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10 Crystals For Empaths

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to protect and enhance personal energy. They have the ability to focus energy and generate minute electrical currents that interact with the currents in the human body and environment. Crystals are an amazing way to cleanse, amplify, and protect one’s energy.

As a highly sensitive empath, I absorb energy from everything. Not only am I affected by the emotions and attitudes of other people, but I’m extremely sensitive to things like geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress. This often leads to exhaustion, irritability, and overwhelm. 

Geopathic stress: Stress created by electromagnetic radiation, ley lines, and underground water. It’s also present in “sick building syndrome”. Injurious to health, it can affect the immune system as well as the body’s innate psychic protection and may attract ghosts or hold impressions of previous events.

Electromagnetic stress: Disharmony caused by the subtle emanations of electrical, microwave, computer, phone and radio frequencies, as well as power lines.

The following list features 10 of my favorite crystals that have been the most beneficial in managing sensitivities and raising my vibration:


Known as one of the most protective stones, labradorite creates an interface around the aura that filters out energies that are not beneficial and enhances spiritual connection. It allows one to be aware of other’s feelings and emotions without being overwhelmed by them. Labradorite enhances physic abilities, aligns physical and subtle bodies, and strengthens the aura.

Tip: If you’re prone to nightmares and restless sleep, try holding a labradorite palm stone at bedtime. I sleep with one every night and it has helped me immensely. Just remember to cleanse it in-between uses!  

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: rainbow moonstone, black moonstone, spectrolite


Also known as celestite, this high vibrational stone links one to higher realms and stimulates spiritual insights. It facilitates inner peace, helps to disperse anxieties and calm the emotions while promoting clarity of mind. This beautiful crystal heals the aura, assists in conflict resolution, and helps maintain a harmonious atmosphere in times of stress. 

Tip: Try meditating with one of these stones and record any insights you might have in a journal afterwards. I’ve been amazed at some of the profound breakthroughs I’ve had while spending time with this amazing crystal.

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: blue lace agate, angelite, phantom quartz, apophyllite 

Lithium Quartz 

This variety of quartz is a natural antidepressant. Its powerful healing energies gently lift the conditions underlying the depression to the surface, neutralizing ancient anger and grief. It can reach back into past lives to dissolve the roots of emotional dis-ease that is pervading the present life. Lithium quartz is an excellent cleanser for the body’s energy centers and is extremely useful as a healer for plants and animals.

Tip: If feeling lethargic or low on energy, carry a small lithium quartz point with you in your pocket. Lithium quartz can function like an emotional battery for those that are sensitive to the vibration of this stone.

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: quartz with hematite, elestial quartz, vanadinite, zeolite 

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, also known as schorl; protects agains cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, ill wishing, and negative energies of all kinds. Black tourmaline is the most effective block to psychic attack and is extremely efficient at absorbing negative energy. It helps one adopt a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances.

Tip: Black tourmaline is super effective as a gem elixir that can be added to cleansing sprays and used to purify the aura. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: shungite, black kyanite, jet, tourmalinated quartz

Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of unconditional love and forgiveness, gentle rose quartz opens the heart and transforms negative emotions into positive ones. It’s an excellent stone to use during crisis or trauma, as it quickly brings peace. It transmutes negative emotional conditioning and supports positive affirmations. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels and brings deep inner healing and self-love.

Tip: Wear a rose quartz pendant over your heart to promote self-love, tranquility, and emotional healing. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: rhodochrosite, pink danburite, rhodonite, pink petalite, pink kunzite 


A strongly protective stone, especially against electromagnetic and geopathic pollution, as well as psychic attack. Fluorite stabilizes energy and shuts off mental manipulation. This stone cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies and assists in dissolving illusions and negative mental patterning. Emotionally, fluorite has a grounding effect. 

Tip: Place a piece of fluorite on a computer or between yourself and the source of electromagnetic fog. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: amazonite, green aventurine, bloodstone 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones. It helps alleviate fears, soothes an active mind, and promotes emotional calmness. This protective stone gently neutralizes negative vibrations, absorbs electromagnetic smog, and blocks geopathic stress. Smoky quartz is a powerful antidote to stress and assists in tolerating difficult times while bringing in positive energy. 

