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REQUEST 124 ~ seduction (smut)

Warnings: Smut, swearing

A/n: Do you want me to make any changes to the way i write? Do you want me to write more gender neutral? Let me know ^.^ Also i feel like i drifted away from the request. 

Dan’s P.o.v:

Warm bodies moving together in sync. Heavy breaths filling the air. Her voice crying out in ecstasy. The feeling of her soft skin under my finger tips helps ignite my senses. That amazing peak building, and building and…

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Back to the Future: Part 8

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: pregnancy, language, fluff, angst, angsty cliffhanger bc I’m a bitch. 

Back to the Future Masterlist


You were in the beginning of your second trimester now, about 15 weeks along, and your baby bump was small but becoming more noticeable with each passing day. Castiel was practically attached to you at the hip, his hand always on your tummy in some way. He was very protective, as always, but even more so as your baby continued to grow.

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Read It, Doll


Happy 100th Birthday, Bucky

@bucky-plums-barnes proposed a little writing game to celebrate the 100th anniversary of James Buchanan Barnes. This is kink #54: Writing a smut fic to each other and reading it to them.

Join ‘100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday’

A/N: I think I must say this is my very first smut, so some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Warnings: smut, oral sex.

Words: 1536. 


“Hey, doll?” Bucky calls as he walks to the couch and plops down next to you, his muscular arm around your frame and pulling you closer to him. You close your book and look at the object in his hands: your notebook. Your smut notebook.

Your eyes open wide. “Where did you get that?”

“I was in my bag and I’ve never see it,” he shrugs. Then looks at you, his pupils blown and licks his lips slowly. “There are some pretty interesting things here, doll.”

“You think?”

His left hand comes to your waist. His fingers caress you through your clothing, but not even the fabric can keep the cold sensation from you.

“Mmhm,” Bucky nods. He dips his head to bury his face in your neck. His hot breath sends shivers all over your body and you let out a sigh. He places an open-mouthed kiss on the sensitive skin behind your left ear. “In fact,” his voice is low and husky, your stomach flips at the sound, “If you want,” he kisses your jaw, “We can,” he kisses the top of your neck, “Try some things,” he kisses your throat, “You wrote,” then he kisses your right shoulder. His lips decent in a wet trail to the valley between your breasts.

You hiss as his hot tongue darts out to lick a firm trail on your right breast, damn too near your nipple, but purposely keeping his distance from it. Only to drive you crazy.

“I’d love that.”

It is all you had to say before his hands travel through your body, an arm around your back and the other behind your knees. Bucky raises from the couch, a grin on his lips. You smile back and wrap your arms around his neck. He walks soundly to the bedroom, where he stops at the center and sets you down, and not letting go of you. Bucky clings to your waist, not letting your body away more than the necessary for you to talk looking into each other’s eyes. He extends his hand, asking for your notebook. You place it on his open palm.

Bucky opens the notebook, but you take it back before he can start reading.

“I’ll choose.”

He grins, his other arm circling your waist again, “Please do, doll.”

You don’t hesitate. You know exactly which smutty fanfic you want to become real.

You take your time to find the right page though, your fingers lingering on each page you touch, your tongue licking your lips that were partly open. When Bucky’s own tongue wets his lips, your knee creeps up, touching the inside of his thighs.

Bucky closes his eyes and inhales sharply. He growls, “[Y/n], have your found the page yet?”

“Humm,” you touch your fingertips with your tongue and flip to the next page, his pupils covers almost all the blue of his irises. “Here,” you hand it to him.

He detangles one hand from you, takes the notebook and reads. “He lays me down on the bed, my head rests on his pillow as he slowly removes my clothes.” Bucky smiles at you and, even though your cheeks have a little blush from the situation, you smile back. He places the notebook on the headboard.

“I have my instructions, doll. Now relax.”

Bucky gently pushes your back until your knees hit the mattress. With both hands on your back, Buck helps you lay down. He places his pillow under your head. His palms roam your skin from your jaw down your waist until he reaches your ankles, where he rests his left hand as the other reaches for the book. You sigh happily. Perhaps this wouldn’t be as uncomfortable as you initially thought.

He removes your shoes and socks, giving each foot a quick rub before setting them on the mattress again. His hands inch up to the hem of your pants, where he works on the button and slid it down your legs, his lips breathing a hot line right after his metal hand.

Bucky is on top of you, shirtless now, with his hands – cold and warm - pushing your shirt up. The sudden and constant difference of temperature draw a moan from your mouth. He uses the strong muscles in his arms to lower his torso to breathe a chuckle in your unclad lower stomach. He rises and continues his work, your raise your arms to help him.

As your bra has a frontal clasp, there is no problem. He takes if off you and tosses it over his shoulder. Bucky caresses your breasts with his fingers, his thumbs quickly massaging your hard nipples and you squirm for a moment. Once again, his palms traces your body from top to bottom, but this time, his mouth places open-mouthed kisses right after his hands. Your eyes close and you sigh again.

He reads, “Once his steel eyes focused on my naked body, his hands separate my legs and he plays like only he knows with my pussy. Doll, prepare yourself.”

You don’t have time to before he lowers himself to your center, depart your thighs with his hands, placing them on his shoulders, your knees lightly bent, and his teeth graze over your core before nipping at them. His hands stroke your smooth skin wherever it can find. He doesn’t warn you before his tongue licks a thick stripe from your opening to your clit.

His long hair tickles your lower stomach, goosebumps tingling all over your body. His tongue starts bouncing your clit, his tongue playing with it.

Your back arches and your hands grab a hold of the sheets.

“Bucky,” you whimper, breathing hard, eyes closing.

His mouth parts from you so he could say, “Read something, doll.”

You scramble through the sheets to found the notebook, opening it at a random page with a yellow sticker (which were your favorites).

His thumb goes up to my breast,” you wheeze, “his thumb finding the swollen nipple almost instantly. He keeps sucking and using his tongue on my bundle of nerves.”

His warm hand does as told, making you mumble. “James.”

He groans, “Doll, your time to read.”


Bucky reaches into the drawer in his nightstand and takes a leather-covered notebook from it. He arches one eyebrow while a sly smile dances on his lips, “You think you’re the only one who writes?”

You hurriedly get it from his hands and open. Your eyes widen. You thought you wrote a lot, but boy, does he have more written fanfics than you do.

“Choose one,” he moans, his mouth kissing down your legs.

You glance over page by page, scamming the words quickly, trying to find one that pleases you. It is so hard to choose, perhaps because they’re so good, and detailed, perhaps because you want to make them all true, and Bucky’s touches on your core with his narrow fingers are not helping you focus. At. All.

So you settle on the last one. Your eyes blurry for a second as he sucks a breath on your clit, and you squirm as his tongue spreads your wetness around you.

She moans as I squeeze her thigs with one hand as the other goes under her leg to hold her stomach. She can’t stop squirming,” you breathe, “Are you a psychic or something?”

