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comic con glasgow today!!! =v= SUUPER fun, had a great time and met a bunch of people as nikki! so many amazing cosplays too, i wish i could have taken more pics! sorry if some are a little blurry or a Weird white line is over it. phone is jacked™. if u see urself here, feel free to let me know and ill tag you!
(ps, last nozomi was a total sweetheart. i hope u got home okay with your bag and stuff!)

You’ve got mail (NSFW)

Rating: Explicit/NSFW Content! 

SummaryRaven sent him a boob pic.
And they are very nice breasts, but he’s not exactly sure what the protocol is for situations like that. He should reply in kind, right? It’s only fair. Some sort of quid pro quo : I show you mine, you show me yours?

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It’s been so long since I last posted and I’m so sorry for that! However, I have great news! My game, Yolhammer, is finally taking steps forward! This is what I’ve got done so far and sorry for the phone pics. I couldn’t figure out how to screenshot in Unity. But yeah I’m using The Unity engine and am having a lot of fun with it! All the art in this game (aside from the water and sky) are made 100% by me and I’m very proud lol. Let me know what you guys think? Ps: I plan to upload what I have for you guys to play around in once I get at least a town with a couple of enterable buildings and interactable NPCs put in. You won’t be able to kill anything but you can check out the sights until you can!

Going in Blind

So I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA on the writing shit, but I did suddenly write something, and thb I think it has something to do with the fact convention season is winding down for me as if legit next weekend.

Please enjoy, this was written at four AM after going through, I’ll post a pic of the inspiration later when I’m not on my phone.

As always I don’t own Will Solace or Nico di Angelo or any of the content they’re from (PJO, HoO, or ToA)


“Hey, Annabeth remember how you told me that guy was great!? Always on time and shit!? It’s been an hour!”

Will huffed at his phone before turning it over, completely disregarding the message Annabeth had sent in reply. However, his phone kept going off, daring a glance at the screen he smirked. Ah yes, multiple quick messages only meant one person to Will, his text-door-neighbor. He’d found the guy by being drunk and dared while inhebriated to text both the numbers that were exactly the same as his, up to the very last digit. The number lower than his didn’t respond.

Will’s mystery Man however did and they’d been talking for months since then.

“So how’s your day going?”
“Mines shit.”
“Per usual.”
“I didn’t think it was possible.”
“But you can be stood up on blind dates”

Will found himself laughing dryly. If only this guy knew. Oh wait! Will could just text back!

“Not only is it possible, but scientifically proven my good Sir. For I have also been stood up on my blind date.”

Somewhere behind Will he heard an unamused voice cuss.

“Well fuck.”
“That really sucks.”

Will looked up to the main entrance of the restaurant and sighed heavily as he wrote back.

“Nothing to apologize for, I’m honestly just gonna go home and sleep for the rest of my day off, which I knew would have been a better use of my time anyways.”

Will heard that same voice chuckle and was going to turn around, but the Waiter walked passed and Will flagged him offering a quick apology and asking for the check to his two coffees he’d had while waiting.

“Talk to you later.”

Will felt so bad for his Mystery Guy, he was a bit of an ass and much more sarcastic than most people might have been used to, but he was also really nice! (Hell he messaged Will the day after his drunken text to make sure he was okay, Will tried to ask his name and introduce himself, but the gent had declined for personal reasons and heck, Will wasn’t going to over step that.)

Thankfully he’d be able to leave soon and just relax and forget this embarrassment, swiftly the waiter returned and from behind Will as he finished paying with cash and leaving his tip he heard the same request. It was the voice Will had heard cuss and laugh to themselves.

He dared and look and needless to say, he probably could have been caught staring, because the man at the table behind him was, attractive would be an understatement.

Inky black hair that was a little choppy and curly licking around the edges of high faintly freckled cheek bones with pale olive skin and large almond shaped chocolate brown eyes, yeah, the guy behind him pretty much just stole his breath away. His only saving grace was quite literally the timing of the front door ringing and Annabeth’s voice. When Will looked up he noticed her not with her usual male company, her Boyfriend Percy, but another blond male with stormy eyes and a scar above his lip. “Will wait.”

