phone gps

  • Pureblood: HA! I have invented this device that will hold a focused light better than a candle without having to use Lumos all the time!
  • Muggleborn: Flashlight
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: See I can send a quick note across class without an Owl
  • Halfblood: *pulls out cell, and pushes a few buttons*
  • Muggleborn: *takes out cell and looks up* Cell Phones
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: Lets go for a country ride
  • Halfblood: Sure
  • Pureblood: Good, I'll get the carriage set up should take only 10 minutes
  • Muggleborn: *drives up* Car is ready
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: *pokes head through the floo* Hey guys!
  • Muggleborn: *sits back revealing computer screen* Hey, I was just going to add you to the Skype conversation.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: Hey i just found out this cool spell that plays music!
  • Halfblood: Ipod
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pureblood: My mom has this clock that tells her where we are
  • Muggleborn: GPS Phone Tracker

Sterek Week Day 2: Kids! Writer!Derek and Coffeeshop Owner/Baker!Stiles as single dads AU:

Derek didn’t have time to deal with any romance nonsense. Between his writing career and his daughter, his focus was limited.

“It’s not a date. A romantic date anyways, it’s a play date. His kid is Jesse’s age and the sweetest boy. If you get bored, you can just go wander off or something.” Laura had told him, crossing her arms over his chest. “You’ve been holed up in your study lately, so I think Jesse would be up for some time with you and a new friend too.”

And that’s how they ended up in front of a random house. Derek sighed and glanced at his phone, the GPS helpfully chiming in that they’d arrived at their destination.

Read the fic Here!

take this burden - part 13

[ fool for love - lord huron ]

‘Just wait until I catch my breath.’


He Tian and Mo Guan Shan woke up around ten.

The atmosphere in the room was odd.

Not bad, just…odd.

They both packed a change of clothes and the food Jian Yi had put together for them last night.

They’d decided to take He Tian’s car.

Walking through the parking lot, He Tian checked maps on his phone.

‘GPS says this is a 16 hour drive, not 12.’

‘Not when I’m driving, it’s not.’

He Tian blinked at him, surprised.

‘Oh, so you’re driving, huh?’

Mo Guan Shan raised an eyebrow, holding his hand out for the keys.

The dark haired man smirked, tossing him the keys, curious as to how this would go.


Jian Yi and Zhan Zhengxi watched from the balcony a few stories up.

‘Twenty bucks says they kill each other.’ Zhengxi quipped as they watched He Tian relinquish the keys to his beloved car.

‘I’ll take that bet.’


To say they drove in silence would carry a negative connotation.

He Tian, in another surprising act, had handed over the auxiliary cord for Mo Guan Shan to play his music.

He sat back and listened.

He remembered, years ago, Jian Yi telling him that if you care for someone, listen to their music.

Put your phone down, clear your mind, and listen.

He’d never heard most of the songs Mo Guan Shan played.

His playlist seamlessly flowed from song to song, each making him wonder what they made the man feel.

Mo Guan Shan drove like a maniac, weaving fluidly through the traffic of overwhelmed tourists.

They made record time out of the city, quickly reaching the, seemingly endless, expanse of desert.

It was a nice day.

One of the three of four they’d get that year, so they drove with the windows down.

After about an hour, He Tian turned the music up to hear over the wind and Mo Guan Shan seemed to remember he was in the car.

‘I’m sorry, do you want to play something?’ He asked, reaching to remove the jack from his phone.

‘No. I like this.’

Mo Guan Shan eyed him skeptically.

He Tian responded by turning the music up further, drowning out his possible protests.

Another hour passed.

Mo Guan Shan turned the music down.

‘Do you want to talk, or…’

Reading the atmosphere in the car, He Tian simply turned it back up.

They exchanged a small smile and continued on.

Two hours later, Mo Guan Shan pulled into one of the gas stations that quickly became few and far between.

He Tian stepped out, being closer to the pump, swiped his card and entered the necessary information before Mo Guan Shan exited the vehicle.

‘Need anything from inside?’ He Tian asked.
The other man shook his head.

He Tian bought a few soft drinks, not knowing Mo Guan Shan’s preferences.

He slid back into the car.

Mo Guan Shan, already in the driver’s seat, handed him the cord, more insistent this time.

He Tian took it, carefully choosing a playlist as Mo Guan Shan gratefully accepted a drink.

