if he was on his deathbed or something.

Neil’s text reads, good luck tonight! and is accompanied by a selfie of him and Dan. Cute.


The game is a brutal one, even from between the goalposts. Andrew takes a nasty hit during a brawl early on but doesn’t get benched until the second half, when a fourth ball clatters hard enough against his helmet to leave his vision swimming.

He resolutely does not check the score for Neil’s game—he’ll find out via phone call as soon as it ends anyway, or else a reporter will ask him about it as they leave or someone will announce it to the entire court (crosstown rivals and all that)—and so it’s not until his phone suddenly explodes with messages and tweets that he knows something has happened.

A call breaks through it—from one Dan Wilds, who is currently with Neil, which must have something to do with his phone being swamped with notifications—and he manages to answer it before it, too, disappears into the mess.

“What is it?” he says.

“Andrew? You good?”

He hates niceties and small talk, especially when they get in the way of his finding out necessary information. “Where is Neil?”

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The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jkguks

Genre : Fluff, romance,comedy,implicit language & sexual innuendos 
Pairing:Jungkook x reader
Length: 13002 words
Summary : This is a series based on all of your first times with jungkook, from your childhood till adulthood


Tell me your thoughts in the comments and ask box :)


“Jungkookie” you raised a seductive brow as you slowly pulled onto his uniform’s tie

“What’s up?” his back was pressed against the wall, questioning your little acts

“Isn’t this uniform a little too stuffy?” you commented “This tie seems to be suffocating you”

“I don’t know…” he pulls your waist closer as he eyed your lips hungrily “Maybe it is?”

“What should we do about this, then?” you lift your head to lock eyes with him

“I don’t know, you tell me” Jungkook trails his fingers dangerously close to your skirt

Jungkook groaned as the vibrations of his phone were continuously heard on his night table. The so-called lazy boy wasn’t catching a single break since senior year began. His obligations and future goals were continuously roaming inside his victimized brain. So many things piling up, waiting for him to achieve them, yet the boy was taking his sweet time, sleeping under the soft blankets of love and pulling them closer against his sturdy body.

“Three more minutes mom” He muttered in his sleep

The phone wasn’t vibrating this time but it started ringing which meant that he had an oncoming call. The boy sat up and kicked his blanket in a fury as he hated being interrupted in his sleeping activities. He was having the best dream in a while yet someone had to interrupt his perfect fictional fantasy of getting it on with his long time crush.

He growls before burying his face back onto his pillow as his long fingers reached the electronical device to answer the call. It didn’t take long before he gave a reply that made the recipient’s heart drop and soul’s leave from their body. In fact, Kim Taehyung was always bound to get tangled in a mess when it came to his best friend Jungkook.

“KIM TAEHYUNG, YOU SON OF A DUMB FUCKIDY FUCKIDIDOO, WHAT’S UP?” Jungkook ran a hand through his hair in frustration

“Well damn, seems like someone is not in the mood to talk to me” Taehyung felt taken aback “and what was it? Fuckidy-doo? The fuck is that? You may think you’re being swag right now, but fuckididoo is not happening, just like fetch never happened”

“Look here, you stylish looking brat” Jungkook growled on the other side before clenching his fist “You just ruined the most amazing dream I ever had in my entire life” Jungkook faked a sob

“Did you just call me a brat? I was born before your ass even got out of the oven” Taehyung argued back “What was your dream?! Was it spicy~~~~” Taehyung squealed on the other line

“There’s no way I’m telling you. I’m keeping it to myself so that it actually becomes real” Jungkook rolled his eyes before adding “Sorry to break it out to you but you’re a jinx, Kim Taehyung”

“I’m a jinx? Yeah, you definitely had some sort of kinky dream” Taehyung chuckled “Who was the chick this time? Selena Gomez? Oh!!! Was it Ariana Grande?  You have a thing for brunette girls these days”

“I don’t have a thing for brunette girls, what are you saying? When did I ever say that…” he sighed before ruffling his hair

Jungkook had a type for the past few months and it always changed a few weeks in and out. He was smitten over blonde girls with slim bodies barely three months ago and now he found his new obsession with curvy brunettes. They apparently seemed like the kind of girls who’d teach him a thing or two. All of this was a misconception and even if Jungkook did had a preference for certain hair colors, he never had the guts to ever approach a girl or to stutter a single word if that girl in question wasn’t you. 

