A moment of  Relaxation and Reflection - by Dogman707

As the day comes to a close, let us step back to the beginning of the day.
Start the day in a quiet spot for you to relax and reflect on the events in your life.Release the past and focus on the future, the brighter things to come. This is how my day began.

Springtime in Niagara…
The flowers are blossoming, the wind is warm… feels like spring is upon us…

Thank You to everyone for your likes, comments and re-blogs. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you like the images enough to share them with others…


Coast to Coast ~ Shades of Black & White ~ Abstractions ~


Remembering my trip to Spain back in August of 2016. I travelled across the ocean to attend a witch-taught permaculture class at the foot of a sacred mountain in the Basque Country. The Basque goddess of witches and storms that was said to live inside this mountain, and we honored her through song and ritual.

I hope you enjoy this photo set of earthy pictures from my journey! The final photo was my personal alter with a fluorite pillar, a labradorite pendant, and herbs I harvested from just outside my cabin. The night I took the picture of that altar was the full moon, just after our group full moon ritual.