phone roulette

Not at all, really

Summary: Nope, Dan, as mature as he is, is not jealous at the simple offer of a date Phil was given at the moment.

Genre: Fluffy smut cos why not

Warning: smut, swearing like always

Words: 1, 172 words

A/N: Okay, so first things first. I got my laptop restored. Like, every data gone. Wiped. So I lost a few of my working-on fics(eg ch3 of ginasfs and this) so I literally had to rewrite every. Single. Word. Due to stress, I might post this, and a drabble tomorrow, then the update tomorrow too. I’m really sorry omg (lolzor sorry chamomileteaqueen i just have no friends so i use u instead)

“Hello?” A cheerful voice greeted on the phone. “This is Ally speaking.”

“Ally!” Phil said with zeal. “Congrats, you won the phone roulette!”

The other end of the line went silent for a bit. Then in a moment, squealing can be heard in the background. “Oh my gosh-oh my gosh! I-Is this AmazingPhil?!”

“Bingo!” Dan chimed in.

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