“Annabeth he never showed.” Will reminded her annoyed, then paused. “How did you get here so fast?” Then he noticed the coffee cup, from the chain just up ahead at the corner, in her hand.

“Jason?” Will turned back around and, oh, oh Gods it was the attractive looking man speaking.

“Hey Nico,” ‘Jason’ as it was tentatively greeted, “wait. I thought you said Will never showed up?”

Will blinked. Nico stared. Annabeth bursted out laughing. “You two where a table apart this whole time.”

Will looked back to Nico and they were both looking rather in awe at each other. “You’re Will?”

“And you’re Nico,” Will replied, “how did I not see you when I walked in?”

“You weren’t out here when I got here, but you were after I went to the bathroom.” The dark haired male planted his face into his palm. “I never thought to ask…”

Will felt his phone buzz, a reminder that he had a message from his Mystery guy. He quickly took out his phone and typed.

“So, you’re never going to believe this, but my date was right behind me the whole time!”

He sent the message and opened his mouth to apologize to Nico, when the other looked down at his phone. Looked up to Will and simply replied.

“Oh…I believe it.”

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chessy why are u rbing pics of playboy especially with the caption saying rest in pussy you old perv Hefner was Not a great guy I don't wanna create drama so if u don't want to post this I get it but like???

tbh i was on my phone while watching a movie so not really paying attention to either im v sorry and have deleted the post i dont support hugh hefner in any shape or form


I made this skeleton Oc a few weeks ago, kinda forgot to post it. I had wanted to make a skelesona for a while, but my brain didn’t feel like makig normal human skeletons, so used a fruit bat skull as reference, so he’s a bat skeleton monster now. 3rd pic was taken with my phone because the paper didn’t fit in my scanner, I’m sorry if the quality is kinda poor because of that.

Some info about him:

  • He’s very oblivious, dependent, innocent and gullible, yet acts very confident. Doesn’t know much about other species
  • Whatever species he is, they don’t have much concept on gender nor sexuality. He prnouns just seemded to work well enough
  • Has romanticized the idea of “romance” from other species, without fully knowing the implications of it, and turned himself into a smooth talker with great flirting skills. Though, he’s very quick to become a blushing mess when somoen flirts back or gets flirted on.
  • Ectoplasmic powers can enhaance senses and stuff that a bunch of bones wouldn’t be expected to do. Examples of what they look like when used are the 3rd pic and the doodle in the bottom corner of the 2nd. If enough power is channeled, he could hypothetically grow wings and fly.
  • *Forearms and hands are longer than those in a human skeleton, and bones willl start spearating the more ectoplasmic powers are being used. Has additional ribs that cover spine; they are sharp, point forwards, and can serve as a defense mechanism


The most ackward place on Earth

Summary: Sometimes you just need a grand gesture.

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

Notes: A second part to @batlog’s fic The Most Magical Place on Earth Because she said I could. Jason scares me a little because he’s the one I’m most unfamiliar with. So sorry if I got stuff wrong! 

Also this was only a page and a half! Be proud of me people! I can write short stuff!

“Seriously Dick, another selfie?” you asked as your best friend pulled you closer to him holding his phone up. While you were all for a great selfie and let’s be honest, with his height Dick did take great selfies, there was something almost mischievous about the way he kept snapping pics of the two of you.

“Oh come on, Jason will love this one.” Dick chuckled almost manically as he sent another text off. You sighed rolling your eyes as you adjusted your Minnie Mouse ears. While you appreciated the sentiment of your best friend trying to make his brother finally confess his feeling for you there was a part of you that knew it wouldn’t work.

Jason was stubborn.

You had known for a while that he may have feelings for you. While you had given him many hits and encouragements to try to help him get a move on you wanted that grand gesture or even just a gesture at this point.

You could also be a little stubborn.

Shaking your head you went to get two churros for you and your bestie. Sugar always helped when the heart was annoyed.

When you came back you were greeted by the very boy that Dick had been texting all day. Jason was doubled over gasping for breath when he caught sight of you, he straightened up.

“Look Y/N. This isn’t right… I mean Dick is great and all but…. Honestly… you can’t…”

“Hi to you too.” You said handing Dick his churro. The acrobat excitedly took his treat taking a few steps away from you setting in for the show.

