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Heartbreak Insurance

Words: 10.9k
Genre: FLUFF.

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Ring Ri-

He bursts into a bright huge grin, despite not being seen. “Thank you for calling Heartbreak Insurance. My name is Jimin! How may I help you today?”

There’s a long silence over the phone until there’s a slight sniffle and the woman on the other line explodes into a hysterical sob. “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHH…nnn..nnn-” It’s a type of uncontrollable bawling howl that makes your snot drip inside your mouth .

“I’ll connect you to our customer services~ Please don’t hang up the line. One moment please!” Jimin moves the phone handset into his other hand while he presses some buttons, successfully transferring her over a second later.

The average person falls in love 4 to 7 times before marriage and 40% to 50% of all marriages end in divorce. 85% of all relationships end with a breakup. Don’t just be a statistic!

At Heartbreak Insurance, we are committed to be there when you need it most. Affordable and comprehensible solutions to meet your needs today! With our Heartbreak Insurance, you can find a plan that fits your needs. We cover and care for you in your most vulnerable times, offering paid time off, therapy sessions and care packages.

Because heartbreak is pain too.

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X-Files Fic: Between Sorrow and Bliss, Chapter Six

Rating: PG-13
TImeline: Tempus Fugit through Max
Summary: Mulder takes a stab at setting aside a night to celebrate Scully’s birthday, but things don’t go as planned.  Scully learns the origin of Mulder’s gift to her.

Previous chapters: one | two | three | four | five 

Although Scully allows Mulder to drive her to her treatment, she makes him stay in the waiting room, and though she lets him get her settled at home with everything she might need close at hand, she won’t let him stay over, not even on the couch.  He makes sure both her cell phone and her cordless handset are next to her, leaving them on the other pillow where he’d much rather rest his head.  She waves him away sleepily, so tired she can’t even protest when he places a gentle kiss on her forehead, though her frown makes it perfectly clear that she would protest, if she had the strength.

On Sunday evening, Mulder sets about making plans for Tuesday.  He calls the Headless Woman, a pub not far from work or from her apartment, figuring that if she’s tired, it won’t be a huge hassle to get there, and if she gets sick during dinner, getting home will be quick and easy.  

He frets for a moment about what to do about dessert.  If he recalls correctly, the Headless Woman is heavy on ice creams and bread puddings, things he doubts Scully’s sensitive stomach will be able to tolerate.  He thinks back to Friday morning, watching her tuck into her vending machine breakfast, marveling at the idea of mega-health-conscious Scully eating anything that had ever come out of a Hostess factory… and he has an idea.

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(via Sailor Moon S Kotaete Moon Call (saturnplanet) Part 1 - YouTube)


If you’ve never seen this, it is awesome.  Terebikko was a short-lived toy that enabled you to play a limited sort of game via a VHS cassette and a special phone handset.  What you have here is a short Sailor Moon episode with built-in multiple-choice quizzes that the original viewers could answer with their Terebikko phone.  It was set up so that, if you chose the right answer, the tape would play you a congratulations message, but if you got it wrong, it would skip ahead to a correction.  At the end you got your final score the same way (and if you sucked at it, Usagi sympathetically says, “The questions were hard, weren’t they?”)

The questions are super basic, to give the youngest children a chance to get them right, but the whole thing is original animation with the real voice cast and it’s really good with fantastic character moments.