Bucky lets out a chuckle, his hot breath tickling your folds. Your feet curl as your back arches once again. His human hand goes under your leg and his hand keeps you still by pressing firmly and gently on your stomach. His metal hand squeezes and caresses your thigh, pressing a certain spot behind your knee. The cold sensation on burning hot skin make you writhe beneath him.

He moans into you and you cry his name, intertwining your fingers into his shaggy hair, pulling at it lightly.

His tongue trails back to your clit, circling around it. Then he moves lower and thrusts into you slowly. His hands firlmy pressing your breast and thigh, his mouth devouring you… It takes no time for you to come undone. His hands travel to your hips, keeping you still as you squiggle.

When Bucky looks up, he decides he is blessed by such a vision. Your eyes are closed tightly, your hair all over the – his – pillow, your chest moving wildly as you breath hard, your breast jumping as you tremble with the overwhelming sensation his touches provide. A sheen of sweat covers your skin, mixing with his own. You are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

Once your climax dies down, you glance at the screen in your phone, pressing the home button to light the screen up. 00:03.

“Hey, Buck?” you call, your voice hoarse, as your fingers card his long hair.

Bucky closes his eyes and hums in acknowledgement.

“Happy birthday.”        

His smile stretches across his face, “Thank you for my present.”

“There’s plenty more coming, Sergeant.”

“Oh yeah?” he uses his arms to hover over you.

“Bucky,” you plead, opening your eyes, “Fuck me.”

If there is one thing in the world Bucky doesn’t need instructions, besides killing people, is how to make you see stars.


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Sleep tight (Christian Yu Scenario)

Request: Christian Yu scenario where you end up falling asleep in his work room while he’s editing a video. Please make it super fluffy - Anon 

A/N: Hi Hi!! My first Christian Scenario whaaat!! lol I hope it turned out alright! I tried to make it really really fluffy! Hope you like it dear anon and yay for first christian scenario!! :D (it turned out kinda short, forgive me please?) ~ Red

Genre: Fluff~

Word Count: 1,334

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anonymous asked:

well I was going to ask for (20) for Zarry but if it doesn't work out any pairing of your choice would be great!

things you said I wasn’t meant to hear

“Haz, I can’t find my keys.” Zayn checks his pockets, his bag, under a few sofa cushions.

Harry pops in from around the corner. He jingles the keys in his hands with a big grin on his face. “I found them.”

“Thanks, babes.” He takes the keys and presses a kiss to his cheek. “You’re so good at finding my shit, dunno why I bother looking.”

Harry shrugs. “A simple Accio always gets the job done.”

Zayn quirks an eyebrow at him. “I don’t… understand what that means.”

“Family joke,” Harry says with a wave of his hand.

He says that a lot, he’s got quite the weird family. Makes sense, Harry’s quite the weird lad. He keeps a toaster in their bedroom and gets a little bewildered by escalators and says things like Accio. And any time he catches Zayn lifting an eyebrow at him, he chuckles and calls it a family thing.

It’s one of the reasons Zayn’s a little nervous to meet them. Not that he’d admit it.

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If I Could Do It All Over Again

Masterpost: {x}

Part: 16/16

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: mentions of death

Word Count: 3,771

Dedication: y’all bc you have to wait

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @mishaisakitten, @embershine0521, @tellchickfilaimqueer , @woahtherebuddyfriend , @gum-and-chips , @tinymugs , @waitwhat-24601 , @hell-yes-puns-and-ships , @jeffersonwiki , @burr-ito , @xfallingsnowx , @aswimmerlife , @bad-l-ands , @firejearthm ,  @cutebridge , @hamil-fandom , @pipindaae , @beafayette , @karmana-stevens-569 , @starfreckledlaurens , @thedisneyderp, @aleciamagic, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @elizahamilton1776, @seiteixnalaicos, @isntthisenoughwhatwouldbeenough, @ichbindeindod, @sassyrickgrimes, @cheerioscheerios, @qwertyfries , @weareallhamiltontrash , @starfallen-keys, @betweeneverytwopines, @drunkenkid 

A/N: I’m sorry I keep updating late!! I am just so busy!!

Alexander’s hotel bed felt just a bit bigger when he woke up in the early morning. At first, he hadn’t noticed. He’d been sleeping by himself for over two-hundred years without a woman in his arms but when he couldn’t go back to sleep for no apparent reason, he realized something was missing.

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take this burden - part 33

[ weak - ajr ]


Roughly an hour after Mo Guan Shan and Jian Yi retired, He Tian and Zhengxi shut off the lights and television and went their separate ways.

Zhengxi found Jian Yi stark naked, spread out across the mattress, fast asleep and smiled.

He Tian found Mo Guan Shan curled up under the blanket, unsure if his state of dress and frowned.

Something in the room felt…off but he couldn’t quite pin it down.

He say the fishbowl down on the desk and wondered how the cat would feel about this.

He crossed the room and crawled onto the slowly deflating air mattress, leaned back against the bedside table and opened the book he’d found on the desk.

Mo Guan Shan’s phone vibrated a few inches from his head, making him jump.

After 6 vibrations it stopped.

It then proceeded to vibrate several more times.
The pattern was different so he assumed it was now text messages.

He Tian wasn’t normally the type to look at someone’s phone without permission, but…

He sat up, checking If Mo Guan Shan was still asleep, and turned around to look down at the phone.

He pressed the home screen.

There were several notifications, one missed call and at least one text from an unnamed number.

‘Mo Guan Shan, I am SO sorry. I…’ and that’s where it cut off.

Mo Guan Shan didn’t have a lock on his phone.

He Tian felt a stab of guilt for betraying that apparent trust.

His own phone was locked with the fingerprint sensor and a random passcode.

He couldn’t check the others texts without showing them as read, but it wasn’t hard to imagine what they said and it was obvious who they were from.

He was tempted to pick up the phone and tell him exactly where to stick his fucking apology, and more tempted to just go to his apartment and fucking beat him to death.

Before he could do either of those things, he forced himself to turn off the screen and leave the phone alone.

He looked to Mo Guan Shan, just a lump under the blanket, and thought about the night’s events.

His lip was nearly healed.

The cut on his cheek was on it’s way to becoming a scar.

He had a job.


A new apartment.

He was safe.

He was taking steps to put all that behind him and this piece of garbage thought he could just wait a few days and crawl right back?

Over his head fucking body.

He Tian tried to stomp out the little sparks of anger and remain calm. Overacting wasn’t going to help, right?

He very nearly succeeded.

Then the phone went off again.

‘Stop being such a little bitch. You’re going to come crawling back to me just like last time.’

God. Fucking. Damn it.

He pulled his own phone from his pocket, copying the number down.

He wasn’t going to do anything…yet. It just seemed like a good base to cover, just in case.

He saved it under ‘S’ and returned to the home screen.

Pulling up his texts, he selected Zhengxi’s name and tapped out a message.

‘Are you awake?’

‘I am now.’

‘Let’s go smoke a cigarette.’

‘Miss me that much already?’

‘Shut up.’

‘Fine. Give me a sec.’

They met on the small porch.

He Tian lit them each a cigarette.

‘What’s up?’ Zhengxi asked taking a drag.

‘She Li is texting Mo Guan Shan.’