Truth had it that Jeon Jungkook was only comfortable around you. He was used to your presence, your scent, your hair color, your clinginess and your comments. Having a type was a thing, but Jungkook tried getting his mind off of you for the past two years, which is why he fell into an ideal type abyss. He didn’t even had an ideal type to begin with , he just wanted to have reason as to why he wouldn’t have to ever develop deeper feelings for you.

“Ayyy…you thought I’d fall for that?” Taehyung shot on the other line “It was definitely a steamy dream. Spill the bean and share the goods with me”

“I dreamt of cows and sheeps running in a field! Happy now?” Jungkook replied

“The fuck? Isn’t that a conception dream? “Taehyung half shouted “Bro, who the fuck have you knocked up? DID YOU MAKE SOMEONE PREGNANT?!”

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The Game (Ethan Dolan)

part two: read the game part one here

Musical Inspiration: Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova; Too Good at Goodbyes Acoustic by Sam Smith

Originally posted by tuesdaygirl8055

I walked over to my couch putting on a movie I’d already seen a thousand times. I just got comfortable when my phone lit up with a text from Ethan.

Ethan: Sorry I haven’t messaged you Grayson and I hung out today, hope your evening is free babe.

: oh geez, for what? hopefully nothing near water this time!

Ethan: remember when I said I had some tricks up my sleeve? well you’ll see tonight princess.

: well what should I wear?

Ethan: well nothing would be preferred, but something dressy will work I guess (;

: seriously Dolan remind me why I like you again?

Ethan: you’ll see tonight beautiful pick you up at 7:00.

I smiled looking down at my phone. I had an hour to get ready. I went to my closet trying to find the perfect thing to wear. Ethan was winning this game but I wasn’t going to be the only one falling. I decided on a white pencil skirt and a black and white checkered shirt with black heels. I quickly took a picture sending it to Ethan.

: this work for tonight babe? (;

Ethan: are you trying to kill me? Damn baby I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself.

I laughed reading his text. Suddenly there was a loud knock on my door. I checked the time seeing it wasn’t 7:00 yet, Ethan must be early. I couldn’t fight the smile that appeared on my face as I opened the door. However, it wasn’t Ethan standing on the other side but Grayson.

“Grayson, what are you doing here?” I asked letting him inside my apartment.  

“Ethan is going on another date with that girl, so I thought we could have a movie and pizza night, but it looks like you already have other plans. What are you so dressed up for?” He asked setting down the pizza he brought.

“uh, it’s um.” I stuttered but I was choking on my words.

“wait, do you have a date?” Grayson asked staring at me.

I could literally feel the air getting caught in my throat.

“me, a date pfft, real funny Grayson.” I said awkwardly rubbing the back of my neck.

“then what are you all dressed up for? You look really pretty by the way.” He said taking a seat on my counter.

I glanced at the clock, 6:50. Ethan would be here in 10 minutes.

“uh we were going to have a girls night, but you know what I can just cancel.” I said running over and grabbing my phone. I quickly sent a text to Ethan.

: Grayson showed up at my place wanting to hang out, what should I do?

I quickly got a reply from Ethan.

Ethan: just ditch him, tell him you already have plans.

: I can’t just ditch him Ethan, he bought pizza and a movie already.

Ethan: well I planned out a whole date…

“I mean if you had plans, it’s fine. I’ll eat this pizza and watch a movie by myself.” Grayson said.

I felt bad. I didn’t want to disappoint Grayson or Ethan. I wish I could be in two places at once!

“awe G, I don’t want you to be alone.” I said frowning.

I quickly sent another text to Ethan.

: I don’t want to disappoint either of you, I’m so torn E.

I seriously didn’t know what to do. my phone vibrated with another text from Ethan.

Ethan: I was really looking forward to tonight. :(

I frowned looking at his text.

“It’s okay, I can tell you really want to hang out with your friends tonight, but you’re mine tomorrow so don’t make any plans!” Grayson said suddenly standing in front of me.  

“are you sure G?” I asked still feeling horrible.

“I’m sure.” He said smiling.

“tomorrow we’ll have a best friend day, I promise!” I said giving him a big hug.

Grayson wrapped his arms around me giving me a tight hug.

“good, I miss my best friend!” Grayson said laughing.

“I’ll always be here for you G, no matter what.” I said punching his shoulder lightly.