Jason took another large gulp of air. “You can’t go out with Dick it just wouldn’t work… I mean look at him.” You both looked at Dick who just flashed a cheesy grin as he munched gleefully on his treat.  

“No offense,” Jason added

“None taken.”

“It’s just… Y/N… I mean, come on!”

You took a thoughtful bite from your churro, was it bad that you were enjoying this so much? Watching Jason all red faced and stumbling over his words while he basically paced in a circle trying to get his words out. Hell, who doesn’t like watching a tough guy squirm from time to time?

“So let me get this straight,” You said licking sugar off your lips, “you don’t want me to date Dick?”

Jason stood there, the situation he had just gotten himself into sinking in, “No…”

You nodded considering this over another bite of your treat, “Well I guess it’s a good thing we never would. No offense Dick.”

“None taken”

You and Jason stood there just looking at each other for a moment. “Was there anything else you wanted to tell me, Jason? Maybe on who I should date?”

Jason rolled his eyes grabbing your arm.

“Would you just shut up and kiss me?”


As you FINALLY kissed the boy of your dreams you could hear the click of Dicks phone followed by a soft chuckle.

Undercover - Jelena One Shot.

Requested by Anon: “Can you make a one shot about like Selena and Justin are dating secretly and that’s why they “disappear” sometimes. So he uses Hailey so people wouldn’t notice but she always get jealous of them cuz she likes Jay but he will kick her ass bc she’s annoying af..”

No One’s POV
“Hey Hailey.”
“What are you doing?”
“Nothing much, what about you?”
“Same..I was wondering if you could hang out with me tomorrow night?”
“Uh yeah, of course!”
“Good! See you tomorrow!”

“Don’t laugh.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m doing this for us, babe.”
“But it’s funny..”
“Maybe just a bit.”
“Are you sure you don’t wanna tell her?”
“It’s too soon.”
“Justin, we’ve been hiding for two months, I think you don’t fully understand the meaning of the word ‘SOON’.”
“And here comes another Soon joke..”
“Those jokes will never get old, but we probably will, waiting for you to tell Hailey that you’re dating me.”
“Okay Sel, I will tell her this week.”
“Good boy.” She caressed his cheek and left a little kiss on his nose. “Anyway, are we having dinner here or are you bringing me out for one of your special getaways?” Selena smirked pronouncing those words.
In the last two months, Selena and Justin secretly met three times a week, sometimes they had dinner at each other’s houses or they had pic-nics in special places Justin knew.
“Getaway. I’m putting our sandwiches in the basket, then we can go.”
“Yayy!” While saying that word, her phone started ringing.
“Shit, it’s Ashley. Shhhh. Hey?”
“Hey Selena, can we come over for the night?”
“Uh, girls, I don’t feel really good..” she faked coughs “I think I got a flu’s kind of bad, I don’t want to start a contagion.”
“Ohh, I’m so, so sorry.”
“If you really want to come, you could come tomorrow.” Selena coughed again. “Okay, okay, see you!”

“I’m so proud of my great actress.”
“Oh shut up, don’t laugh.”
“You were right. It really is fun.”
“Okay, we can go!”
They were fully dressed in black clothes, with snapbacks on their heads. Justin started driving, headed to somewhere new, where he could be alone with his beloved girlfriend.