‘He told you that?’

‘He’s asleep. I saw it on his phone.’

‘Do i even need to tell you that’s invasion of privacy AND a dick move?

‘You do not, no. It’s not like I went through it or anything. It just kept going off and it was on the lock screen…

‘Whatever you have to tell yourself.’

He Tian rolled his eyes.

‘What do we do?’


‘…seriously? Can’t he get in trouble for contacting him?’

Zhengxi shook his head, exhaling a plume of smoke.

‘He didn’t file a restraining order. He barely filled out a police report.’

‘But we know what happened.’

‘WE do, yeah, but that doesn’t mean anything. He was taken in for for being drunk in public, not for hurting anyone.’

‘But he’s talking to Mo Guan Shan.’

‘Also not illegal.’

He Tian sighed deeply, flicking the butt of the cigarette off the balcony and lighting another.

‘What can we do?’

‘Nothing. It’s not illegal to be a dick.’

‘That’s ridiculous.’

‘Yeah, believe it or not, the justice system can’t read between the lines or prosecute people for laws they haven’t broken.’


‘No, He Tian. There are no buts. Legally, there is nothing I can do about this.’

‘Legally, huh?’

‘That is NOT what I meant.’

‘Sure, sure. So…what’s his address.’

‘He Tian, I’m not getting fired for you.’

‘Some friend you are.’ he teased.

‘Look, in most cases, i would just happen to leave the address written down and unattended, but this is different.’


‘Because this dude needs to have his ass kicked.’

He Tian raised an eyebrow.

‘And I’m great at that.’

‘You’re too close to this.’


‘Meaning, I don’t trust you to stop at an ass kicking, and I really don’t want to arrest you.’

‘So send someone else to do it.’

‘This isn’t funny.’

He Tian had the good grace to pretend he felt bad for bringing it up.’

‘You’re right. I’m sorry, Zhan Xixi.’

I said I didn’t WANT to arrest you.’

He Tian held his hands up in surrender and they let themselves back into the apartment.

Zhengxi gave him a long look before turning away with a sigh and digging the notepad from the door next to the kitchen sink, illegally jotting down some information.

He held the paper out to He Tian, pulling it away at the last second.

‘You know I only have so much pull here, right? I can’t do anything if you get charged with murder.’

‘What about attempted murder?’

‘That’s not funny.’

‘Oh, it’s a little funny.’

Resigned, he handed the slip of paper to He Tian.

‘Please don’t make me regret this. Jian Yi will never forgive me if you end up in prison. For his sake…’

‘I’ll do my best.’

Zhengxi shook his head, defeated.

‘Thanks for waking me up to break the law.’

‘Anytime, friend.’

Zhengxi looked at him sadly and turned away.

He Tian looked down at the address, ignoring the feeling in his gut he’d come to associate with doing something really, really, stupid.

Early Mornings (Calum Hood)

Summary: You wake up to a very eager and lustful Calum who doesn’t want to get out of bed. But he really needs to get to the studio. 

Calum + Y/N (Y/N’s POV) 

Word count: 1,013 

The sound of rain hitting the window echoed throughout your large, nearly empty, bedroom as rain poured from the sky. The sky was a shade of dark blue, as dark, menacing clouds covered it in full. With your face pressed into your pillow, you tried going back to sleep, but the sound of rumbling thunder kept you awake. 

You blindly reached over to your bedside table, searching for your phone. Pressing the home button revealed that it was 6 in the morning, causing a groan to fall from your lips. “15 more minutes,” you quietly whispered to yourself. You bitterly returned your phone to its place on the bedside table and once again burrowed your face into your pillow. 

You felt the duvet that covered you shuffle as the figure next to you turned in his sleep, his bare torso exposed and looking for warmth. You felt his tender hand move across the small of your back and you let out a light sigh as his hand trailed up your back and to the nape of your neck, just below your hairline. He gently massaged your neck with his calloused fingers, relieving you of the tension that lingered throughout your body. 

You turned your head to face the muscular figure that laid beside you. With his eyes still closed, a smile appeared on his face as he felt his fingers trail across your body. You lifted your hand to his chin, gently caressing your fingers against his light stubble. He opened his heavy eyes and pulled your left hand to his lips, where he tenderly kissed your knuckles, brushing his bottom lip against the jeweled ring that he had placed on your finger only two weeks prior, professing his love for you, wanting you to be with him forever. He wrapped his right arm around your waist and gently pulled you to him, burrowing his face into your chest. 

“What time is it?” he mumbled. 


He groaned at your response and pulled you closer to him. He clearly didn’t want to get out of bed, nor pull away from you. He left light kisses against your collarbone as you brushed your fingers through his thick, curly hair, coddling him. Neither of you moved, embracing each other as the sun began to slowly shine through the glass windows. 

The silence of your bedroom was quickly interrupted as his phone buzzed against the bedside table, blasting his alarm. He gripped your waist as the alarm lingered on. 


He lifted his head and gazed into your eyes, exposing the slight puffiness that laid beneath his eyes. You leaned in to give him a peck on the lips, hoping to encourage him to get out of bed, but ended up doing quite the opposite. You loved morning sex, but knew he had to get up for work. Calum began to kiss you more, becoming more rough with each kiss. The palm of his hand moved down your waist to your ass, where he managed to then pull your leg over his side. Lusting for you, Calum began to slowly grind against you, becoming more and more passionate. 

You managed to get out a couple of words between each kiss. With heavy breathes, you whispered, "Calum.. it’s.. really… time… to get… up.” He gently bit your lip as he regrettably pulled away. You watched as his body turned, noticing every curve and toned muscle that was left exposed. His Calvin Kleins revealing his V line that oh so teased you. With his back now turned to you, you slid yourself towards him, now nestling your front against his bare back. You teasingly slid your four fingers under the elastic band of his CKs and slowly moved them around to his front, feeling the fabric against your cold fingers. Calum quietly moaned as he allowed you to pull him closer to you. Your lips slowly made their way from the back of his neck to his shoulder, sending chills of pleasure through his body. He reached over with his long arms and forced his alarm off. He moved his sluggish body to the edge of the bed and rubbed the palm of his hands against his sore eyes. Your fingers had fallen out from his band at this point, but your fingers lingered against his skin, trailing against his lower back. After rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Calum stood up, the duvet,that had once covered his lower half, now falling to the floor. You watched him as he threw on a pair of black basketball shorts and a grey hoodie, forgetting to slip on a t-shirt underneath. He slid on his black converse and messed with his hair a bit in the mirror until he was satisfied with his look. Before making his way to the doorway of your bedroom, he turned his body just enough to take in his view of you. 

“Baby, I’m sorry. Come back. Please,” you said with a pout. Calum loved when you tried to act all cute and innocent, and always gave in. 

He stood at the doorway with his arms open, waiting for you to come embrace him. A smile grew on your face as you stood up, your bare legs now exposed as one of Calum’s t-shirts barely covered your underwear. You walked into his welcoming arms and squeezed your arms around his muscular build, his body warm against yours. He slid his hands around your waist and pulled you in even closer. 