Tip: To dispel stress, place a stone in each hand and sit quietly for a few moments. Cleanse the stones thoroughly between uses.

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: hematite, smoky elestial quartz, apache tear obsidian 


Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high vibration. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting energy into love. A natural tranquilizer, amethyst blocks against geopathic stress and negative environmental energies. Its serenity enhances higher states of consciousness. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers, and enhances spiritual awareness. 

Tip: Place a cleansed amethyst point towards you to draw in positive energy, and point one away from you to dispel negative energy. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: ametrine, lepidolite, rutilated quartz, lilac kunzite, purple fluorite  


Selenite is a high vibrational stone that is said to occupy the space between light and matter. It’s an excellent crystal for repairing and re-energizing the aura. Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for spiritual work and meditation. Selenite does not allow outside influences to penetrate. A large piece within the house promotes a peaceful atmosphere. 

Tip: Place other crystals, talismans, and pendants on a piece of selenite overnight for cleansing. 

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: dessert rose selenite, peach moonstone, himalayan rock salt


An excellent stone for grounding one in present reality, carnelian is one of the oldest known healing stones. It energizes and restores vitality to the immune system. Carnelian promotes positive life choices and immense motivation, and assists one in trusting perceptions. This is a useful stone for overcoming negative emotional or mental conditioning. It calms anger and assists in banishing emotional negativity, while sharpening concentration. Mentally, carnelian improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception. 

Tip: Carnelian placed near the front door of a home invokes protection and invites abundance.

Stones with similar vibrational qualities: citrine, tigers eye, golden calcite,  orang-brown selenite, amber  

I hope you find these crystals as beneficial as I do. Enjoy!

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01yuta  asked:

hello!! would you mind writing an apartment neighbor au for yuta, taeil and sicheng? i'm really in love with your work by the way and thank you so much in advance! 💓💖

wah how sweet of you!! and sure, no problem!! (some1 asked for sicheng!!!!)
find mark + jaehyung (here) // taeyong + ten + haechan (here) 