They were both silently content with the relatively comfortable silence.

The sun began to set.

They’d been in the car for nine hours.

‘We should find a hotel for the night.’ He Tian suggested.

‘I’m fine to drive.’

‘I know.’

‘So, why…’

‘What’s the hurry?’

Mo Guan Shan contemplated that.

‘I suppose there isn’t one.’

He Tian searched nearby hotels on his phone and directed Mo Guan Shan to a place in the closest cities.

They pulled up in front of the hotel where a valet stood at the entrance to take their car.

Mo Guan Shan’s eyes widened.

‘I can’t afford to stay here, dude.’

‘I can, and I’d be getting the same kind of room regardless.’

‘I can’t let you pay for everything like this.’

‘Sure you can.’

Mo Guan Shan parked and He Tian pulled the keys from the ignition, exiting the car and handing them to the kid, slipping him a few bills in the unspoken agreement to find him a good spot.

Mo Guan Shan followed him inside helplessly, standing behind him uncomfortably as he checked them in, assuring the girl behind the counter that two double beds was fine.

They took the elevator to the top floor in silence.

He Tian let them in, dropping his bag on one of the beds and rooting through the mini fridge.
Mo Guan Shan did the same, sitting down next to his.

‘When you said you’d come along, I didn’t expect…’

He Tian dug in his bag, shaking his head and making his way to the sliding door that led to the balcony, gesturing for Mo Guan Shan to follow.

He handed Mo Guan Shan a beer and offered him a cigarette.

He took them both with a murmur of thanks.

‘Mo Guan Shan…’ He Tian started, lighting their cigarettes in turn.

‘I have plenty of money, and I’ve spent the last few years painfully bored.’


‘The last few days with you have been anything boring. You could have rented a car, driven through the night, uand ended up at your parents house.’


‘OR we could’ve taken my car and stayed the night in a nice hotel with room service and a pool.’

Mo Guan Shan looked at him expectantly.


‘Do your parents know you’re coming?’


He’d completely forgotten to call them, he realized.

‘So, let’s get drunk, go for a swim, order breakfast in the morning, and go from there.’

‘I didn’t bring a swimsuit.’ Was the only argument Mo Guan Shan could come up with.

‘Neither did I.’

Cath: “this is a secret mission to go save your mom”

Steve: “cool, let me just take my phone, leave my GPS on, call my best friend Danny - who is a detective - and leave a vague enough voicemail for him that I know he’ll get curious and worried and either send people after me or come after me himself”

Steve: “totally secret mission I’m taking this seriously”

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Im FREAKING OUT I'm so busy and you can hear the restaurant as loud and full as it is over the phone and you have the balls to keep me on there for 15mins to try and give you directions from where you're at? Bitch what the fuck. How about you take that phone and use the GPS after I tell you the address for the 5th time. Im busy and you are literally a waste of time. You aren't my fucking customer until you're in here. I am not responsible for you when you're 14 miles away. Be a fucking adult.

TalesFromThePharmacy: Welcome to NHS mental health

NHS is the British National Health Service, government-provided free healthcare used by most Brits. Dunno how well known that is outside the country.

Anyway, I’m a long term mental health patient. My depression got a hell of a lot worse in January so I went along to the GP asking for help. She said she’d call the mental health team. I then get a call saying that the mental health team are too busy to see me but they’ve sent some new medication to my local pharmacy.

So I turn up at the pharmacy, and explain this is a new medicine for me so can the pharmacist tell me about it. She says it’s an antipsychotic. I don’t have psychosis, I tell them, and this was prescribed by someone who’s never met me. So she phones the GP who phones the mental health team so the GP can call back the pharmacy. A few phone calls later I am told that it can treat depression also. Phone calls were also required for me to find out how to take the medicine (three times a day, so easiest is at mealtimes). Poor pharmacist was shocked at what a mess this all was. I told her “Welcome to NHS mental health”.

By: squitchtweak

Yongguk and Youngjae Reactions to You Getting Caught in a Turf War

Part two… Sorry it is taking me a while. I work 5 odd days a week with 8 ½ hours. Y’all don’t know how much I hate adulting right now. 

[Part 1] [Part 3]

No warnings~ enjoy my second gang au reaction~


Yongguk- You were on your way home from your date with Yongguk. He was driving you home when the car was hit on your side by another vehicle. Due to the impact, the car spun out of control and off the road into the ditch. Both of you were knocked un conscious and if it wasn’t for Youngjae and Himchan keeping an eye on your phone GPS, no one would have known about the crash.