“I could hold you forever,” he said, before kissing your forehead. He slowly loosened his grip and took hold of your hand. “But -" 

"I know,” you said, smiling. “You have to get to the studio." 

And at those words, Calum gave you a sigh and rubbed his thumb against your palm before walking with you to the living room. There, he grabbed his keys and gave you one last kiss before heading out the front door, waving to you as he lifted himself into his car and headed out to his studio session.

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Zootopia/Robin Hood fan fiction TAKE A STAND ch.24 Salut d’amour

(AN/ Hi Folks it’s Garouge / Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reviewed and reblogged the last chapter. Not going to lie folks, I cried a lot writing this one so get your tissues ready. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…..)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 24- Salut d’amour

It was just after 9am when Nick and Judy pulled into the parking lot of the storage locker place on the outskirts of Savannah central, Nick switched off the engine and the both of them got out of the audi convertible and scanned their surroundings to make sure they weren’t being spied upon. “Which locker did Skye said we need to go to?” Nick asked, sounding serious.

“86.” Judy replied, noticing the were stood in the 50 to 60s area. The duo followed the numbers to their desired location, most of these lockers were made with very large mammals in mind like Giraffes and Rhinos making Nick and Judy appear tiny, they finally reached locker 86 and Judy knocked twice on the metal shutter, almost instantly the small mammal sized hatch on the door opened with Jack beckoning them in.

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Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1980

Warning: suggestive but so much FLUFF OMG

note: this is it. the last chapter of rich. i’m may be crying inside because i will miss writing this lovely series. i’d like to thank everyone for giving this series so much love, i cannot explain how grateful i am! i love you all very much and i hope you will anticipate for mayday next! happy reading and take care :) -admin

one year later

I ran down the long hallways of the Paris airport, dragging my small suitcase along with me. The flight to Paris was delayed due to weather conditions hence why I was late for my very own fashion show. Security guards running alongside with me, pointing me to the direction of the exit. With Rose running behind me, I could feel the pressure weigh on my shoulders as we found the exit into the wide open area of the Paris airport. Cameras everywhere, flashing at my face while I tried to pinpoint a way to get out of this place. As fast as I could, I walked alongside security guards as they led me into my car and closed the door, shutting out the paparazzi.

“Drive to the hotel and straight to the venue, please.” Rose demanded the driver once we both settled inside the car.

“No, just the venue.” I stated, waving off Rose’s request.

“We need to get you changed and ready for the show. We don’t have time to stop by the venue.” Rose argued.

“Tell them to meet me at the venue and I’ll get ready with the models. I just need to if everything is planned out perfectly.” I argued back. I heard Rose sigh beside me, knowing that she can’t win against my decision. After all, I am the boss here.

Rose pulled out her phone and started to make last minute phone calls, telling my stylists to meet me at the venue. I pulled out my phone and pressed the home button to face myself with my lock screen background. It was a picture of Jaebum and I with his hand around my waist and his wide smile, dressed up fancy from when his parents threw a party for winning in court against Mr. Park.

With that my mind wandered to Jinyoung. After moving back to Korea, we finally settle my problem with my father’s debt in court. I provided the lawyers with enough evidence to defend my position with Jaebum helping me by my side. In court, I met up again with the Park family and thing time, Jinyoung was there alone and no one else. As usually, he looked strikingly handsome in a suit with his hair swept to the side. I forgave him a long time ago, realizing his actions were to protect me from getting hurt. When Jaebum told me that he got married with the same girl that ruined our relationship, the news kind of tugged my heart. I couldn’t help but think that could’ve been us if we weren’t in this situation. But then I told myself I had a great boyfriend who treated me like a princess.

I let out a breathy sigh as I felt my phone buzz in my hand, interrupting my thoughts. Looking down, I saw three new messages pop up from Jaebum himself.

Jaebum: Good luck today, baby girl. You’ll do great like always. I love you and don’t stress too much.

I smiled to myself, suddenly feeling fuzzy inside. When I started dating Jaebum a year ago, I realized that he never had a proper girlfriend that treated him right in awhile. So going on dates or doing coupley things was something Jaebum wasn’t used to. He told me specifically, on our first date, that he wasn’t use to holding hands with a girl in public because most of his girls were there for enjoyment, not for relationship. Of course, he told me he was willing to change his habits just to have a stable relationship instead of a steamy relationship. But I wasn’t complaining about the steamy part.

“We’re here at the venue ma’am.” The driver spoke up, interrupting my thoughts. 

“(Y/N), we don’t have time to check out the venue. The show starts in three hours!” Rose started to panic.

I waved her off and smiled at her, “Relax, Rose. We’re here and that’s all that matters.”

“I swear, you boyfriend is having an influence on you. A year ago you would be panicking in this situation. Now, you’re all laid back.” Rose scoffed, hopping off the car as I following closely after her.

“Don’t blame this on him.” I laughed at my best friend’s comment. “Jaebum has no influence on me whatsoever.”

“Sure.” Rose rolled her eyes as we entered the venue. “You’ve become more dominant, if you know what I mean.”

I smacked my best friend on the back and gasped, “You’re unbelievable.”

“Ah, Jaebum. Oh my god, right there. Ye-” Rose teased quite loudly, making the people hanging in the long hallways turn their heads to look at us.

“Shut up otherwise I’m firing you.” I snapped at Rose, feeling my cheeks rise up in color.

“Next time, if we’re staying in the same hotel, I’ll have to request a room far away from you two.” Rose stated. I gave Rose a mean look before entering onto the runway. I stood there, looking at the sight in front of me and smiled to myself. After coming this far in life, I could say I was pretty proud at myself. I worked hard, didn’t take any money from any man, and ended up with a nice life. Not mention a hot boyfriend.

Rose and I stayed on the runway, fixing a few problems and making slight adjustments for about an hour. It was until then I heard screams coming from outside the venue, indicating that my models have arrived. I looked at Rose as she flashed a terrified look on her face. Grabbing my arm, she rushed me out of the stage area and into a private change room where my stylists were ready to do my makeup. Rose forcefully pushed me down onto the chair as the girls did their work as quickly as they can on my hair and face.

“About an hour and thirty minutes until show time!” Someone yelled into the change room. I sat up from my chair and took a good look at my beautiful curly hair and simple makeup on my face. Thanking the stylists, I ran to get fitted into a dress Jaebum bought for me a while ago but I never got the chance to wear it. A black ruffled mock-neck cold-shoulder dress fitted with a gold belt and heels was very expensive to get since it was a limited edition. But knowing Jaebum, he got whatever he wanted right under his fingertips.

“Hey, I’m just going to meet with the models and organize a few things.” Rose said, popping her head into the fitting room. “You look great by the way, (Y/N). Jaebum would’ve been happy to see you in that dress.”

“Thanks, Rose. You look good too.” I smiled at her through the mirror. Rose returned a sweet smile before running off to handle the show. Looking down at the ground, I noticed a silver necklace that must’ve fell from my neck while I was quickly changing into my dress. Bending down, I grabbed the necklace and stood up just to suddenly fell arms wrapping around my waist, startling me slightly.