He smiled before picking up his pizza and walking to the door.

“have fun tonight, but not too much fun.” He smirked waving goodbye.

I waved goodbye before pulling my phone out and texting Ethan again.

: get your cute butt over here and take me on a date

Ethan: but what about Grayson?

: I told him I had plans and he understood. I mean if you don’t want to go on our date now..

Ethan: I’ll be over in 10

 I smiled as I quickly ran out the door pushing the elevator button. Of course with my luck the elevator wasn’t working. I took off my heels skipping down the stairs. I was out of breath when I finally made it all the way down the stairs. I walked out the door seeing Ethan standing there with a bouquet of roses this time. Ethan had on a dress shirt and dress pants, honestly he looked extremely handsome.

“wow you look so beautiful.” He said walking up to me.

“damn E, you clean up nice.” I said rubbing a hand down his arm.

“shall we?” He asked offering me his arm.

I laughed slipping my arm through his. He led me to the car opening my door like a gentlemen. He ran around getting in the drivers seat.

“so what do you have planned?” I asked.

“it’s a surprise.” He said smirking at me.

“last time you said it’s a surprise I almost drowned.” I said laughing at the memory.

“but you didn’t did you?” He said joining in on my laughter.

“no some guy saved me before he went all asshole on me because he was jealous of his twin brother.” I said smirking at him.

“that guy sounds like a douchebag never heard of that guy.” Ethan said laughing.

“how was hanging out with Grayson by the way?” I asked concerned for my friend.

“it was good, I missed him. He really adores you, you know that right? I don’t know where he would be right now if it wasn’t for you.” Ethan said looking at me.

Grayson and I met when he was going through a really rough time. He was really unhappy and he struggled to find the joy in things. He says I talked him out of it, I don’t know how but I was happy I could help him.

“He’s pretty great too.” I said smiling.

“but not as great as me right?” Ethan asked with his signature smirk.

“oh I get it. that was like a joke, except not funny.” I said smirking at E.

“I was starting to think you ran out of insults for me.” He said pulling up to a stop sign.

“you know being a bitch is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.” I said earning a laugh from Ethan.

“we’re here.” Ethan said turning off the car.

We were at the entrance to the woods.

“are you planning on killing me? Can I at least get a head start?” I asked him seriously.

Ethan laughed before getting out of the car. He walked around opening my door for me.

“trust me, you’ll love it.” He said offering me his hand.

I took his hand intertwining our fingers. He led me down a path which was not easy to walk in heels by the way.

“Ethan where are we going?” I asked laughing as I almost tripped over a stick.

“babe that’s the fifth time you asked me, we’re almost there.” He said laughing too.

Finally I saw a clearing come into sight.

“oh my god, Ethan it’s so beautiful.” I gasped as I looked at the sight before me.

“you think so?” He asked staring at me.

I walked around looking at how much effort Ethan put in.

“Ethan, no one has ever done something this nice for me.” I admitted wrapping my arms around Ethan’s neck.

“I’m glad you like it.” Ethan said kissing my forehead.

I leaned in resting my head on his shoulder. Ethan wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug.

“I thought a lantern lit dinner and then a little star gazing, does that sound good to you?” He asked making me look up.

“it sounds perfect.” I said smiling.

Ethan led me over to the table pulling out my chair.

“How long did all this take you?” I asked once again admiring Ethan’s work.

“I wanted to impress you, is it too much?” Ethan asked nervously.

“E, it’s perfect.” I said grabbing his hand.

Ethan and I ate dinner and talked about little things. I never thought in a million years I’d be here on a date with Ethan Dolan. I also never imagined that I would be falling for him. We were finishing up eating when Ethan pulled out his phone and a little speaker.

“E, what are you doing?” I asked.

He ignored me as he plugged his phone in to the speaker and started scrolling through it. Suddenly my favorite song was blaring through the speaker.

“how did you know this was my favorite song?” I asked.

“I uh heard you singing it the other day.” Ethan said smiling at me.

I could feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

“Falling Slowly sort of describes us right now.” Ethan said extending his hand for me.

I smiled taking his hand. He pulled me off the chair and in to his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his around my waist. We swayed back and forth to the music wrapped up in each others arms.

“sing to me.” Ethan said smiling.

“I can’t sing Eth.” I said laughing.

“please, you have a beautiful voice.” He said leaning his forehead on mine.