  • what is,,,,,cleaning? who made up that concept,,,,,
  • owns like 5000 chargers for different like tech stuff like his consoles, his phone, his microwave, his helicam he bought for no apparent reason except for the fact that it looked cool, probably owns that hoverboard from nct dream??? does he use it??? no???? but it has a charger and all those chargers are tangled right in the corner of his room and it’s a Mess
  • eats in his bed and then says he doesn’t but when sicheng is over with taeyong and jaehyun he feels a crumb under his butt as he’s sitting on yuta’s bed and he was like “what,,,,,,,,,,the heck”
  • owns a wii u and gets super competitive in wii sports resort like,,,,,he doesn’t take games lightly
  • other than that he’s pretty simple. doesn’t own a lot of stuff which becomes a problem because he has like one towel and that towel is in the laundry so he has to run naked from the bathroom to his bedroom
  • and like instead of money gifts he’s just like for the holidays can someone buy me some drapes. mine tore like 4 months ago
  • has soccer memorabilia in his living room but it’s not displayed neatly it’s just a mess of soccer balls he sticks into the shelves and team jerseys and some old photographs from japan
  • his mom sends him photos and he puts those up but that’s like the extent of his decorating 
  • walks around in sweatpants and nothing else and leaves the window open and the neighbors are just like YUTA every time and he’s like sO RRy (never changes his habit tho)
  • and speaking of which you know yuta and he’s really friendly always smiling and you even saw him once dancing to a SISTAR song that was playing in the grocery store you were both in
  • so you’re like you know he’s a cute, silly guy 
  • but what you don’t know is that he’s also LOL player summorname: winwinshyung WHO KEEPS COMING FOR YOU in GAMES
  • and it’s because your apartment building is right above a pcroom and you always go down there to blow of steam but everytime you queue into a game,,,,,,your like ok whatever different people on your team
  • but this one ,,,,,, player,,,,,,winwinshyung,,,,,,,,,will not freakign get off your back
  • and it’s happened like 3 weeks in a row and you just want to know WHO this dude is
  • and it’s by chance that you get up to go buy some snacks and as you’re walking past another booth you see that the person is playing league,,,,,and their summorname,,,,,, oh my god its him ITS WINWINSHYUNG
  • and you try to get a peak of his face but you can’t so you do the old ‘bump into his chair and apologize’ trick and when the person looks up you almost fall over because,,,,,,,,,,,,that’s,,,,,
  • that’s yuta
  • and you’re like WHAT and he’s like oh!! you live in my building and you’re still on the fact that he’s the a**hole from your game like you can’t believe it
  • and you’re like “winwinshyung,,,,,is you?” and he’s like YEAH are you on my team whats your-
  • and you’re like “no im on the opposite team and im going to c R U S H you” and he’s taken aback but you stomp off to your seat and crack your knuckles and you’re like LETS DO THIS
  • and the whole time you’re playing your like “do it so you won’t get embarrassed in front of him. he’s your neighbor. you gotta. do it. kill his TEAM,,,,,,curse him and his,,,,,really handsome face and good gaming skills”
  • but ofc,,,,,,,,,,,you lose and once you get up you’re shocked to see yuta standing there and he’s like smiling and you’re like he’s gonna rub it in
  • but he goes “you did really well!!! i was surprised you could hold me off for so long!!!” and you’re like what and he’s like “that was our team  strategy for me to keep you preoccupied. you were really strong though, we should game together!”
  • and you’re like.,,,why is he being all nice and you wanna be like “bye” but he’s like digging around in his pocket and he’s like “good neighbors should treat each other, want to go get chicken with me?”
  • and he smiles again and you can see how pretty his smile is, how pretty his eyes and skin are up close and you’re like dammit dammit damm i t
  • but you end up in the chicken place sitting with him in one of the outside tables eating together and yuta,,,,,is pretty funny like not only super handsome but with a great personality
  • even though he rubs some of the sauce off on his jeans which makes you laugh into your hand 
  • but it’s like enjoyable,,,,,and you talk about games but also he tells you he’s from japan and you’re like that’s so cool tell me more
  • and you end up only going back when it’s like 2 am and as you’re walking he like
  • steps around you so he’s walking closer to the street and you’re on the inside and it’s such a subtle,,,gentlemen-y thing to do but you find your heart skipping a beat
  • and once you get home he’s like “i hope we see each other soon!!” and you’re like “yeah!! thank you for the meal!!” but before you go inside you’re like “is it true,,,,i heard from some neighbors that you walk around shirtless with the windows open??? are you really like that?” and yuta bursts out laughing and he’s like “why, are you interested in the view?”
  • and you turn scarlet red and you’re like nO I JUST HEARD A RUMOR OK BYE NOW but it’s cute the next weekend you see yuta in the pcroom again and he’s like “hey, you’re gonna play?” and you’re like maybe a bit and he’s like cool tell me when you’re done so we can go on another chicken date
  • and you’re like yeah omg- wait did he just call it a chicken date (he did)