Selena’s POV
Justin drove to some of his secret places: the last time we went to a lonely tree house at 3 AM and the time before, we sneaked into a high school pool. I just loved going to these places, we felt like the players of a game against the world; if we got caught, we would’ve lost.
Every time it was a completely different place from the time before, a surprise, and I adored his surprises.
I think that his presence was what made these night trips special, if I had gone with my friends, it wouldn’t have felt this way.
“Can you give me a hint?”
“Well, sometimes, I go to this place to write songs, it’s super relaxing.”
“Ooh, I can’t wait to be there!”
Around 9:20 PM the car stopped.
“Now you gotta close your eyes.”
“Umf, okay.”
He started guiding me, I felt the hardness of the ground change. Sand.
I recognized the familiar sound of the waves too.
“Pic-nic on the beach?”
“Nah, everybody does that and we’re not everybody.” He chuckled.
“Right..” I laughed lightly. “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”
I did like he said and I saw a dark cave in front of me, on the shore rocks.
“I got the flashlights, I’m not dumb baby.”
“I beg to differ.”
“Okay, no flashlights.”
“I was kidding!”
“Yeah, yeah right. Wait a minute.”
Justin entered in the cave with his flashlight and a lighter; he started lighting candles around the walls.
“Okay, now it’s much better. Come in.” He offered me his hand and I took it, still amazed by the candle lights.
“When did you put them here?”
“This afternoon…Do you want to ask more questions or eat?”
“Give me those sandwiches.” Justin handed me our dinner and got closer to me.
“I wish I could feel this peaceful every single day.” I put my head in the crook of his neck, our gazes were looking at the ocean, with its waves doing back and forth, just like us, in a way.
“Me too.”
“I think it’s been a while since I told you the last time but..I love being with you. You’re amazing, and I’m so lucky.”
“I am a lucky man too.”
Justin leaned in for a sweet kiss and I kissed him without hesitation. I still felt the butterflies in my stomach when I touched his lips, he was making me fall in love again. We decided to start all over; we were new people and this relationship would’ve been too.
The stars were shining bright on us, and so were our smiles.

Justin’s POV
After long chats about everything, from movies to UFO’s, from music to her sister peeing on her, we got up and got in my car. We didn’t ever realize it was almost 2 AM.
Time flew when I was with her. Gosh, I loved her so much and I couldn’t even tell her how much. When I said I was lucky, I really meant it, who else could’ve believed in me even after all those times I broke her heart?
When I think about it, I feel ashamed of myself, but mistakes can make you learn. I was so happy she was next to me, I was so happy I could kiss her, I was so happy I was her lover again.
“Hey babe.”
“I am happy.”
She smiled, I felt her look on me while watching the road. “I am too.”
We arrived back to my home, I was tired, but not enough to not cuddle.
We undressed, I left only my shirt and my boxers on and Selena left only her panties. It was a hot night.
I held her in my arms as she kissed me; those kisses became more and more passionate, our clothes were suddenly on the floor and I got on top of her. All over my neck and my collarbone Selena left sloppy kisses first and then hickeys, everything felt never-ending, I loved to hear her heart beating on my naked skin; she didn’t take her eyes off me for a single moment and so did I.

Selena’s POV
Justin placed himself between my thighs and started entering; the faster he went, the louder were my moans. I bit my lip in pleasure, and when he kissed me, he did the same; every time was like the first time, I didn’t want to stop, we couldn’t get enough of each other, every move, every kiss, every touch, every caress.

The morning after, I woke up with the sound of some voices, the first was Justin, the other one was…Hailey?! A groan came out of my mouth, it was just 10 AM and she was already annoying the fuck out of me; I tried to eavesdrop their dialogue.
“Ooh bae has had a rough night, hadn’t he?”
“You’re shirtless, I see your hickeys.” She laughed obnoxiously.

Hold the hell up: first, why was SHE calling my Justin “Bae”? Second, why was she here? They had to meet tonight. That girl was testing my patience.
I heard Justin trying to make up excuses, so I tried to make his game easier, I wore his shirt and my panties and got in the kitchen, yawning and stuff.

Justin’s POV
I scratched my neck not knowing what to say, Hailey was staring at me with a raised eyebrow waiting for a reply, when all of a sudden…

“What is she doing here?” Both girls said in unison.
“Me? What about you?” They continued talking in synch.
Hailey was shocked, so Selena looked at me saying “You hadn’t told her yet?”
“Okay, and Selena have been dating for two months now.. again.”
“Again?” The blonde asked.
“Again.” Selena answered, as she walked next to me, Hailey looked pretty angry.
“Do you need something? A snack? Cold water?” My girl blurted suddenly.

Selena stayed silent, went to the counter and started pouring cereals and milk in her bowl, nonchalantly.
“A-anyway..” I said.
“We’re still seeing each other tonight, right?”
“Yeah, I mean, as long as your girlfriend wants you to.”
Selena turned around, “oh, of course I want you to!” and walked away to sit on the couch.
She was so passive-aggressive, I was almost turned on.
“Great then!” Hailey didn’t get her sass, apparently. “See ya tonight, Justin!”
“Have fun with bae!” Selena screamed to her, but I was almost sure she didn’t hear it.
I closed the door, “Damn girl! You’re mean!”
“My best side comes out when you touch my boy. And after all, she had to know.”