“What the f-” I cursed out loud, my heart racing from the sudden actions until I looked at the person who stood behind me in the mirror.

“Surprise.” Jaebum chuckled, his face resting on top my exposed shoulders. The famous signature smirk plastered on his face as I took a good look at him in the mirror. A classic suit and tie look with his hair swept back made my heart melt. I could never get tired at looking at this handsome man. The sight I fell in love with years ago.

“H-how?” I stuttered, slightly shocked by his appearance. “You texted me three hours ago and there’s no way you could’ve gotten here. The flight I took was the only flight to Paris.”

“I sat at the very back of the plane, same flight as you. It was a rough flight here since children and babies were crying their head off, interrupting my sleep. But I couldn’t sit in first class because you were there.” Jaebum smiled, kissing my exposed shoulder before he took the necklace out of my hands and helped put it around my neck. My heart started to warm up as I gave Jaebum finished putting on the necklace and sent a charming smile through the mirror.

“My poor baby,” I cooed as I turned around, grabbing Jaebum by the face, “The things you do for me.”

“The things you make me do, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked, pulling me closer to him so that our lips were inches away from each other. “Can’t believe I do all these things for you.”

And with that, Jaebum pushed me against the wall of the fitting room and connected his lips with mine. My arms wrapped around his neck as his lips perfectly molded against mine, leaving me breathless. Jaebum broke the hot kiss as his hands pulled down the fabric on my neck. He moved his lips to the sweet spot on my neck and sucked on it slightly, earning a soft moan coming out of my lips. Jaebum brought his lips up again to my mouth with full desire, his hands wandering up and down my waist.

Pulling away, Jaebum gave me another peck on the lips and smiled, “You’re not going to walk the red carpet?”

“No,” I sighed as I fixed my hair in the mirror, “How can I when I’m already inside the venue?”

“You sneak out the back, get a driver to drive you to the front, and then walk.” Jaebum stated, leaning his body against the wall.

“I don’t have a driver.” I pouted at him through the mirror.

Jaebum chuckled under his breath as he got off the wall and stood beside me, “Already taken care of.”

“You planned this out, didn’t you?” I laughed at him as I turned my head to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes, and I planned something special for tonight too.” Jaebum smirked before grabbing my hand and leading me outside the fitting room.

“Oh an what’s that?” I raised an eyebrow at him, knowing full well what he had in mind tonight.

“That’s a surprise for later.” Jaebum winked at me.

I laughed out loud, leaning onto his arm as we walked down the hallways and out the exit in the back. A black car parked on the side, waited for us both as I felt a cold air rush through my body. Jaebum, being a gentleman, opened the door and made way for me to enter the car. It was a short ride to the red carpet as we both prepared ourselves for the cameras.

Jaebum stuck out his arm once we exited the car and I took it as we walked down the red carpet, smiling brightly at the cameras. Stopping in front on the backdrop, Jaebum’s arms snaked around my waist, pulling me to his side as we smiled for the camera. I was too focused on the bright lights to notice that Jaebum’s hand made its way down to my ass, giving it a good squeeze.

“Jaebum, no.” I hissed under my breath, still keeping my sweet smile on my face.

“Can’t help it if your ass looks good from behind.” Jaebum said under his breath, remaining calm in front of the camera.  

“Fuck you, Jaebum.” I hissed, turning my body towards him and looking up at his handsome face.

Jaebum looked down at me and flashed me his famous smirk, his eyes shining in the bright light. His fingers brushed a few stands of my hair to the side, since it covered my face and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

“Fuck me anytime, babe.” Jaebum smirked, pulling away from my forehead. “My rich ass can take you anytime.”

Lean In: Chapter Six

Thank you all for being so kind and sweet. You guys keep me going. Also, if any of you can guess where I got the title from, I’ll give a sneak peek of the next chapter :) 

ALSO! All my Omelia fics, along with the chronological order of the “Lean In” universe, are here (x). For mobile, here is the master post (x).

AO3    FFN

“Do we have to?” Amelia whines, putting her arm in front of her eyes as Owen flips the light switch.

He chuckles at her childishness. “Yes.”

“Like really, really have to?”

“Yes, like we have to go or we’ll lose our jobs.” He walks over to her side of the bed and bends down, pressing his warm lips to her forehead. “You have to wake up,” he murmurs. “We’ve been gone for three weeks.” He gently pulls her arm from its place shielding her eyes. “They’re going to file missing persons reports if we don’t go.” He tugs her hands to get her to sit up. She complies albeit begrudgingly.

Sighing, Amelia sits up and stretches. She knows they have to return to work-they’ve been gone for longer than they thought possible and the hospital board has been more than accommodating, but it’s time to go back. It’s time to go on with life and leave their bubble of relative solitude. Evelyn will be staying with Megan and the timing is just right to get back in the groove. Still, Amelia isn’t ready to give it up quite yet-her and Owen have just started making great leaps in their intimacy, both feeling so close, like they’re on the same page. She wants to revel in it a little longer before reality gets in the way.

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Behind His Back-4

(1) (2) (3)

Trigger Warning: Mentions of past abuse.

Chibs paced the living room of his home, phone pressed to his ear. It had been twelve hours since anyone had seen or heard from (Y/N). There were no charges on her cards, her phone was turned off, and her GPS had been turned off on hr SUV.

“I love you so damn much, I just need to know your safe. I can’t even tell you how sorry I am, please forgive me. I let my own insecurities from the past, cloud my judgement. I know in my heart, and mind you’d never betray me. I don’t want to lose you over this. I trust you my love. Please, please come home, I didn’t go to Reno…”

The phone beeped cutting him off, he let out a curse, he’d already left three other messages just like this one, throughout the night. He hadn’t slept at all afraid he’d miss her call.

He ran his hand through his hair, he had to fix this, make it better, repair whar he broke in his marriage. He laid down on the couch,  his phone withing arms length in case (Y/N) called. He closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.. 

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Smooth - Johnny [3]

A/N: Sorry for the delay guys! I’ve been having some writer’s block and I’ve been busy with school but here it is, part 3! Hopefully part 4 won’t take as long… Lots about Johnny’s background in this chapter hope ya like it :)

-Admin Kay

Pt 1   Pt 2          Pt 4   Pt 5   Pt 6

Part 3 - Johnny

Genre: Informational, Subtle Fluff

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 2,590

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photo op! (saeran x mc/reader)

summary: all you wanted was a cute couple selfie for your lock screen.

rating: 10+ (super mild sexual situations?)

notes: once upon a time, there was a niku who was working on another fic, but she got a small case of writer’s block and decided to write something else for a bit in hopes it would help. what i actually wrote was this as well as a little bit for the continuation for the halloween fic. but then one thing led to another and here we are. i hope it’s not too incoherent and you guys enjoy. 

ps. i s2g i’ll write pure fluff for saeran one day but that day is not today.also i still blame @fabicchi

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Amnesia: Park Jimin

Jimin AU [ANGST]
Song Recommendation:  SISTAR (씨스타) - One More Day
[!]Warning: This AU Fanfic contains graphic depictions of violence, sexual themes, strong language, and/or other mature themes [!]