  • always has soft music playing in his apartment 
  • since he has the last name moon and people refer to that as his nickname he got a lot of moon shaped stuff during his housewarming,,,,which is pretty cute like he has a little lamp that is the shape of a crescent moon and some dining wear with a night sky theme and he’s embraced it,,,,he thinks it’s kinda adorable
  • wanted to keep plants but he settled for buying a fake mini-tree and putting it in his living room and covering it in little ornaments that double as photograph frames of pictures of his friends and stuff
  • yuta insisted that his picture be at the top and taeil was like,,,,,,,,,,,sure but when yuta came back for some reason it was haechan’s photo at the top Who Did This 
  • haechan voice: it was not me
  • doesn’t own a bed, lays out a futon when going to sleep and everyone is like that’s so traditonal of you and taeil is like no i do it because i could sleepwalk and end up falling off my bed, hitting my head, and dying
  • taeyong: why is that so specific
  • taeil with the same expression: because i have Fears taeyong lay off
  • likes warm shaggy carpets probably and like big blankets that he can roll himself up into and just sleep,,,,because he always goes to sleep way to damn late
  • the neighbors are always curious as to why his lights are on until like 3 am and it’s actually because he stays up listening to music and playing guitar 
  • makes guests wear slippers inside and all the slippers are different animals and there’s this cute secret side to taeil even though he’s really mature and awkward sometimes
  • and you’ve only really talked to taeil like twice,,,,,once while you two were getting mail and another time when he helped you fix your broken lightbulbs but other than that it’s a very smile-based friendship you guys have,,,
  • until you find yourself sick in bed, literally unable to move because your fever is dragging you into hell
  • and the friend you called like 5242 times isn’t picking up and you only have the strength left to get out of bed, ring taeil’s doorbell and beg him to go get you some meds from the pharmacy
  • and he does because taeil is a good person 
  • but he,,,,,,,,,has no idea how to take care of sick people. the motherly one in his friend group is not Him so he calls taeyong and explains the situation and taeyong is like get them meds, buy some soup from a local place, and then make them tea and taeil is like ok ok got it
  • but then he hangs up and he’s looking at all the medication and he’s like What,,,,,,,,,,,The,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hell
  • and so taeil comes back to your place with like ten bags and you’re like why in the world he need so many
  • and he’s like “i got 20 different meds. 5 different kinds of soup. and some packets of herbal tea, in a variety of flavors im going to read them outloud and make some kind of motion for which one you want ok here we go: raspberry, green tea, lemongrass- ok lemongrass? ok ill go make it”
  • and for someone who doesn’t take care of others a lot,,,,like physically,,,,,taeil works really hard to make you feel better and it’s really sweet
  • even though you don’t hear him call taeyong like ten times just to make sure he’s helping and not accidentally making you worse
  • and taeyong at some point is like “is this your significant other that you’ve been hiding from us or something?” and taeil is like. well he’s like nothing he just hangs up
  • because ok yes maybe he’s trying so hard not only because you know,,,,neighborly love,,,,,but he also thinks you’re cute
  • even when you’re sweaty and sick and coughing and wearing some oversized shirt and your hair looks like a nest
  • he still think you’re cute and wants to get you all better
  • and when he realizes you can’t even hold the bowl of soup and he has to feed you,,,,,you see his cheeks flush red and you think it might be because the soup is hot
  • but taeil is just like bkfgdsw im,,,,,feeding my crush,,,,,ok keep cool moon taeil you’re a manly, cool dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no just scream inside your head nonstop for the next couple of minutes
  • and with taeil’s care you’re back on your feet in like two days and you’re like “i don’t know how to thank you!!!” and taeil is like you don’t have to!
  • but you’re insistent and he’s like “it’s really ok, just if i get sick perhaps you’ll take care of me?”
  • and you agree, because of course you will but you also let it slip out that you wouldn’t mind just taking care of him everyday he’s so charming
  • and taeil is like what
  • and you’re like UM it’s the fever still speaking hahahahaha
  • but taeil is pretty sure you haven’t had a fever in the past few hours so he just smiles to himself hehe


