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It took a while but I’m pretty satisfied with this ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I wanted to do something with withered Foxy! Tumblr fucked with the quality I’m sorry :’D

Consider brightening your screen or opening the darker images in another tab for a better look!

Original idea : @totallycorrectfnafquotes

Comic by @amel-genius17

Your quotes Inspired me to draw this comic, I hope you don’t mind I draw them :3

I love all your quotes :D ♡ keep up the great work ♡

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Get to know my au better
  • 🍇 - Who is your Purple Guy?
  • ☎ - Who is your Phone Guy?
  • 🔪 - Who is the real killer?
  • 💔 - Bite Victim(s)?
  • 👶 - Children's names?
  • 🐓 - What animatronics are the children inside of?
  • ⌚- How does your time line flow?
  • 💖 - Relationships between characters?
  • 🐰 - FNaF 3 Guard and Phone Dude?
  • 🎤 - Character theme songs? (If you have any)
  • 📣 - Character voice claims?
  • 👥 - Extra characters/Other guards?
  • 👤 - How did the Fazbear business start/who started it
  • 😘 - Are you adding Sister Location to your AU?
  • 👧 - Mun decides what to talk about
  • 😈 - Anon/Asker decides what to talk about

MORE QUOTES FOR @totallycorrectfnafquotes
I thought I was done but there’s just way too many good ones I can’t even-
*coughs* So I kinda have 2 purple guys and I don’t know which I like more…



Who’s your favorite????

Me : ALL OF EM!!!!! Lol

Art, ds & doodle © Amel-genius17

FNAF SL © Scott Cawthon

(Don’t steal! That’s means don’t repost, don’t edit, don’t claim as yours or etc!!) 


I couldn’t find this on my tag on my own blog so I think I heven’t posted this here
Like, what the hell, I drew this before Sister Location came out, I remember drawing Baby basing on the screenshots from the trailer


here’s a big fnaf doodle dump because I can
also fuck the anatomy |D
and i love my designs so much