B.A.P called up some connections to help Yongguk, but more importantly, you. You were in a fatal condition and even with a blood transfusion and back alley surgery, you still didn’t wake up. Yongguk found out the news of your condition once he woke up and he refused to leave your side while the rest of the gang looked into the accident and the causes.

It was the third day and you weren’t awake. Everyone was on edge until Daehyun had some news, “Yongguk hyung, I found out who it was that collided with you.” He handed off the papers. “Seems like there have been rumors that they are planning to take over our turf.”

“So they tried to take me out to make the process easier?” Daehyun nodded. Yongguk looked back up at you before he stood up and kissed your forehead. “Let’s go, Dae.”

“Where are we going?”

“They want to try to take our turf and they hurt her.” Yongguk pulled his gun from the nightstand by your bed. “I think we should teach them what it is to really fuck with B.A.P, don’t you?”

Daehyun grinned and pulled out his phone to call the others, “Way ahead of you.”

B.A.P headed to the rival gang’s hideout and got into their positions with Yongguk leading the charge. He looked at the area and held onto his necklace you gave him before looking up at the area again.

(insert gif) “Alright, let’s take these bastards out.” He wanted this to be over and done with, so he could be back by your side again.

Youngjae- You were out with your brother, Himchan, boyfriend, and their gang when they had unwanted guests. You were out dancing on the dance floor with Youngjae while the others all sat at the bar when the rival gang of five walked in with their eyes trained on B.A.P. The five members glared at the unwanted guests when you dragged Youngjae back to the VIP bar with you. However, your good mood quickly fell when you saw the stare down. Youngjae took a seat and pulled you to sit beside him.

“What do you want?” Yongguk spoke up. B.A.P tensed hearing his deep voice.

The leader of the group stepped forward and glanced over at you. He winked at you and you felt Youngjae wrap his arm around you and pulled you close. The leader smirked before turning to Yongguk, “Just wanting to stop by to check out my new space.”

Jongup moved to pull out his gun when Yongguk waved him down, “Kid, back away now. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Oh? But don’t I? This is your warning. We’ll be back to take this place.” Their leader looked at you. “And maybe even a little reward for taking over the infamous B.A.P. Yea, kitten?”

You moved closer to Youngjae and Himchan jumped from his chair, “Get out of here before you leave here in a body bag, bastard.”

Their leader raised his hands, “Relax. I won’t touch her… yet. Who knows, maybe she’ll realize how much better I am on her own.”

Himchan reached for his gun, but you quickly stood up and grabbed his hand, “Oppa, it’s okay. Relax.” Himchan only listened to you. Not even Yongguk would have been able to stop Himchan like you could.

The gang chuckled as their leader nudged his head and they left. But not before one of them grabbed a pocket knife and cut into the wall.

(insert gif) “Damn it!” You returned to Youngjae’s side and held his hand after he threw the dart. Not saying a word, Youngjae pulled you into him. He patted your head and looked at Yongguk, “What are we going to do? I can’t let him get away with that shit.”



“Hey!” Skipper called to the person on the corner of the street as he rolled his window down. “Any chance you know how to get to a place called the Kingsgate Country Club? Think my phone GPS is on the fritz; I swear I’ve been around this block four times already.”


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Charge your USB devices with the power and momentum of your bike!

This clever gadget transforms the momentum of your ride into ready-to-use power for your electronics such as iPhone, Android Phones, GoPro , lights, GPS, Bluetooth speakers and more.

The Siva Atom constantly charges your devices while you ride and you’ll have power off the bicycle with a removable backup battery. The Atom has the ability to charge the battery pack from a standard USB port from any source.

The unit installs in minutes and is ready to go right out of the box, offers very low rolling resistance and holds up to the waterproofing standard of IP-4.

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Liam Imagine #4

Requested: yes

Plot: Girlfriend of Liam is very overprotective since Liam is still new to the whole supernatural thing.

Warnings: mentions of violence, passing out(?)

A/N: Sorry for the wait, this request was also super super cute so I tried to make it as fluffy as possible. Enjoy!


“Liam, baby, where are you? Are you ok?” You called through his house. “Hmm nobody’s home.” You mumbled.