“falling slowly sing your melody, I’ll sing it loud.” I sang lightly making Ethan smile.

We stopped dancing as the song stopped.

“this has been the most perfect date I’ve ever been on so thank you Ethan.” I said shyly smiling down at the ground.

Ethan grabbed my chin making me look up at him. He leaned in putting his perfect plump lips on mine. He cupped my cheek deepening the kiss. I put my hands in his hair lightly tugging at the end of it. I pulled away running out of breath.

“you make me crazy.” Ethan said breathing heavily.

“hopefully in a good way.” I said laughing a little but I was still quite out of breath myself.

“in the best of ways.” He said pecking my lips once more.

Ethan pulled out a little blanket spreading it on the ground. He spread out on the blanket before offering me his hand. I took off my heels and sat down relaxing in to him. He wrapped his arms around me and we cuddled on the blanket staring at the stars.

“wow it’s so pretty.” I said looking at the twinkling stars.

I glanced over to Ethan but he was already staring at me.

“the stars aren’t the only beautiful thing here tonight.” He said smiling at me.

“yeah, I think you’d beat them in a beauty contest.” I said smirking at him.

“I was talking about the beautiful girl beside me. It isn’t just her looks, it’s her personality too. I didn’t use to like her because she wasn’t afraid to tell me off but the more I got to know her I found out a couple things. she’s extremely loyal to the people she cares about, she puts others before herself, she has a very good sense of humor, and she has the cutest laugh, that’s the kind of stuff that makes her truly beautiful, and I was really blind to it before.” Ethan said looking at his hands.

I couldn’t help the blush that spread to my cheeks as I watched Ethan.

“that reminds me of this boy I used to hate, I thought the only thing he cared about was hooking up, but it turns out he’s got a lot of depth to him. He’s super romantic, he laughs at all my jokes, he’s actually a really good kisser, but he constantly worries what others think and he shouldn’t because he’s pretty damn near perfect.” I said making Ethan finally look up at me.

we stared at each other for what felt like hours but in reality was only a couple seconds.

“did we just have a break through?” I asked giggling a little bit.

“I think we did.” Ethan said laughing.

Ethan and I talked for a little while longer.

“we should get going, it’s getting late.” Ethan said showing me the time on his phone.

It was midnight.

“you’re right, I’m supposed to hang out with Grayson tomorrow, but don’t get all jealous now.” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

“you’re never going to let that go are you?” He said rolling his eyes.

“nope, now race you to the car!” I said before getting up and sprinting towards the car.

I could hear Ethan quickly catching up to me. I couldn’t control the laughter that spilled out of my mouth. It was always fun with Ethan, he didn’t even have to try. Ethan finally caught up to me, grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder.

“let me down you loser!” I said smacking his butt.

“smacking my ass makes me want to hold on to you longer.” Ethan said laughing.

He got to the car, setting me down on the hood. He stood between my legs rubbing his hands up and down on my thighs. I grabbed the back of his neck pulling his lips to meet mine. Ethan immediately kissed me back slipping his tongue in my mouth. He pulled away both of us again out of breath.

“told you I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands to myself.” Ethan said smirking.

I rolled my eyes before playfully pushing him away from me. He helped me hop of the hood of the car and opened my car door. I slipped in with the biggest smile I’d ever worn. He drove home in silence, but it was perfect. Our hands were intertwined, and every so often we would glance at each other with a smile. I was kind of sad when he arrived at my apartment complex. I went to thank him for the date again but he cut me off.

“don’t thank me, you deserve it. you deserve to be happy, you deserve to live a life that lights you up, don’t ever forget that.” Ethan said.

“goodnight E.” I said leaning in and pecking his lips.

“don’t have too many dreams about me tonight.” He said laughing.

I couldn’t fight how happy I was as I got out of the car and walked in to my complex. I bit my lip thinking about Ethan’s lips on mine. He was perfect, dangerously perfect. It wasn’t just one thing it was everything about him. It was the way he clenched his jaw when he was concentrating, or the way his eyes light up when he laughs, or how he does that little cute half smile.

“ah I remember being young and in love.” A voice says from behind me.

I turn around to see an elderly lady waiting to get on the elevator I was blocking.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly apologized before entering.

“It’s okay dear, first loves are always the greatest.” She said walking in as well.

“how could you tell?” I asked her.

“that smile says it all, but beware first loves are the best but also the hardest to let go of.” She said before getting off on her floor.