Right, left, right. Or was it right, right, left? You let out a sigh and fumble with your steps. You slide down to the floor and lie on your back, looking up at the ceiling. Why couldn’t you get these simple steps! You slam your hands on the ground and let out a groan. Sweat sliding down your forehead you quickly swipe it away. “Having trouble?”, a familiar voice rang out followed with a chuckle. You sit up to see Jimin sitting in front of you with crossed legs, making you jump back a bit from his presence and how close he got to you without you even noticing. “J-jeez, Jimin you scared me!”, you stare at him and he smirks.

“- And yes i’m having trouble, I can’t get this stupid move”, you pout. Jimin stands up and he holds out a hand and you take it, he then pulls you up effortlessly. You dust your leggings off and then look at him raising a brow. “Let me help you, I am the best after all-”, you hit him making him stumble backwards a bit. He bites his lip and gives you a dirty look before smirking again. “Common get into your position”, he claps his hands and you do as you’re told.

He starts the music and you start dancing, quite smoothly until the whole right left move comes and you trip over yourself and Jimin bursts out laughing. He stops the music and your face heats up and you immediately look down at the floor. You hear footsteps walking over to you but you refuse to look up anymore than 25 degrees. A finger flicks your chin and you immediately look up. “J-Jimin!”, you furrow your eyebrows and he smiles. “Start with the move before the one you mess up”. You do as you’re told again then mess up again and let out a frustrated sigh.

Jimin slowly walks behind you, he places his hands on your hips. “You’re a bit stiff, be more loose”, his right hand slides down onto your thigh and you stiffen. “Right leg”, his hand slides from the front of your thigh to the back of your thigh and he applies pressure to make you move forward. “Right leg first”, he whispers in your ear quietly. You let his hand move your right leg forward, and a short breath escapes your mouth. His left hand slides down and does the exact same and your left leg goes forward. His hands slide back up and rest on your hips once again. “Now take your right leg and cross it in front of your left leg”, your stiff with your movements but you manage to do it. “Push your left leg back and bend, then twist- so you face me”, he says softly then releases his grip from your hips. You do as he says, when it comes to the twist you do it but you are face to face with Jimin.

Your heart is pounding, and your eyes are locked with his.
“Y/N times up, I need to practice my solo-”, Hoseok barges into the room and spots you two looking at each other. “Ah- didn’t know your boyfriend was here. You must have not got to practice a lot”, He adds on, referring to Jimin. “Hoseok do you need to call me her boyfriend every time you see me, just because I am doesn’t mean I suddenly had my name replaced to that!”, Jimin whines. You look down at your shoes and blush. “Did I interrupt something again”, Hoseok laughs and punches Jimin’s shoulder. “N-no!”, you and Jimin both say ironically at the same time. Hoseok walks towards the laptop to look for his song. “Well- whatever you say, But for now. LEAVE!”, Hoseok runs towards you two and ushers you out of the dance room. Jimin rubs the back of his neck. “I need to stay around here for a couple more hours, I need to practice on my vocals. But! i’ll come by your apartment later tonight! Let’s watch a movie and eat lots of food!”, he takes your hand in his and kisses it dramatically. “Don’t start the movie, without me!”, he says as he walks away into another room. You smile widely. Jimin hadn’t been over in a while.

Once you grabbed all your stuff you managed to catch a taxi.
It had started to rain, while looking out the window of the car you noticed how the rain got slightly heavier. Suddenly you felt sick to your stomach. You had a gut feeling for some reason that something bad was going to happen but you couldn’t put your finger on it. You pull up to your apartment complex and pay the taxi driver, but as soon as you take a step outside of the taxi the feeling in your stomach seems to get worse. In fact it gets worse every step you take.

You get to your front door and slowly open it, to be welcomed by your own scent. You let out a deep breath that you didn’t know was there and walked in shutting the door behind you. Jimin didn’t exactly say what time he’d be done so all you could do is wait and text him occasionally, not like he’d answer anyways.

It had been almost an hour since you got home. You had just been chilling on your couch but your getting kind of tired. Lazily getting up from your couch you shuffle towards your bedroom and throw yourself onto your bed, managing to grab your phone out of your pocket.

You open your messaging app and scrolled down till you saw Jimin’s otherwise known as “Small Hands” in your phone. You smile while looking at the name. In his phone your name was “Smaller Hands”.

Your thumbs automatically go to the keyboard and you start typing.

You: When r u leaving! Im hungry and tired
Jimin: I’m leavin rn! I’ll be there in half an hour! <3

You smile at the cute heart he sent.
A couple minutes pass and your eyes feel heavy, slowly drifting into sleep.

Your eyes shoot open. What time is it? Did Jimin come by? You immediately grab your phone and press the home button. No notifications. 11 p.m. You were asleep for an entire hour. The gut feeling seems to return and your heart is pounding. As soon as you unlock your phone your already dialing Jimins number. Straight to voicemail-
“Sorry I couldn’t pick up, I must be busy now, please leave a message”. His soft voice rang out, and then you pressed the end button. You scroll through your contacts and find Hoseok’s name and click it quickly, it rings twice then an answer.
You hear hard breathing, and loud footsteps.
“H-hoseok?”, you say quietly.
“Y/N”, he says out of breath and you raise the volume up on your phone.
“H-hoseok? Are you okay? What’s going on?”, you ask slightly louder, then you put your phone on speaker.
“Y/N, we are all on our way to the hospital. J-Jim-”, he says and then you drop your phone, it lands on your bed and bounces off and onto the floor. Your breathing starts to get heavy. Hoseok’s voice rings out and you look at where your phone landed. “It was raining hard- another car- crashed into the car Jimin was in”, a tear rolls down your cheek and you stand up and rush to grab a coat and put on your shoes. “We don’t know how bad his injuries are yet…”, you hear Hoseok say as you slip on one of your shoes. You hop over to your phone and grab it.
“What hospital is it?”, you shout into the phone, while putting on your other shoe.

You arrived at the hospital and as soon as you got through the doors you saw all of the guys in the waiting room. Namjoon saw you and immediately stood up and started walking towards you.
The rest of the members stood up and looked at you. “N-namjoon? Is he okay?”, tears rushed down your cheeks. Namjoon looked at you and he cleared his throat. “He has amnesia”, Namjoon said bluntly.

Your knees felt weak and started to give out. Namjoon quickly managed to grab you before you could fall and Jin rushes over to help him guide you to the waiting room where the rest were just sitting. You fall into the chair and all of the members are looking at you with complete sadness. Namjoon sits next to you. “He’s awake right now… The doctors are testing some things out, and tomorrow they will be asking him questions like if he remembers anything, or anyone.” Namjoon pauses. “Y/N I hate to say this… but I think it’s best if you stay away from the hospital for now.”, You immediately look at him. “ Just for a couple of day… maybe until he starts remembering things”

Namjoon was right, also when you spoke to the doctors they said something similar. You didn’t
want to force anything onto Jimin so you gave everything space. Days slowly turned into weeks.
Jimin remembered his members, and his career, and Namjoon sent me videos of him singing, but he hadn’t remembered you.