After waiting for nearly 2 hours for a call, let alone a text, you began to get worried, so you tracked Liam’s phone using the GPS feature.

“Ahh, this is the house. Cute.” You stated before walking towards the door and ringing the bell.

“Hi, can I help you?” A middle aged woman asked.

“I was supposed to meet my partner for a make up lab project, but they bailed, I think I have the right address…” You trailed off, lying through your teeth. The only reason school even came up was because of that rusty old, hunk of junk you saw parked outside.

“Oh! I’m sorry, come in, Scott’s been pretty forgetful lately, his room is right up those stairs, second door on the right.” She smiled, sliding over to let you in.

“Thank you so much.” You smiled, following her exact instructions.

“You have to keep him quiet! No he’s not going to run, he’s taped up! That little runt…” You heard a voice trail off.

“Hey boys, I think you’re holding my boyfriend captive, so if you’ll let him go now, we’ll be on our merry way.” You sarcastically smiled whilst bursting in the room.

“I’m afraid we can’t do that…” The puppy boy muttered.

“And why’s that?” You questioned.

He proceeded to explain everything supernatural to you only after untying Liam and making him promise not to run.

“Do you remember when we first met Scott?” You asked Liam, his head in you lap as you played with his hair.

“Yeah, why?” He asked in a serene voice.

“Just thought about it for some reason.” You replied.

“I’m the worst beta ever. I’m scared of everything.” Liam mumbled. Turning so his face was hiding in your lap.

“Hey, hey, baby, it’s not your fault. You didn’t ask for this ok? You’re doing a great job. How do you think Scott feels? You’re his first beta, he’s training you to be like him and Scott is a good guy. The fear is normal, these monsters aren’t like the ones Disney Channel has, it’s ok.” You reassured him, pressing kisses to the tip of his nose and his forehead.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” Liam smiled.

“I’d like to think so.” You laughed.

“(Y/N)! What do I do?!” Liam panicked over the phone.

“Listen, you’ll do just fine. Stick to what you know, go for known weak spots, and come back to me, ok?” You replied.

“Ok, thank you. I gotta go now, pizza when I get home?” Liam suggested.

“I’m looking forward to it.” You smiled.

Just as he said, Liam returned but not exactly conscious…

“Scott! What did I tell you!? I said keep him safe at all costs! What do I see now? An unconscious boyfriend! You know how he gets when this happens. What I’d he bad died? Stiles get some water and a bag of ice- I don’t know what I’d do without him.” You said.

“I did protect him, we just underestimated how strong-” Scott started.

“Is he at least going to be ok?” You asked suddenly.

“He just needs to rest, he’ll be fine in a few hours.” Scott replied.

“Thank you.” You told Stiles, taking the ice and setting on Liam’s bruising ribs.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), really I am.” Scott whined.

“I know, I just get scared for him, you know? He’s so new to this and he’s so innocent, I don’t want him dead. I love him.” You whispered, brushing your fingers through Liam’s hair.

“How long have you two been together?” Stiles asked.

“I’ve known him since 3rd grade and he asked me out in 7th grade, but things got more serious after 8th grade.” You explained, a small smiled gracing your lips.

“No wonder you’re so bossy, and protective of him.” Stiles mumbled.

“What would you do for a person that you’ve loved and known for most of your life?” You asked.

“I mean not in a romantic way, but I’d do anything for Scott.” He answered.

“Well, Liam is my best friend too. In fact, as you can see, he’s more than that, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we got married and had little babies running around after college.” You smiled at the older boys.

“Really?” Liam asked, his voice groggy from being asleep.

“Oh my gosh!” You exclaimed, hiding your face in the couch cushions.

“We’ll be leaving now… call me if you need anything. Bye you two. Love you both!” Scott and Stiles called out.

“I love you, you don’t have to be embarrassed.” Liam chuckled.

“You weren’t supposed to hear that.” You said, your voice muffled by the cushion.

“Come on, I’ll leave it be. I’ll forget you ever said that. So what movie do you want to watch?” He asked.

“Disney please.” You smiled innocently at him.

“Ok, how can you be such a baby around me and such a mom around the pack?” Liam laughed.

“Don’t act like yo don’t like it.” You smiled poking his leg with your foot as he switched through the movies on Netflix.

“Come here.” Liam smiled, patting his lap after choosing the movie.