Her words sunk in. It was just a game after all, a game that I was losing terribly at. I didn’t care about the game anymore, all I cared about was Ethan. I craved his kiss, his touch, his presence. I craved him because I was in love with him.

“I’m in love with him.” I said slowly.

It was weird and wonderful at the same time.

“I’m in love with him.” I said surely this time.

I just hope he’s in love with me too. I didn’t sleep much that night, my mind was too focused on the thought of Ethan Dolan. A loud knock woke me from my half-slumber. I got up and opened my door to see Grayson.

“thought we could grab some breakfast, my treat.” He said smiling.

“let me change quick.” I said smiling at him.

I quickly put on some jeans and a sweatshirt before walking back out to meet Grayson.

“I’m starving let’s go” I said earning a laugh from Grayson.

Grayson drove us to a local diner where we always ate breakfast. If they had a worlds best pancakes award it would go to that diner.

“how was your night, did you have fun?” Grayson asked taking a bite of his blueberry pancakes.

“it was great, in fact probably one of the best night’s I’ve had in a while.” I said smiling.

“Ouch!” Grayson said shoving me playfully.

“oh shut up you goof, you know I always have fun with you.” I said throwing a blueberry at him.

“geez I can’t take you anywhere.” Grayson said before popping the blueberry in his mouth.

I laughed at him throwing another one at him.

“you seem different.” Grayson said stealing a strawberry off my plate.

“what do you mean?” I asked stabbing his hand with my fork as he reached for another.

“I mean you just seem happier.” He said quickly stealing another strawberry.

“I’m not going to be happy if you keep stealing strawberries from me.” I said glaring at him.

Grayson laughed raising his hands in defense. We finished eating our breakfast, I ended up giving Grayson the rest of my strawberries. He drove me home and we sang to Kid Cudi in our loudest most obnoxious voices. Grayson was obsessed with Kid Cudi, it was kind of adorable. He pulled up to my apartment shutting off the car.

“so uh E and I are having a party tonight, and I would really like it if you came. I know you don’t like Ethan but we can ignore him and just hang out and..” Grayson started rambling.

“of course I’ll come G.” I said cutting him off.

“great, I’ll see you later tonight.” Grayson said giving me a hug.

I got out of the car walking back to my apartment. My phone lit up with a text from Ethan.

Ethan: Grayson and I are having a party tonight, you in?

: G just invited me so yeah I’m in.

Ethan: but that means we can’t hang out right, cause you don’t want Grayson to know.

: Ethan it’s not that I don’t want him to know, I’m just not ready to tell him yet. We can still hang out we just have to make it seem like we still semi-hate each other.

Ethan: I can respect that. I’ll see you tonight.

: see you tonight!

Ethan: oh and Y/N?

: yeah?

Ethan: I semi-hate you (;

: I semi-hate you too <3

I laughed before laying on my couch. I ended up falling asleep due to the lack of sleep from the night before. I woke up a couple messages on my phone from Ethan and Grayson. I opened Grayson’s message first.

Grayson: party starts at 6:00 at the warehouse, don’t worry there will be other girls there

I checked the clock, it was 5:00. I quickly sent a text back to Grayson.

: okay thanks G, see you in an hour.

I opened Ethan’s messages next.

Ethan: Grayson is annoying me.

Ethan: he’s trying his best to make this party perfect.

Ethan: I mean I’m the life of the party.

Ethan: all I have to do is show up.

Ethan: he told me to clean my room.

Ethan: the party isn’t going to be in my room.

Ethan: tell him to stop, I’m begging you.

Ethan: Y/N stop ignoring me I need attention!

Ethan: I feel like a clingy ex-girlfriend.

Ethan: I’m going to stop now.

Ethan: I still semi-hate you by the way.

Ethan: okay goodbye see you later.

Ethan: that was my last message.

Ethan: I mean this message is my last message, goodbye.

I couldn’t stop laughing as I read each text. I typed a reply feeling tears roll down my cheeks from laughing to much.

: dang E, why you so obsessed with me?

Ethan: you make it hard not to be (; I have to get ready, catch you later cutie.

I quickly picked out a pair of jeans along with a sweater and cardigan. I curled my hair and applied some light make-up before heading over to the twins warehouse. I got there a little after 6:00 because I hate showing up early for parties. I walk in seeing a lot of teenagers and hearing loud music.