  • universally adored by the entire block. i would even dare say,,,,,the entire neighborhood,,,,,,,province???
  • has a shelf full of chinese movies and books and comics because he misses his home country so much that he’s gotten into the habit of collecting whatever he can find in his native language and his parents will always send a care package when they can 
  • is really proud of where he’s from so he ha chinese charms and items that his parents consider lucky hanging around his house
  • old photos of him in his costumes from dance are up in the living room and he even has some trophies too!!
  • seems like the type that wants a pet but doesn’t have the time so he has a pet fish that’s named after his home province zhejiang (which literally means zhe river which is a good name for,,,,well a fish)
  • keeps his place really colorful and pretty and won’t admit it but has an affinity for stuffed toys,,,,mark got him a little toy dragon once and winwin liked it so much he displayed it on a shelf in his bedroom he’s adorable like that
  • color coordinates his closet (he learned this from the one and only Taeyong)
  • owns a lot of card games,,,,seems like he’d be pretty good at them too because he’d always just have a cute angelic expression so no one would think twice about him having the upperhand but everytime they play they end up losing and doyoung is like winwin is magical and winwin is like “you all lost and owe me fifty dollars collectively” 
  • likes to buy fresh flowers because they smell good so he gets them for his kitchen hehe
  • you and winwin don’t talk much,,,,mostly because you’re always leaving your house in a hurry and he’s not much of a,,,,,open person with strangers a bit shy/???
  • but one day as you’re both taking the elevator up to your floor it suddenly shakes and you and winwin look at each other and then realize that,,,,,,you’re stuck
  • and you have no reception on your phones so you have press the emergency button and wait till someone responds to help you two and that could take literal Hours
  • so you and winwin slide against the walls and sit,,,,,,,,,,,in silence
  • and like 45 minutes goes by of you counting sheep and winwin looking down at his phone and you can’t take the boredom so you’re like “do you wanna play like,,,,,truth or dare or something?”
  • and winwin looks up at you and is like ??? and you’re like “sorry, im just really bad at being bored you can so no though-” but winwin seems intrigued so he kind of sits up a bit and is like “you go first”
  • and he picks truth so you’re like well is it true you’re from china? you know it’s the first question so you go easy on him
  • and he’s like yes truth or dare?
  • and you’re like ok dare and he’s like,,,,,,i dare you to do a handstand and you’re like in this elevator????? now????
  • and winwin is giving you an innocent smile and he’s like sure why not
  • and you’re like ok,,,um,,,,,trying to figure out how you’re going to do this without falling over and looking dumb
  • and winwin is like “let me show you!!” and he just, like water,,,,is able to get his hands on the floor and lift his body up and you’re like holy hell are you dancer??? 
  • and winwin after coming down is like “yes ^^ im happy you noticed!!” and you’re like,,,,,omg
  • but you try at first by walking your legs up the wall which like does not work and winwin is like let me help
  • and he reaches out to hold your ankles but you’re ticklish so you end up kind of kicking a bit and he’s like wOAH and you’re like s O RRy
  • and he’s like you know what let’s skip this dare instead um i dare you to take a really bad selfie and show me
  • and wow ok winwin is way more ,,,,,,, creative than you expect him to be
  • and your time stuck in the elevator is pretty fun until the lights suddenly go out and it’s pitch black inside and you,,,clam up in fear 
  • and winwin is like “are you ok?” because he feels your tense shoulder against his and you kind of lean in toward him and you’re like “im sorry, the dark scares me a bit,,,,”
  • and you can feel the warmth of his arm but you don’t want to be weird and like hide against him 
  • not until he pulls you toward him and your head gently falls against his chest and he’s like “im here. don’t worry”
  • and you’re shocked,,,,,,like he????? is full of so much mystery and charm
  • you thought he was the quiet neighbor too scared to talk with others,,,but he’s actually pretty funny and even,,,,,straight-forward??? it makes you kind of blush
  • also for a dancer he’s so strong,,,,anyway,,,,
  • you stay beside him and when the lights go back up and the elevator begins to move winwin looks down and you peek up at him
  • and you both turn red now that you can see each others faces and he lets you go and you get up to gather your things
  • and when the doors open you’re faced with the technician whose like “sorry i didn’t get here earlier, but hey - did you have fun together?”
  • and he winks and you and winwin are like redder than ever like WHAT NO ,,,,,,, and you both stumble out and go to your doors and the technician just shrugs
  • but you have to hold your bag to your chest once you’re inside because,,,,you still feel the warmth of winwin holding you and it ,,,,,it was nice
  • and winwin is also in his room remembering how nice your hair had smelled, you pressed against his arm,,,,,,,and he has to like shake his head and he’s like,,,,,,,,it’s,,,,what is this
  • he meets up with his friends and he explains that he felt a warmness from you and a warmness in his friends and jaehyun is like “winwin, i think you’re experiencing what we call a crush” and winwin is like i know what a crush is jaehyun,,,,,,,,,but ,,,,,,,,,,,maybe
  • haechan: good plan, get stuck in an elevator again
  • taeyong: no. that is a bad plan don’t do th-

Okarick and Morkise 

(Steins;Gate + Rick and Morty)

So I started watching Rick and Morty the other day and oh.. my.. ~burp~ Gosh!!

Anyway, what are you doing here?! A new ~burp~ episode just came out go watch it!!

BTS reaction to their s/o dropping their phone in the toilet


Mom jin would kick in real fast. The second he heard you scream he came to your rescue, quickly picked the phone up and put it in a bowl of rice. He then washed his hand and stared to yell, saying you needed to be more careful in the future. But when he saw how upset you were he pulled you into a warm hug and told you not to worry.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

“It’s okay, we’ll get your phone back. And if it is broken I’ll just get you another one, don’t worry.”