Later that day, as planned, I went to dinner with Hailey and a few paparazzi caught us, which was kinda good since I wanted to decrease every possible rumor about me and Selena. The game wasn’t over yet.
“How are you?”
“Pretty much like this morning..” She sighed and I nodded.
“Are you hungry?”
“Me too.”
Hailey looked more distant than the other days, probably because of what happened earlier.
“Is everything okay?” I asked as I ate my last bite.
She stayed quiet for a second. “I wanna say I am, but actually I’m not.”
“Because you, you are using me. You let me down. You don’t really want me as a friend, you just need a shield for you and your girlfriend. I don’t wanna be a thing.”
“What are you talking about? We are friends.”
“But I thought you wanted more!”
“Wait, what?”
“I thought you had feelings for me, but all you did was lie to me and play with me.”
“Hailey.. I- I’m sorry you misunderstood. I see you as a fr-”
“A friend, I got it.” She got up and made a pretty dramatic exit.

Selena’s POV
While I was enjoying my girls night, after explaining the miracles of my “flu medicines”, I received a text, from Justin. “u have no idea of what happened with Hailey, oh my..😂”
I replied “What” wondering what did she do.
“Who is it?” Ashley asked.
“Oh.. My mom.”
After a few seconds, another message arrived. “she got mad saying i was using her and she told that she thought that i had feelings for laughing even tho i feel bad for her?!”
I called him immediately and got out of the room, the girls looked pretty confused.

“What the fuck?”
“I know? What should I tell her?”
“Noth- Sorry, this is too funny.” I started laughing.
“Should I text her?”
“Then what?”
“Babe, why were you two friends?”
“Because she was funny and she seemed a nice girl…and I needed a cover for us.”
“And is she still like that?”
“I don’t think so,” he stayed quiet “I don’t want things to get weird between us though.”
“I don’t want negative people around me.”
“..She became annoying as fuck.”
I lost control of my laugh, “I didn’t mean that, but thank you for saying it.” He laughed with me.
“By the way, I’m going back home, if you want to, you can come over later.”
“Maybe, I’ll let you know, bye.”
Stepping into the room, I noticed that all the girls were staring at me.
“That wasn’t your mother.” Courtney said.
I started having a mental monologue with myself “Should I tell’em? Justin told Hailey, so it might be about tim-“
“Hello?!?” Raquelle snapped her fingers in front of my eyes; I didn’t even realize I was lost in my thoughts.
“Uh, yes?”
“Who was it?”
“So..uhm..I need to tell you something, ehm, I’ve been hiding for the past two months…I’m..I’m..”
“Pregnant?!?” Courtney screamed.
“What?! No!”
“Then what?”
“I’m dating Justin, again.”
“Again.. Please, don’t take me to jail.”
“It’s your choice, we can’t tell you anything.” Ashley smiled “How’s it going so far?”
“Really great, I’m happy.”
“That’s what matters.”
“How did you guys make it? I mean, keeping everything undercover.” Courtney asked a little bit confused.
“We saw each other three times a week and no one had idea. Years of practice.” My smirk turned into a laugh, but it was interrupted by Raquelle’s voice, “So last night you were with him? You weren’t really sick?”
“Uh..yep. Sorry..”
“Damn. We should be mad but I think we’re still trying to get over the shock.”
“Hold up, I still have a question. What about that Hailey?”
I giggled lightly “It’s a funny story..Well, her and Justin were friends- and only that- but he hung out with her more often lately, so no one would have suspects on us.”
“I wonder how you two aren’t in FBI yet. Or maybe you are?”
“No, not yet.”
“Do you have plans with these days?”
“Uh, actually on the phone, he said I could go to his house later..”
“Okay girls, I think it’s time to go!” Ashley shouted.
“Yeah, I gotta clean my bathroom!”
“I gotta feed the cat!”
“You don’t have a cat!” I stated jokingly at Raq.
“Now I have! Bye!”
“Have fun!”
“Use condoms!”
She closed the door while I was speaking. “I guess I should get ready..” I thought.
I grabbed my phone and texted Justin “I’ll be there in 5 mins” and he replied with a smiley face.