“Y/N!” Grayson called over the music.

I looked around finally spotting him. I ran over giving him a hug.

“who are all these people?” I asked looking around the room.

I only spotted a few faces I knew like David Dobrik, Zane Hijazi, and Toddy Smith.

“most of them are Ethan’s friends.” Grayson shouted over the music.

speaking of Ethan, I didn’t. see him anywhere. I shrugged my shoulders following Grayson. Grayson and I hung out with David, who brought his girlfriend Liza, Zane, and Toddy.

“you guys are crazy.” I said, my side hurting from laughing too much.

“crazy in love.” David said earning a smack from Liza and making me laugh some more.

“oh my god I’m going to pee myself if I don’t go now.” I said getting up from where we were sitting.

“can I join?" Toddy asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"that’s a solid no.” Grayson said throwing a pillow at Toddy and Zane.

I smiled walking away from the boys and Liza. I heard conversation happening near the bathroom making me stop. I peered around the corner seeing Ethan with a girl.

“seriously Ethan, you ignore me for a week and now you don’t want to kiss me. I’m your girlfriend Ethan.” the girl said crossing her arms across her chest.


“I know, I’m sorry. Come here babe.” Ethan said kissing her.

I could literally hear the sound of my heart breaking. I took a deep breath trying to prevent the tears from falling. I cleared my throat making Ethan pull away from the girl. He looked at me his eyes going wide in horror.

“Y/N I..” Ethan started but I immediately cut him off.

“save it Ethan." I said pushing past him.

I fought through the teenagers finally reaching the front door. At this point tears were streaming down my face. How could I be so stupid? It wasn’t real, none of it was real.  

"Y/N wait please let me explain.” Ethan shouted catching the attention of everyone including Grayson.

I got out the door as quickly as I could but not quick enough. Ethan caught my arm stopping me.

“please let me explain.” Ethan pleaded.

“Ethan, I don’t want an explanation. It’s my fault. I was so stupid for thinking that this was anything but a game. It was just a game after all right, I was the stupid one who let myself fall in love with you. You know I knew you were going to break my heart, but a part of me really hoped you wouldn’t.” I said feeling embarrassed.

“it wasn’t just a game for me either. I mean I had a girlfriend the entire time but I swear everything I said and everything I did, it was genuine.” Ethan defended.

“well congratulations Ethan you won the game but you lost me.” I said walking away.

part three maybe?


Good news- the small child was perfectly enchanted by her mermaid surprise unlike the first mermaid party I did where the birthday girl wanted to be as FAR AWAY FROM THE MERMAID AS POSSIBLE

they wheeled me out on a desk chair which was pretty hilarious but actually worked a lot better than a Throne of Dads

and then omfg to get me in the pool

they put me in one of those disability chairs that you sit in and it sloooooowly lowers you into the pool

so I just sat in it, princess-waving for a full 5 minutes while I’m majestically lowered into the water. hilarious

Unlike the last party I actually was SWIMMING the whole time! They plopped me right into the deep end and I paddled around with the kids (who had floaties on and were swimming with their parents). Birthday girl was more than happy to show Marina the Mermaid how she can dunk her head in the water and jump off the side into her mom’s arms (she had just turned 4). Super cute.


anonymous asked:

can we get a reaction from Alicia and Bob? imagine how proud are they

okay not that this matters to anyone but me, but this is the first thing I’ve written on my brand new stealth computer. 

When Alicia’s phone rings and shows Jack’s name, she’s expecting just a standard Sunday morning phone call. Her son has usually been good about that, except when he’s got a game later that day. Jack does not call his mother, or either of his parents, on game days. Jack claims it’s because they’re both busy people and aren’t always available by phone and what if he calls them before a game one time and then wins because then he’d somehow have to talk to them every time he’s got a game and if they’re in St Bart’s when he’s trying to call and they’re swimming and he can’t get a hold of them then – and at that point in the rambling explanation, Alicia usually cuts him off.

So she has no reason to suspect anything is afoot when Jack calls.

“Hey honey!” Alicia says, automatically putting the phone on speaker so she can keep typing. Her agent’s been driving her crazy with deadlines ever since Alicia turned down the idea of a ghost writer for her memoir. “You know I majored in English,” she had asked, and her agent had looked awkward, and then given her a deadline.

