phone inquiry

so i have a question for everyone! i’m starting to cook more because i’m pushing myself to eat healthier, save money, etc.

the problem is: i am a fish out of water in the kitchen. so! to get me started, what are some easy meals to make using everyday food items? note: i will try anything. (i can look for recipes/food masterposts later, of course, but i’d like to hear from you guys, too.)

Ohhhhhhh... geez

After making inquiries and phone calls to the office, related to applying for the first concentration of non-fiction…

Ten minutes before deadline, I didn’t finish that signature non-fiction sample I wanted to submit. So I made a decision and swap around my concentration choices. I used an aptly prepared poetry portfolio for the poetry concentration and regelated my non-fiction intents to the second concentration.

But instead of that flawed experimental writing sample I really wanted to send, I opted to submit a 4-pg critical essay. Not even close to the 20 page limit.

So I’m applying to the poetry concentration with non-fiction as the secondary concentration. And this wasn’t what I planned. And as you know, poetry concentrations are damned hard to get into.

I hope the school doesn’t recognize me as that annoying question-asker and see the inconsistency of my plans.

On the bright side: Attending webinars to New School actually got me a fee waiver. So no need to pay the $50.

Aw, geez, another deadline in 3 hours time for another program… Now to get back to work. Why do I procrastinate when I know there are consequences?