He was quite surprised when you came running into the Livingroom with your pants pulled down your thighs and a dripping wet phone in your hand. It took him a few seconds to grasp the situation. He rolled his eyes, but then he quickly googled what to do, and followed the tips he found. He was kind of annoyed by the whole thing and told you to be more alert next time.

Originally posted by jeonbase

“Babe you need to be more careful.”


When he heard your scream he instantly became worried and went running to  save you. But he was meet with the image of you leaning over the toilet, with tears in your eyes and one hand down in the toilet trying to pick up the phone. He had to laugh, he simply could not help himself, the situation was to amusing. But he picked the phone up when he saw how upset you were and pulled you into a hug.

Originally posted by chimchams

“Sorry for laughing, I’ll get you a new one.”

Rap monster:

He helped you get the phone out of the toilet and told you to put it in rice. He was getting ready to yell at you for not taking care of your things, but then he remembered the time he left his phone in the microwave and he started laughing hysterically.

Originally posted by ksjknj

“I guess we’re both clumsy.”


Fist he didn’t think much of it, he just helped you pull it out and search for tips on the internet. He assisted you in trying to save your phone and cleaning up the mess. He later tried to imagine exactly how you had dropped it, and when he imagined you sitting down to take a piss only to drop your phone he started to lowkey laugh and blush a little.

Originally posted by jiyoongis

“Jagi, how did you even do this?”


He didn’t say anything, he just helped you pick up the phone, even though he thought it was gross. He knew how upset you’d be and he didn’t want to make it any worse. The phone was a gift from him and many of your memories together was stored on it. He reassured you that he wasn’t mad or disappointed.

Originally posted by toughchim

“Don’t be sad, jagi. We’ll go to the store tomorrow and see if there is anything we can do.”


He laughed his ass off, rolling down on the floor with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t stop laughing or teasing. When you asked him to help you he refused. There’s no way he’ll put his hand in the toilet, not in a million years. But then you gave him one of your famous pouts, and he quietly helped you pick the phone up.

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“You drooped the phone, you’ll pick it up.”

This Weekend in Politics

March 10-13, 2017

  • Kellyanne Conway reaffirmed Trump’s wiretapping claims from last week, suggesting that Trump Tower could have been monitored through phones, TVs, and microwaves. However, on Monday, she was on morning shows and said she had no evidence of these claims.  (WP)(LAT)(IND)
  • Texas’ gerrymandering has been found to be discriminatory and guilty of weakening the impact of Hispanic voters on purpose. The maps were drawn in 2011 by the Republican state legislature. It is likely that this case will go to the Supreme Court. (NYT)(NPR)
  • Republican Congressman Steve King from Iowa made made a tweet that caused public outrage and even criticism from his coworkers on Friday. He tweeted, “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” He later commented it isn’t “about race”. (NYT)(WP)(HILL)
  • New footage shows that Michael Brown did NOT actually rob the store he was accused of stealing from nearly two and a half years ago. (NYT)(IND)
  • Head of the Department of Justice and attorney general, Jeff Sessions, called for 46 attorneys to resign. One attorney, Preet Bharara, chose not to resign but was later fired. A few months earlier, Trump personally asked him to remain in the department. (NYT)(WP)(CNN)
  • In a new study, it was found that the oceans are warming 13% faster than scientists previously thought. The warming rate from 1992 was found to be almost twice as great as the warming rate from 1960.(IND)(GUARD)
Lookism HCs

(Idk it seems to be kind of a trend lately so I'm jumping on the train)

Hyung Suk:

  1. Can relate with Linguini from Ratatouille
  2. Says meme like “me-me”
  3. Liked Bee Movie non-ironically
  4. Follows DIY channels on Youtube
  5. Is too shy to talk in group chats so he just lurks
  6. Thinks that LOL means Lots Of Love
  7. “I think your dog likes my dog”

Jae Yeol:

  1. Faceswaps with pictures of Hyung Suk on Snapchat to see what their future children will look like
  2. Knows who all his friends are by their smell(???)
  3. Dresses up whenever he goes out to walk the puppies just in case he runs into Hyung Suk
  4. Talks about his day with his butler
  5. He goes into his sister’s room to fangirl about Hyung Suk (because even his sister thinks he’s hot lmao)
  6. Has done half the things on his bucket list
  7. One of those things is to marry Hyung Suk

Jin Sung

Min Jin: We’re engaged-

Jin Sung: IN COMBAT!!!!