“Hi,” Jack says, and Alicia can hear the soft smile on his face. Something about Eric then, that dear, sweet boy.

“What’s up?” Alicia asks.

“I have some sort of big news,” Jack says, still with the smile on his face, and Alicia stops staring at her screen and starts staring at her phone instead. Soft voice. Talking about Bitty. Big news.

Oh holy shit, Alicia thinks. My son is engaged.

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Wish You Were Here (Tom Holland Smut)

request: i think it was kinda? someone wanted phone sex w tom so here we are i’m too lazy to find it but anon one’s for u babe <3

short summary: tom was a little shit this whole week about the fresh cut and it got u all hot and bothered when he finally posted a pic so u know seeing as u can’t see him phone sex will have to do

length: 1.6k words

warnings: smut

A/N: i’m sorry i know i said i was working on 2 angsty peter fics but i knew i needed to write this as soon as he finally stopped being a snake and showed us that dope cut bc goddamn it looks fucking NICE i’m so s o r r y 
pls forgive me

You toyed with yourself as you paced around your bedroom. Not knowing what exactly to do, you were at a loss. You didn’t want to cave, but at the same time you were beyond caring. The reward would be too great if you would just succumb to your wants.

Tom hadn’t only been messing with his fans all week, but you too. What started as a simple joke tweet had amassed into hysteria in his fandom. He’d initially planned on only waiting a day before showing the world a simple selfie of his new hair cut, but after seeing everyone freak out he decided to take it a step further and mess with everyone for a few days.

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My Protector, p2

Originally posted by roadtoriverdale

Paring: female reader x Sweet Pea

Word count: 1496

Warnings: Cursing, slight stalking?

Season: 2

Request: none, just getting started :)

Short Note: you are Archie’s twin sister but went with your mom when they divorced, but when you came back after your dad got shot, you chose to stay with him and your Brother.

The Tall boy, Sweet Pea I now know, then speaks with a smile.

“(Y/N), you are now an honorary member of the Southside Serpents. Welcome.”

“Wait, what does that mean?” I speak up.

Toni puts the last bandage on my elbow and smiles at me, “This means that the serpents will have your back, no one will be able to get to you without going through us first. You’re basically part of us now, without having to go through all the formalities.”

Nodding my head I try to let this sink in. The Hood is after me for unknown reasons, Archie is basically starting a gang, and oh yeah, I kinda just joined one myself.

“Okay.” I finally find words and start to talk again. “So, if i’m not safe at home, where am I supposed to stay? And the schools not safe, so I can’t go there either. What am I supposed to tell my dad? Archie? I’m kinda freaking out here.” I burrow my head in my hands and take a few deep breaths.

“We will park a car by your house with serpent surveillance 24/7 and will try to have someone to walk you to and from school everyday so you’ll never be alone. As for your dad and brother, just don’t tell them anything. Make them think that everything is normal, that you don’t know anything.” Sweet Pea takes a seat beside me and lays a hand on my back to comfort me.

“Okay, I think I’m gonna go home and change, i’ll just stay home then and say I got sick or something, idk. This is just a lot to take in right now.”

As I stand and start walking a hand grabs my arm, but a lot gentler than before. Turning, I see that it was Sweet Pea.

“Um, did you just hear my speech on always having someone with you? You’re not going anywhere alone, I’ll come with you.” He shifts from foot to foot and I feel butterflies erupt in my stomach. Before I had a chance to respond, Jughead and Toni come over.

“Yeah. we’ll all go, you really shouldn’t be alone right now. Jug, want to ride my bike with me?” Toni asks, Jughead nodded and together they walk ahead of Sweet Pea and I. Before we reached the doors he turned to me. “So I guess that means your with me, have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?” He smirks at my horrified expression. “I’ll take that look as a no, come on, it’ll be fun.” With a smile he placed a hand on my lower back and guided me forward.

The effect that that one small gesture had on me was almost overwhelming. My breath caught in my throat and I swear I was flying for a split second. I had known this guy for less than 30 minutes and I was already falling for him, hard.

He removed his hand when we got to his bike and he handed me a helmet. I shakily placed it on my head and got on the bike behind him. Not sure what exactly to do with my hands he grabbed them and put them around his middle. “Hold on tight, and relax, I just promised to protect you, you don’t have anything to worry about.” Thankful that he couldn’t see the blush blooming on my face I shut my eyes tight and squeezed my arms tighter around him.