After a few minutes of watching the movie, Liam cleared his throat, “So how many sons and or daughters?”

“You said you’d leave it be!” You yelled, sitting up and clamping your hand over his mouth.

He continued to talk, just muffled sounds now as Esmerelda danced around on the wooden stage in from of crazy men.

“Ew! Don’t lick me, you overgrown man child!” You screeched, feeling the wetness of his tongue.

“I love you.” Liam called after you as you left to wash your hand.

“You’re disgusting! But I love you anyways!”

“…Hey, when are you gonna order that pizza?!”

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hope this is okay :)

“Was it everything you wanted it to be?”

All Jasmine had told Anthony to do was to get ready in a bathing suit, plan to be out the whole day, and be ready to have a good time. Being in Los Angeles for the two of them had meant getting a little creative with their adventures, neither of them knowing the city as well as they would have liked.

Anthony grands what he thinks he’ll need, getting in the car and letting Jasmine drive him through the congested streets that they were beginning to become familiar with. He watches her phone’s GPS and tries to guess where they’re going, unable to until he looks up, Jasmine pulling into a parking lot.

“How did you decide we were going to go here?” He smiles, stepping out onto the pavement and taking in the sandy beach just in front of them, the salty breeze blowing through his hair. Jasmine grabs her purse and smiles, walking around the car to take his hand, the two of them kicking off their shoes to walk through the warm sand.

“I know you’ve been stressed out lately with the album and I know that when we’re home you like to go to the beach to relax. I know this isn’t the same thing as going away for a weekend or being at the beach we know, but I figured it would help a little bit,” Jasmine mumbles, Anthony pulling her into his side as he leans in and kisses the top of her head.

“This is the most amazing thing you could’ve done for me,” He smiles, the two of them making their way closer to the waters edge, setting everything that they had brought out up for them to use.

They spent the day relaxing and listening to the way the waves crashed against the shore, the seagulls chirping, and kids around them all playing in the sand. For Anthony, it was the relaxation he needed, even if he didn’t want to admit it. Nothing had made Jasmine more relieved to look over and see that her boyfriend was finally sleeping, the warm rays beating down on his tan body.

After the sun had set and the pair had packed everything up they make their way to the car in search of some food, Anthony settling into the passenger seat once more. Jasmine looked over to him and smiled, reaching across the middle and take his hand.

“Was it everything you wanted it to be?” She questions, backing out of the spot and following the GPS to a restaurant they had found, Anthony leaning back against the head rest as he smiled, nodding.

“It was more than what I could’ve ever wanted. I love you, baby. Thank you for thinking of doing this for me,” He smiles, Jasmine nodding.

While it was just something simple that the two of them were able to do as a date, it had meant more than Anthony to him than anything. The thought that she had put into it was evident, and he knew that when he was done with the album he was going to do everything that he could to give her a day that was equal to the one she had been able to give him.

Mod!AU Thorin who manages to get lost even though his nephews made sure to install an app on his phone.

(“Uncle, the GPS recalculates every time you veer off route! How did you manage to out-stupid Google maps!?”)

  92 truths                                        

tagged by @risquetendencies (thank you <3)

rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end, choose 25 people to tag.

[1] drink: grain coffee
[2] phone call: my gp telling me I have streptococci
[3] text message: my mom or Johanna, not sure
[4] song you listened to: Ladies’ Code - The Rain
[5] time you cried: about a week ago

[6] dated someone twice: no
[7] been cheated on: no
[8] kissed someone and regretted it: oh boy, most kisses
[9] lost someone special: yes, and it’s already been a year
[10] been depressed: : )
[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: do i know my limits? no. do i think i know my limits? yes.

[12] periwinkle
[13] not really a colour but iridescent/holographic
[14] rose gold

[15] made new friends: yes
[16] fallen out of love: no, i haven’t been in love in ages
[17] laughed until you cried: yes
[18] found out someone was talking about you?: not sure, i don’t think, but it’s probably happening anyway
[19] met someone who changed you: i think most people change you in little ways
[20] found out who your true friends are: more like I haven’t been a true friend and super distant
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: yeah and it was dumb