You put on the music and quickly got to your position. You started doing the dance Jimin had helped you out with a while ago. Right, left, right, turn. You did it. A tear rolled down your cheek and when you looked up you saw Jimin standing with the look of complete awe on his face. You immediately wiped your tear away and gulped. You hadn’t seen him this close since… that day. “You’re good!”, he started clapping and the once familiar smile lit the room up and your heart seemed to warm up. “I wish I could dance like you…”, he stops clapping and sighs and your jaw almost drops. “You ca-”, you stop yourself and look at the ceiling. He raises an eyebrow and steps farther into the room to join you. “I was apparently really good but since I was recently in a car crash it made me forget how to dance”, he chuckles. Your heart is in your throat. You want to say so many things but you can’t. It would be bad for everyone, especially him. You quickly go towards where you usually set your bags down. Grabbing them you turn around, his eyes are wide. “You’re going?”, he asks and you nod and start heading towards the door. “Wait!”, he yells. Your back is facing him and you hear quick footsteps then suddenly feel a hand on your shoulder. A tear is threatening to escape but you need to hold it back. Slowly turning around. Your face to face with Jimin. “I know we don’t know each other and this is sudden, but could you teach me how to dance?”. He asks, giving a soft smile.

You look at the floor, then back at him. He scratches the back of his neck and then runs a hand through his hair. “Uh- I’m sorry just forget I asked that-”, he says then looks down. “It’s okay, I’d be happy to help”, you say and he looks up at you and smiles widely. You slowly walk back into the room and put down your bag. “I thought you had to go?”, he asks confused. “Ah- I got the time mixed up, I actually need to leave in two hours”, you awkwardly chuckle trying to cover up the lies. “Oh”, he laughs then walks to the center of the room and stares at himself in the mirror.

“By the way my name is Jimin, what’s yours?”, he starts doing little movements that I think would be considered dance. “Y/N”, you say and he immediately stops then looks at you. “Your name seems very familiar, did we know each other before?”, your eyes widen at his questions. How do you even respond to that… You weren’t expecting to see him so soon, so you don’t have anything prepared. “No-”, you say and then walk over next to him and then look at the mirror. He scratches his head then looks at you. “Okay- just follow my steps”, you say and he nods. You start moving slowly teaching him the dance you just did and he follows your exact moves. You giggle at how hard he’s focused. “What’s so funny?” he asks raising an eyebrow midst attempting to follow one of your moves. You smirk and look away. “Nothing”, you respond quickly then continue the choreography and he stops and looks at you which causes you to stop. “I’m really trying my best!-”, he says frustrated.

“You’re doing good Jimin, I was just laughing because you look cute focusing so hard. You need to loosen up a bit-”, you stop a little too late and his eyes widen and his face tints a shade of red and yours quickly does the same. “I didn’t mean it like-”, you stumble with your words and then he starts laughing. “Oh so I’m not cute?”, he asks whilst laughing. “No! I mean you are-”, you look at the floor and scratch your head. “Let’s just keep practicing okay!”, you say changing the subject quickly.

He smirks and then you both get back into position. You continue the dance and then get to the right,left,right,spin move, and he does it perfectly. He does it better than you which makes you kind of frustrated but happy at the same time. He probably remembers doing something similar to this.

“Okay Jimin, now do the whole thing with the music. I’ll watch.” You walk over to the laptop and he looks nervous. “Don’t worry, it will naturally come” you grab your phone then lean against the wall. It’s been more than two hours. The music starts and Jimin does the dance perfectly. Once he’s done he immediately looks at you and smiles. “I did it…”, he says softly then looks at the ground. Your heart hurts but you can’t really do anything about it.

The door flies open. “Okay! Times up Y/N-”, Hoseok walks in and stops when he sees Jimin and you. His eyes shoot towards you quickly then back to Jimin, then back to you again. “Hoseok you know Y/N?”, Jimin asks then looks at the two of you. Well it’s time for you to go now. You pick up your stuff and awkwardly smile. You leave the room and you hear Jimin and Hoseok talking but continue to walk down the hall to leave, you suddenly hear footsteps coming towards you quickly. You turn around and see Jimin. “Y/N! I’ll see you tomorrow, thank you for today!”, he smiles at you and you return the smile and turn on your heel then walk away.

Two weeks had passed, you helped Jimin with his dance every night. He still didn’t remember you. You got in a bit of trouble with the guys, but you explained how the situation happened and they let it go.

You slumped onto your bed and grabbed your laptop and opened it. There were two notifications.

‘Jimin out with his girlfriend’
‘Who is Park Jimins girlfriend?’

Two news articles popped up and you immediately clicked it. There were pictures of Jimin hugging and kissing a girl, that wasn’t you. You felt a lump in your throat and all you wanted to do is scream. Your phone starts to ring and you see Hoseok is calling. You answer. “Y/N … We can fix this! The guys and I will fix this don’t worry-”, he says and something like a loose thread gets pulled out of you. You can’t do this anymore. “ It’s fine… He’s happy so let him be happy. I guess we weren’t meant to be…”, you let out a pained chuckle. “Y/N don’t give up-”. Hoseok says sadly. “Hoseok it’s okay… I have to go now”, you say quietly. “Y/N wait-”, you hang up. And then close your laptop and rest your head on your pillow and fall asleep.

You were waiting for Jimin in the dance practice room and he’s almost 20 minutes late. You leave the practice room to go look for him. You asked a couple of people if they had saw him but everyone said no. You went to the top floor, which was always empty at night. You hear Jimin’s name getting called and you quickly walk to where to heard it. You stand in front of the slightly ajar door and peek in.

Jimin… and that girl… Jimin has his shirt off and he’s-
Immediately you put your hand over your mouth then look away. You quickly ran away and managed to take the bus home without looking like a complete wreck. As soon as you opened the door to your apartment you slammed your back on the door and slid down, your tears finally escaping and they weren’t going to stop anytime soon.
It was the next day and you were supposed to meet Jimin in half an hour to teach him a new dance, but you can’t…. You won’t… it’s too painful for you. You can’t stay here anymore.

An hour later your phone starts ringing. You must have fallen asleep.  Looking to see who’s calling you see the name “Small hands”. You ignore.

Your parents moved to the states, you could go stay with them till you get a job and you can buy an apartment over there.

A week had passed, a week without seeing Jimin, or talking to the other guys. You quit your job and packed up your apartment. Your parent’s were happy that you were going to stay with them but also confused. One more day left…

*Jimins POV*
Y/N hasn’t shown up in a week and she hasn’t picked up any of her calls. I’m a bit worried. I walk into the dorm to see all six of the guys huddled together. “What’s happening guys?”, I speed walk towards them and they all look at me with disgust. “W-whats wrong?”, I ask and Taehyung lets out a breath then leaves the room, Jungkook and Yoongi following behind him. Hoseok stands up and walks towards me. Jin tries to grab him but Hoseok breaks free. “I can’t fucking sit back anymore”, he says harshly then he takes out his phone and opens something. “Jimin. Do you remember Y/N?”, he asks.
“Yes? She’s the girl who helps me dance? Or helped-”, I mumble. “Before the car crash! Do you remember anything about Y/N before the crash!”. He raises his voice and Namjoon stands up and puts a hand on Hoseoks shoulder. “Y/N said we didn’t know each other before the crash! Why are you yelling!”, I raise my voice at him. Hoseok shows me his phone and a video is playing. It’s me and Y/N? We are dancing, hugging, and… kissing in the video… “w-what is this?”, I ask harshly. “Thats you and your real girlfriend”.