The bike roared to life and when he took off I let out a muffled scream, wow, smooth (y/n).

After a few minutes of hiding my face in his back I slowly lifted my head and looked around. Everything was whizzing by so quickly, but the experience was overall breathtaking. With more confidence I let out a laugh and threw my head back, now enjoying the wind rushing past us. I could feel Sweet Pea shaking with laughter in front of me so I went back to holding on tight, now resting my head on his back.

The ride was over all too soon as Sweet Pea followed Toni and Jughead into my drive. Showing them where they could park their bikes so no one would be able to see them, I then took them inside.

“Dad? Archie?” I called into the house, making sure they still hadn’t come home. After not hearing a response I showed them all in.

Looking at the time I saw it was a little before noon, so school wouldn’t get out for a few more hours.

“Um, i’m going to take a quick shower and change, so please make yourself at home.” With that I almost ran upstairs to my room, grabbed a new set of clothes, then proceeded to the bathroom. It wasn’t until I was in the shower that I was finally broke down and cried. Letting the water pour down on me I allowed the tears to stream down my face. How did I get myself into this mess?

When the water got cold I turned it off and stepped out. Getting dressed I examined my minor wounds in the mirror, how do I explain these to Archie? Shaking my head I returned to my room, jumping a little when I saw Sweet Pea laying in my bed.

“Oh shit, sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” he laughed as I rolled my eyes and recomposed myself. “Jughead and Toni went to grab something for lunch, I think Pop’s.”

I nodded and threw my old clothes in the hamper.

“You don’t talk much do you?” He speaks again. I took a seat at the end of my bed before responding. “Eh, Just have to get comfortable around the person first. I’ve also had a pretty weird day so far.” I laugh a little under my breath before continuing. “Thanks for what you did back at the school, agreeing to protect me and all.”

“Yeah sure, I couldn’t just stand by and watch such a beautiful girl fall apart in front of me,” his words made me blush. “Plus, it was the least I could do after I grabbed and hurt your already wounded arm, how’s it looking?” He asked and scooted closer to me, now we were side by side, our legs slightly touching.

I pushed the sleeve of my shirt up and he gently took hold of it, examining it closely. My skin tingled where his fingertips brushed, my breath once again catching in my throat. My hopes of him not hearing it fell when his eyes darted up and met my own. His beautiful brown eyes stared into my own and I subtly saw his head move forward a bit. I’m honestly not sure what would have happened next if we wouldn’t have been interrupted by my phone ringing.

The both of us were pulled out of the trance we were in and I quickly grabbed my phone to see who the ass was that just ruined this. The caller ID was blocked and when I looked up to see what Sweet Pea thought he just shrugged his shoulders, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks.

I slid the answer button across the screen and put the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I answered, an annoyed tone laced in my voice.

“Hello (y/n). Have you gotten my note?” A man’s voice filled my ear and I almost dropped my phone. Putting it on speaker phone I grabbed onto Sweet Pea’s arm and replied.

“Who is this?” though I already knew the answer.

“Oh sweetie, you and I both know you already know who this is, are you really going to make me say it?” Sweet Pea’s eyes widened and he put his hand over my own. When I didn’t respond, the Black Hood took it upon himself to.

“Do you really think that those Serpents can protect you? You really think you can stay hidden from me? You’ve seemed to get really close with the one in your room right now, what’s his name?” I could hear the smile in his voice when Sweet Pea took the phone to hung up for me. He then quickly ran to my window and closed the curtain.

Hearing a noise downstairs he stepped in front of me and pulled out a small knife. Scared out of my mind I grabbed his hand and stayed behind him. We both turn the corner towards the stairs and come face to face with none other than Toni and Jughead.

“WOAH SWEETS WHAT THE HELL?” Jughead takes a step back to avoid being stabbed.

The both of us let out a breath we didn’t know we were holding. Quickly remembering why I was so scared to begin with, I quickly ran to lock all the doors and windows. While closing the last window, I noticed a piece of paper taped to the outside.

“Sweet Pea,” was all I was able to get out. The fear I was feeling was paralyzing.

I felt a presence behind me and felt his arm reach around me to grab the note before closing the curtain.

“Okay, i’m sorry but can someone please explain what tHE HELL is going on here?” Toni spoke up.

“He called.” was all I could muster.

Well here’s the long anticipated part 2! Hope you like it, let me know what you think!!