Justin’s POV

Around 11 pm Selena knocked on my door, I gave her a kiss on the lips. “You were fast!”
“I told my friends about me and you.”
“It’s all good, they’re happy if I’m happy.”
Hearing her saying I made her happy always hit me, it wasn’t the first time she told me that, but every time her words made me feel so much joy.
“And when I told them you told me to come over, they suddenly were “busy with something”, so basically they left me to let me enjoy my night with you.”
“They did the right thing.” I winked.
“But I’m tired..”
“It’s okay baby, let’s go upstairs.”
“I’m too tired. I don’t even feel like walking.” Selena pouted, her voice was imitating a baby one.
“Okay..” I carried her upstairs, bridal style.
“You’re the best boyfriend ever.”
“Yeah, sure.”
She chuckled, I was faking being mad, but I just couldn’t resist, her smile was too cute, I loved when she wrinkled her nose.
“It’s bed time!” I said letting her down on the bed; Selena grinned as she placed her head on the pillow. I got next to her, hugging her from behind.
“Yes baby?”
“I love you.”
She hadn’t told me yet since we were back together, as I said before, we were starting all over.
“I love you too Selena.”
Our hug got more tight than before as we slowly fell asleep.


here it iiiiis! im sorry it took too much, but i had technical difficulties with my laptop lol and i apologize if there’s some mistakes, love youu alllll! let me know what you think in my inbox:)


Garrotts diary! I have the international release so there is no stories just his bio in different languages. I was asked to upload the French version of his bio for an anon so here it is! The photos are in order his diary is. First page has the blank photo of him and last page has the photo of Rochelle. I’ll hopefully get the review of the dolls up later tonight! Going to be taking a lot of pics but sorry they aren’t great, I only have my phone camera.

ok update on the Costa Rica trip: so we got there on Friday and walked around San Jose and went to a fruit market and tried a whole bunch of different fruits and they were amazing like best fruit I’ve ever had. On Valentine’s Day, we went white water rafting on one of the top 5 most beautiful rivers in the world and stayed in a mini resort in the middle of the rainforest and it was so beautiful. Today, we white water rafted more and went to a new hotel that’s so cool and basically I love everything about this place. Tomorrow we’re supposed to go horseback riding and zip lining and we’ll be doing a lot more stuff over the next week that I’ll post about. I’ve taken a told of pics on my phone as well as Polaroids and I’ll be posting some on Instagram and here but it’s impossible to capture the beauty honestly. This was really long im sorry but I hope you guys all had a great Valentine’s Day and have a great week!

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Anon: ur latest comic gave me a lady boner oh no

Anon: I needed that dirkjake thank u senpai uvu



Anon:Sorry, but real quick, just wanted to say that the little comic thing you did of Dirk n Jake was cute, n now I can’t stop smiling, how dare, have a good day (Nah but seriously made my night, thank XD ^u^) *Btw rly love you art <3

sdksh you guyss B) (thanks a lot!!)

Anon:Ok, so I’m at school during lunch, I see your post, I open it, I don’t realize my teacher is right behind me, now I’m not aloud to bring my phone to school. Great dirkjake pic tho! <3

omfg I’m sorry hahah

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Sorry if you've been asked before, but how do you take photos of your drawings? If it's on a phone, are there certain settings or filters you use to make your lines pop the way they do?

I take all of my diary entries pic from my iphone 4 so it look like this:

Then I open it up to edit on the Afterlight app which is great. I use the clarity option to make the lines darker, and then put any of the filters that I feel would fit best. (I for some reason favor magnolia or brook and adjust the levels to that)

Then crop and bam post it on instagram and watch people you know in real life read your diary.

and then wait for the people you are talking about realize it’s about them.

it would be interesting.


So I went to the The Blacklist season 3 premier in Astoria on Friday, September 25, 2015. Sorry for the poor quality, these are photos from a camera phone of a giant inflatable screen.

Anyway, a few spoiler pics for you of the underground hideout, Red LYING DOWN ON A COT (**fans self**) the forearms, Dembe and some of Red and Liz on the phone with each other. Yes, she is in that cami most of the show! It’s great…can’t wait for everyone to see it!