I hold my breath. My real girlfriend? I was dating Y/N… why didn’t she say anything. My head starts to hurt and I drop to the ground, faintly hearing my name called.

When I open my eyes, It was the next day….
I rub my head. Y/N… Y/N…. Y/N…
I remember now…  I get up out of my bed and look around. Fuck,fuck,fuck. What have I done. My memories of her are slowly coming back every time I take a step. I put on my shoes and leave the door then quickly start running, my feet are moving on their own… guiding me to her apartment. I’m sweating, completely out of breath but I keep going. I make it to her apartment and run up the stairs to her floor. I run down the hall and I stop in front of her door. I knock on it, but when I do the door opens revealing an empty apartment.
No… I walk in and start looking around, nothing, no one….
I slam myself onto a wall and slowly slide down, tears are falling heavily down my face
“I Remember”

BTS reaction to you falling asleep while listening to his songs


 It was late at night when Seokjin went out to get you to dinner, but when he returned, he saw you asleep on the sofa. Setting the food down in the kitchen, Jin made his way back to you, sitting besides you and wondering if you were cold and needed a blanket. He was about to get one when he noticed you had your headphones in, and the curiosity as to what you were listening to took over. Reaching over to pick up your phone, he pressed the home button and the screen lit up: ‘Awake, 방탄소년단 - WINGS’. The song had only just started but Jin sae the way your entire body seemed to relax more at the sound of his voice. 

 ‘I’m so happy that I give you so much comfort jagi, I’ll always be here to sing you to sleep’

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After a long day of stages, all Yoongi wanted to do was crawl into bed, have you cuddle up by his side and fall asleep. However, when he got home he was met by you: sound asleep in a tangled mess of headphone and charger wires. Sighing as he realised he’d have to wake you up, he walked over to you and it was only then he heard the faint buzz of music bleeding out of your headphones. Leaning in a little closer, he heard the familiar sounds of ‘So Far Away’. Yoongi took a step back, overcome by the fact that you found his voice so calming that you could fall asleep listening to him. After the song finished, he gently rocked you awake. 

 ‘Nice music choice babe, but maybe you’d prefer a live performance next time?’ *gummy smile*

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2 hours into the long car journey, Hoseok wasn’t surprised when you fell asleep on his shoulder. A little time had past when he decided to lightly rest his head on yours, and it was this close proximity that aloud him to hear the music leaking out of your headphones. Songs played out and he listened to them, remembering how’d commented on how good they were before. The next song started playing but before he could recognise it, you moved and, as well as you could in a car, snuggled into him more. Curious as to the song that had caused this action, he once again listened to the faint music. MAMA. The song playing was his solo. Looking back at you again, he smiled. 

‘I hope I’ll always have this effect on you baby, I love you..’

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Rap Mon:

You often went down to their practice room to support the boys and cheer up Namjoon if he was struggling with a dance. Which you had to admit never really happened anymore, but it was a good excuse to go see him. When you arrived, Namjoon had noticed how tired you were straight away and told you to just sit down today instead of stand and watch. When practice was over, he went over to where you’d fallen asleep and thought about the kindest way to wake you up. The rest of the boys turned off the music and left to go home, which left a silent room. He lent in closer and shook you slightly, whispering your name, but then noticed the faint music and realised you had headphones in. It didn’t take him long to recognise you were listening to ‘Reflection’. He looked at your sleeping face and noticed you smiling slightly, comforted by the lulling music of your boyfriend. 

‘I’m glad you like the song, maybe you’d like it even more if I sung it for you live?’ 

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Jimin had just finished his shower and was going to join you in bed when he saw you’d fallen asleep already. He wanted to remove your headphones and make you more comfortable but on the other hand he didn’t want to disturb you either. Crouching down to be eye level with you, he noticed your phone screen was lit up with the music that was playing. Moving slightly closer to see what it was, he noticed that you seemed to relax a little more and almost smile when the song changed. Finally looking at the screen he saw ‘Lie, 방탄소년단 - WINGS’ playing. Although happy that you were obliviously comforted by his singing, he was slightly confused as to how you could sleep with it playing. He decided not to question it and remove your headphones, waking you up in the process.

‘Aw I’m sorry, do you want me to sing you back to sleep?’ *cheeky lil jimin grin*

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You and Taehyung liked to share headphones a lot, even in the car. It had been a rather long journey and you’d fallen asleep resting your head on a pillow propped against the window. Taehyung, who was certain that you weren’t even aware of your surroundings anymore, went to changed the song, but as he did, it changed over itself. It was his performance of ‘Hug Me’. Initially he was surprised to hear it on your phone, but he was even more shocked when he looked up to see you changing position. You moved to be closer to him, resting your head on his shoulder and eventually wrapping your arm around him, a small smile playing on your lips. Taehyung smiled at your reaction to his voice and kissed your head.

'If I knew I comforted that much, I would have sung you to sleep every night. From now on, that’s what I’ll do for you baby.’

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Jungkook and Jimin had decided to stay late in the practice room to go over some extra dances, and you being the loving girlfriend and friend you are, had bought them food. After handing it to them and making sure they’d both eaten, you sat down at the back of the room and watched them perform. // Jungkook didn’t know how long you’d been asleep, he’d only noticed after they finished practicing. But he wanted to wake you up, and take you home so you could sleep comfortably. The music had been turned the music off, but as he approached you, he began to hear it again. Sitting in front of you, he heard the the noise was coming from you headphones. It was the gentle sound of his 'Nothing Like Us’ cover that was playing, and the fact that it had been so calming that you’d fallen asleep made him proud and oddly emotional. 

'Aish jagi, there really is nothing like us.’ *sentimental jungkook is emotional*

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I’m glad it’s not just me that uses the boys to get to sleep, like I have a playlist on youtube of old Taehyung Vlogs that actually calm me so much, I fall asleep aww - Admin BP 💫

Sleep With Me?


Kageyama jolted in his bed, sweat dotting his forehead and running down the back of his neck. He clutched his covers and looked around in his room. Sighing loudly, he rubbed one of his eyes with the heel of his palm. Turning his back to his door, Kageyama forced his eyes closed.

It was such, such a bad idea to binge a whole bunch of Ghost Adventures videos before going to bed. He did not think he would be scared, after all, a lot of it seemed absolutely ridiculous! Yet, now that the lights were off and he was alone in his room, Kageyama found himself terrified. Willing himself to go back to sleep, Kageyama repeatedly told himself that the noise was just the apartment stretching or something, not some supernatural entity.

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