  1. Goes into Build-A-Bear to make replicas of his enemies and beats the shit out of them
  2. Eats really spicy things to show off even though he cannot take the heat for the life of him
  3. Has a stash of bubble wrap that Min Jin gave him to relieve stress
  4. Really wants piercings but doesn’t get them because “Mom won’t let me”
  5. Likes Madoka Magica
  6. Secretly wants an OT3 with Hyung Suk and Min Jin
  7. “I don’t hurt boys, I don’t hurt girls, I hurt assholes.”


  1. Unfazed when a human dies in a movie but starts sobbing when the dog dies
  2. Believed the “Put your phone in the microwave to make it charge” scam.
  3. Probably has thirty viruses on his computer from free Iphone ads because he wanted to get Bum Jae a surprise present
  4. The only texts he gets are from Bum Jae and his mom
  5. Was the scariest dude at the screening of Finding Dory
  6. Really wants a pair of light up Sketchers

Bum Jae

  1. Shares a textbook with Vasco and leaves the answers under the questions
  2. Watches Let’s Players on Youtube
  3. Has a shit load of inside jokes with Vasco and to a normal person passing by it sounds like their conversations are in gibberish
  4. Uses Wikihow to flirt
  5. His dream is to have a water bed
  6. Doesn’t have any headphones that are big enough for his ears
  7. “It offends me on a personal level that the best friend character never gets the girl.”

@jaestastefulnudes for inspiring me to create this trash

Newton’s Third Law (1/1)

Newton’s Third Law

Rating: T

“Who the hell sends a pregnant lady on a scavenger hunt?!”

Henry is the one who shows him.

Emma makes sure Killian has all the pragmatic knowledge of the 21st century (showers, cell phones, google, photographs, the microwave) and fills him in on contemporary culture via Thursday movie nights with her kid, her pirate, and herself bundled up with pizza and Netflix.

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⇢ bts x hogwarts

part of the BTS x Hogwarts series.
for the other members:
seokjin | yoongi | namjoon | hoseok | jimin | taehyung | jungkook | all 
please excuse the drift of tenses in this post. it’s not painfully obvious (?) but it’s too much to go through and change it- i simply cannot be bothered.
double note:
I think i predicted black pink with this post because if people remember my old blog, i posted this before christmas last year and black pink were not out…yet i included a lisa and a jenny in this post…CALL ME RAVEN

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Tom Headcanons
  • Accidentally microwaved his phone thinking that it was a burrito
  • Cheats at Jenga
  • Likes to eat spicy things
  • Accidentally called  Vorona sexy and she gave him a bruised arm 
  • Went half-broke when Simon pulled him into Russia Sushi and charged him for every piece of food he didn’t even order
  • Likes to play Mario Kart 8 with Shizuo on their days off
  • Has an abnormally large tongue 
  • Goes to art museums on his spare time
  • Loves kids
  • Favorite color is black and orange
  • Offered by Shizuo to smoke e-cigarettes, but passed on the idea. Said that was too much money to spend at the moment
  • Even though he is aware that Izaya is a nuisance, he doesn’t see him as someone who he can’t be friends with
  • While on a routine collection run at work, Tom stepped on a piece of gum and couldn’t scrape all of it off so he had to walk with a sticky shoe for 8 hours
  • Light-weight drinker
  • Thinks he’s one of the “Kool Kids”
  • Likes to have tea and crumpets with Shizuo and have girl talks on their days off
  • Sees Shizuo and Vorona as his best friends
  • Met a girl off a dating website and met her in person just to find out that she was a man, a plain man
  • Is able to break-dance
  • Cheats at Uno
  • Hates war, loves peace
  • Recorded Shizuo beating up some greasy guys behind an apartment building. Showed Shizuo what he did and was surprised because he almost cried :(
  • Gave Shizuo a gift card to Russia Sushi to cheer him up :)
  • Drinks Black coffee
  • Has impeccable handwriting
  • An amazing person overall