[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: hmm, i guess 90%
[23] do you have any pets: no
[24] do you want to change your name: I don’t feel like it goes with my last name, but besides from that I’m good. oh yeah, and i wish people would stop the porn star allusions *shrug emoji*
[25] what did you do for your last birthday: had cake with the fam, met with some friends before going on a trip to Korea, which was a present to myself
[26] what time did you wake up: 1pm, which is starting to become a thing after late shift
[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: staring into the void after giving up trying to draw after late shift
[28] name something you cannot wait for: what’s excitement when you can have depression.. i’m going to be travelling but i wish i was excited already
[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: today
[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: possibly growing up with both parents and both cultures, my brain : )
[31] what are you listening to right now: Mamamoo - Décalcomanie
[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: my friend’s exchange student’s twin brother was named Tom and one of the first native English speakers I talked to
[33] something that is getting on your nerves: German bureaucracy
[34] most visited website: tumblr probably
[35] elementary: oh, a few of us would get to read in the book corner when we finished early, that was nice
[37] college: nightmare, especially considering i’ve almost finished but need to redo courses once i re-enroll. it’s not difficult but the organisational stuff has messed me up.
[38] hair colour: brown and it bores me, but colouring ruins it
[39] long or short hair: long, it’s more low maintenance in my case, though i like shorter styles
[40] do you have a crush on someone: what is love (no)
[41] what do you like about yourself? i do my best to be kind, i understand a lot of things quickly, i am good with languages
[42] piercings: nope, always wanted several but thought my face is too young/doll-ish
[43] blood type: who knows
[44] nickname: none. well, one friend likes to call me G
[45] relationship status: spending all my money on food and loving it
[46] zodiac sign: gemini
[47] pronouns: she/her, but i don’t really care
[48] fav tv show: hunter x hunter
[49] tattoos: a clef going into a note, one in korean.. and I saw an amazing artist who is from Seoul, so depending on their prices/my budget i might get my fox at last this year
[50] right or left handed: right handed

[51] surgery: none
[52] piercing: ears, when I was 14
[53] best friend: Marlene
[54] sport: strangely enough Taekwondo at 20, and still my current
[55] vacation: a small island called Borkum
[56] pair of trainers: phew, some cream coloured ones with some coloured accents

[57] eating: last thing was potato soup and homemade vegan Franzbrötchen (similar to cinnamon rolls)
[58] drinking: water
[59] i’m about to: go to bed soon
[60] listening to: Last Goodbye by Akdong Musician (can you tell my kpop playlist is running)
[61] waiting for: motivation to put on a sheet mask
[62] want: tomorrow to be over
[63] get married: i don’t see the appeal except for financially and pretty dresses
[64] career: god knows, when will someone pay me to draw gay fanart

[65] hugs or kisses: both are nice, but since i am never really in love i’ll go for hugs
[66] lips or eyes: eyes
[67] shorter or taller: everyone’s taller than me anyway
[68] older or younger: mostly older, but depends on the person
[70] nice arms or nice stomach: honestly, this makes me think about wanting to work out both my own arms and stomach.. but i can appreciate both
[71] sensitive or loud: sensitive probably, since i often try hard to make people feel comfortable
[72] hook up or relationship: I’m so rarely interested in people, i’d take either depending on the person
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant

[74] kissed a stranger? yeah
[75] drank hard liquor? i like whiskey
[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? i wear neither but i keep breaking all my sunglasses
[77] turned someone down: yes
[78] sex on first date? if you want to count ons
[79] broken someone’s heart? yeah, but it was more their issue than mine (in the sense that they made me too important and would have done the same with anyone else in my place)
[80] had your own heart broken? yeah and in hindsight they weren’t worth it
[81] been arrested? no
[82] cried when someone died? yes
[83] fallen for a friend: high school crushes, yes, but not seriously

[84] yourself? some things yes, some things no
[85] miracles? no
[86] love at first sight? yes but i think it’s unlikely to happen to me personally
[87] santa claus? no
[88] kiss on the first date? sure
[89] angels? not really

[90] current best friend’s name: i haven’t had best friends in ages, i value different things in my friends
[91] eye colour: hazel, but i like most eyes in general
[92] favourite movie: phew, i never watch any. Movies I want to watch again: JSA, I’m a Cyborg but that’s Ok, The Fox and the Girl

I think most of my tag meme crew has done this. @sirwallahoo in like the next 6 months maybe, @rouvere (idk if you even do these), @the-smallest-kurapika, @caseyvalhalla, @sayoko0, @schwanendreher, @daiousamashittykawa, @pyro-madder